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Resurrection NOW, Inc. is pleased to announce the marvelous things we have found concerning the Shroud of Turin:
1.  Approximately 400-500 images of Jesus, modeled after the Image of Edessa, that now exist in USB format.
2.  Approxomately 50-60 painted copies of the Shroud of Turin, made once the Shroud arrived in France, at around 1360, and painted before the invention of photography.
3.  The first photographs of the Shroud of Turin, taken by Italian politician and amateur photographer, Secondo Pia.
4.  More photographs of the Shroud of Turin, taken by professional Italian photographer, Giuseppie Enrie.
5.  2,400 high resolution photographs of the Shroud of Turin, including quad mosaics, taken by the documenting photographer of the Shroud of Turin Research Project, or STURP, back in 1978.
6. 2,900+ high resolution photographs of the Shroud of Turin, using various filters, taken by scientific photographer, Vern Miller.  These photographs have recently been digitized by Tom D’Muhala, one of the organizers of the STURP project, with financing generously provided by another excellent Shroud researcher, Gilbert Lavoie.
7.  24 peer reviewed scientific papers in American scientific papers, detailing the features of the Shroud of Turin, as discovered by the STURP scientists.  Amazingly, these papers are still not available online, even though they were published back in the early 1980’s.
8.  The pollen samples removed from the Shroud of Turin, by Dr. Max Frei – are now in the custody of Dr. Alan Whanger, in Durham, North Carolina.
9.  We have also located many of the materials of the former Holy Shroud Guild.  Some of these materials, are stored in a warehouse, in Three Rivers, Massachusetts.  Some of the others are in the custody of Giorgio Bracaglia, who operates the website:
There may exist upon micro-fiche in Brooklyn, the 10,000 books of the Wuenschel Collection.
10.  The custodians of the Shroud in Turin, also took over 1,800 ultra-high resolution photographs of the Shroud, back in 2008.
11.  We also now have high-quality duratrans images of the Sudarium of Oviedo available, as well. plus miles of research upon the Sudarium, as well.