imageOn August 9, 2012, Ross Douthat had a piece in the Opinion Pages of The New York Times on the American Nuns and the Fate of Liberal Christianity. Regular reader and contributor to this blog, John Klotz, wrote a comment that is published in the Times’ website:

Here it is (fair use)":

I do not think that Christianity can escape Christ even as we explore he meaning of scientific advances. We have now reached the point where science is dealing with intrinsically religious issues including the evolution of consciousness and its reality at the quantum level.

Ironically, or perhaps providentially, science also demonstrates the authenticity of the Shroud of Turin as the burial cloth of Christ.. The carbon dating to the Middle Ages often cited to the contrary was hopelessly inept and no one can demonstrate how the image on the Shroud was created. The evidence is overwhelming that it was not painted. The forensic reality of the Shroud deals Christ back into the discussion. There are numerous sources concerning the issue at I might also suggest the blog:

Christ was/is real. He did suffer, He did die and He was buried. The Shroud is consistent with his Resurrection. Liberal theologians ought not deal His reality out of their equations.

The martyred nuns and priests of El Salvador whom the Vatican studiously ignores give the most profound testimony to the meaning of Christ and Christianity. The scandal is the pervasive and growing power of Opus Dei at the Vatican. Dan Brown couldn’t make that up. It’s real and it is not a fairy tale like the DaVinci Code.

The American nuns are living the true Gospel and the true Christianity.

John C. Klotz

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