imageFrom Barstool Entertainment we see how strange it can get:

“Punk Rock Jesus”. hmmm… sounds interesting there are many connotations. Story could go either way. Could be a story of redemption, and absolution or it could be my worst fears. It turned out to be the latter after I read the interview inside.

Now DC has every write to publish this. They are doing so under their Vertigo imprint, since it is more “edgy”. And being a free speech absolutist of sorts, offensive speech is covered, and should be covered. But they also should be willing to suffer the backlash. Sadly the backlash hurts small business owners in the form of the local comic shop.

So who is DC? They are one of the largest and most successful comic book publishers. They are owned by Warner Bros. Entertainment. Their stable of super hero characters includes Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman, Green Arrow and Green Lantern. Now there is this:

The story basis is they clone Jesus from the Shroud of Turin, he becomes the most popular star ever, but his show becomes corrupt, he becomes disillusioned, quits, years later he is the atheist leader of a punk rock band. Not too offensive. Been done before in many ways. The writer of the comic in the interview points out Christian violence in the form of Catholic/Protestant fighting in Ireland, and says that he understands there will be some controversy. Unfortunately the brave soul that he is probably would not be willing to . . . [you get the idea] But it is OK to offend Christians.