Margot, a regular columnist at writes, The things we do for love:

I remind my readers from time to time that I spend some of my time watching absurd television programs dealing with various pseudo-religious topics as well as legitimate ones. I consider my time well spent watching The Real Face of Jesus, which dealt with a study of the Shroud of Turin; I consider it a waste of time to watch programs that are now resurfacing about the coming of December 21st (the so-called Maya Apocalypse) because it isn’t going to happen.

Margot Fernandez is a retired educator and lifelong Episcopalian who lives in Tucson. Her involvement in religious scholarship includes many research projects subsequent to earning degrees from Northern Illinois University and the University of Guam in English and education. Margot lived for many years in the Pacific Islands, where she studied the many cultures and languages of the area. At present, she participates in the Education for Ministry program.