imagekrissthesexyatheist, as he calls himself and his blog, is mocking Christianity, and particularly some biblical literalists, with mocking voice and spelling meant to show that Christians don’t know what they are talking about. And he does?

Lies and deception are just a couple of the reasons we have for turning from Team Belief to Team Atheist. Really man, was there really a guy named Jesus that walked da erffs, did that Exodus thing really happen . . .

[ . . . ]

Let’s line up some bible stories and check out the truth factors. Let’s virgin birth, probably not, and that goes for the resurrection also. Those are both highly unlikely events. Did the Exodus happen, mmmm, probably not because dontcha think we would have seen evidence of a great migration in the way of pottery, poo poo, skeletons, food whatever by now. I think so. Howz about the Shroud of Turin. Fakey fake, yo.

So we have all these lies, or if you want you can call them untruths, that the bible supposedly told us. Jesus was born on december 25th.

Actually, such postings only help convince me that I’m right.