imageBy way of a comment, Thibault Heimburger writes:

Thank you Yannick for this excellent summary of my old paper. I can furnish it to everybody. Or alternatively to publish it here (how?)

Regarding the second part of the paper (is the TS image consistent with the laws of diffusion ?), I never finished it. I am not at all a physicist. I only used a beautiful software to try to obtain a mathematical model of what happens in non contact areas. I got some interesting results in the most simple cases but the subject is very complex. Is there here a physicist ?

Thibault forwarded the 2007 paper — the part that Yannick summarized – and with his kind permission I have installed it here in this blogspace for all. Click to read THE IMAGE ON THE TURIN SHROUD: ANALYSIS OF THE MAILLARD REACTION HYPOTHESIS  PART (I): THE ORIGIN OF THE REACTIVE AMINES

A big thanks to Thibault and Yannick.