imageRaymond Rogers on November 8, 2004, wrote:

Al Adler reduced and decolorized the image layer on fibers with diimide. The color was removed completely. The fiber that was left was colorless and the surface was smooth. The smooth surface implies that no conjugated-double-bond structures in the cellulose were reduced.

Al Adler mounted image fibers in plastic and cut sections normal to the length of the fibers. He did not see any color in the cellulose. . . . There are many flakes of color in the adhesive and many discontinuous zones of color on fibers. The “ghosts” are obviously flakes of color that were pulled off of image fibers. I would state it as, No color can be observed in the cellulose below the impurity layer. . . .

The very first sentence of the Valencia List of image characteristics contradicts this. That’s fine if there is sufficient factual evidence. I’m not aware of it.

If the very first sentence of the list is controversial and possibly wrong, how credible will this list seem?