imageJohn(?) writes:

I don’t want to sound proud of boastful, but I am quite certain that I am one of the witnesses of Revelation (John the Baptist).

Sooner or later these end-of-time Internet prophets discover the Shroud of Turin. Now, we learn that Prince William is not the antichrist but actually a counterfeit antichrist. Got that? Of course, that makes perfect sense if the shroud is fake, which we know because it can now be revealed that Leonardo da Vinci was Jewish. We know this because of Jewish symbolism in his art (this makes him also Eskimo, Arabic and a Chicago Cubs fan, as well).

imageIt also means the Pope is Jewish. No, that is his miter with the six-pointed star and not a tinfoil hat that he is wearing.

No, really! I read only enough of the posting, Counterfeit Antichrist Prince William Cloned From The Shroud Of Turin? | johnthewitness to allow the coffee maker to finish:

Satan has concocted a brilliant plan based upon the idea that Prince William is the antichrist, cloned from the Shroud of Turin. As we will later show in this article, Prince William is merely a counterfeit antichrist.

clip_image001The pictorial evidence says it all.

To fully appreciate this, read Kelly Kearse’s comment, daveb’s response, and Kelly’s rejoinder to any earlier posting (and follow the recommended link):

Kelly: The Shroud, the Pantocrator, there’s even a reference to the Pray Manuscript (and the lack of visible thumbs/fingers)

Before pasting in your browser, pull your tin-foil hat down nice & snug (heavy duty foil is recommended); the evidence of AB blood is often mentioned in related stories as a clincher.

I’ve always thought Chris Martin (lead singer of Coldplay) might be worth a closer inspection as well…Viva La Vida

daveb: Thanks for this Kelly. Defiitely tin-hat territory. I also needed a tightly-bound cincture to avoid excessive side-splitting from laughter. Is this “getthetruth” site known for sustained tongue-in-cheek irony, or is it intended to be serious conspiracy theory? Much of it seems dependent on commonly available picture morphing software – you can morph any image to any other. I see they’re also demonising the Royal Navy insignia.

Kelly: To be honest, I am not really sure, but best I can tell it’s serious conspiracy theory, even though admittedly, the “clues” about the thumbs/fingers in relation to the Pray Codex took it to a whole new level. Searching for information on AB blood typing and the Shroud, the most common related subjects that consistently show up are the Sudarium of Oviedo (makes sense) and the Prince William connection with the Shroud of Turin (huh?). There is now actually a novel based on cloning Jesus from a sample taken from the Sudarium, a trilogy series no less. I was a bit surprised when I first saw just how prominent this idea with Prince William was (on images/you tube): cloning and the Shroud intertwined with blood typing, some wild stuff. I’m old enough to remember when such important and cryptic information was only revealed to the public via the latest Beatles’ album cover…