imageThe new name is “The Turin Shroud: but for the pseudo-science it would have been dismissed long ago as a medieval fake.”  This is why, he tells us.

As far as this retired science bod is concerned, the four chief culprits in the pseudo-science department are/were Paolo Di Lazzaro, Giulio Fanti, Raymond N.Rogers (deceased) and Alan D.Adler (deceased). That’s not to say that all their Shroud-related work is pseudo-science. But when the chips are down, all four, without exception, have abandoned objectivity, and lumbered so-called ‘sindonology’ (or shroudology as I prefer to call it) with junk science that fails simply refuses to go away. That’s thanks to their own persistence, and thanks to those starry-eyed pseudo-science groupies who gratefully seize on anything they perceive as propping up their beliefs and preconceptions.

This may explain the following comment made by Colin to (? one of) his fan(s):

Yup, I shall continue to plough my lonely science furrow for as long as there are folk like you who are open to new ideas and willing to spend a few minutes hearing what I have to say,

If you find any other kindred spirits out there, please let me know. I tried to register with that James Randi ‘professional sceptical’ site of yours, but immediately ran into difficulties, getting an email that said my registration had been deleted even before it had been activated. I remonstrated, a particular lady who administers the site did not care for my tone – end of story. . . .