For your Shroudie friends at Christmas

Google Shopping. And, of course, any number of books and DVDs.


<em>Shroud of Turin</em> T-shirt



$29.19 with est. tax & shipping

Jesus, Shroud of Turin This relaxed fit cotton t-shirt for men has a seamless rib collar with double-needle cover-stitching, shoulder-to-shoulder …

ENHANCED <em>Shroud of Turin</em> full image Jesus Christ Coffee Mugs



$20.79 with est. tax & shipping

Classic White Mug. Shroud of Turin This beautiful image of the shroud is one of the best full reproductions available for the price. We have …

<em>Shroud of Turin</em> Skateboard



$67.90 with est. tax & shipping

Skate or die…

Vintage <em>Shroud of Turin</em> Belt Buckle

Vintage Shroud of Turin Belt Buckle
$25.00 used

$29.00 with est. tax & shipping

This is for a very unique and rare vintage belt buckle. It comes from an estate sale (we have a collection of these 1970s and 80’s buckles). It is …

Vatican Scott Scott 1073-4 MNH** <em>Shroud of Turin</em> CV$3.75

Vatican Postage Stamos


$4.25 with est. tax & shipping

<em>Shroud of Turin</em> Mousepad

Shroud of Turin Mousepad


$19.19 with est. tax & shipping

5 thoughts on “For your Shroudie friends at Christmas”

    1. Andy, I hope you don’t think I was being disrespectful. My posting title was intended to be a bit sarcastic. It is worse: Shroud of Turin dish towels, masks and dart boards. We live in this sort of age.

  1. Dan, we are all aware you were posting the information, solely to keep Shroudies updated.

    Yet, what flashes through my mind is Yeshua’s rage and His admonishment of both the sellers of beasts and money changers at the Temple, when He upturned the tables.

    Although what is being done is sinful, we cannot judge those who defile His holy image for profit, but it is emphatically laid out in Romans 12:19, “Vengeance is mine: I will repay,
    saith the Lord.”

    And soon, judgment will suddenly be upon us.

  2. It’s the so-called “culture” we live in. Just another way of getting the message out there, crass though it might be. I do have a T-shirt with portraits of two of my early heroes, Beethoven and Shakespeare.

    Re Angel’s comment to expect an early Armageddon. I suggested last night to a local priest that he might like to consider using the latest Mayan calendar prediction [Dec 21 is apparently the next Doomsday] in one of his Advent homilies. But he thought if he weaved Mayan calendar predictions into one of his sermons, that even I would pause and wonder! We get on just fine.

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