imageDavid Rolfe posted the following in his blog in response to something I had written:

There are indeed several things that can be debated eg whether to include specific measurements.  But the fact is, Dan, that every single one of the scientists consulted in Valencia was unequivocal about the actual physical nature of the image.  There is no point debating whether black might be white.  

I am not a scientist but I met Ray Rogers and had the opportunity for a long conversation with him as well as an interview. He was determined to show that an explanation could be found that conformed to a natural process.  He was still smarting from the way STURP had been characterized as a religiously motivated body rather than the purely scientific project that he signed up to.  When Jackson published his collapse theory he was more hell-bent than ever to come up with something to counter it.  I am not a scientist but, as a filmmaker, I do understand a bit about human nature and images. It is, frankly, unthinkable that a process that has only ever been known to brown toast and meat could form the Shroud image.  Its homogeneity alone makes this starkly obvious.  There is not one single example in thousands of years of the Maillard process yielding up an image of any kind other than a small smudged blur.  One of the major achievements of the "List" is to put this idea away for good and allow proper considerations to continue unfettered by it.

The fondness that everyone, me included, has for Ray’s memory is the only thing that has kept the theory alive for as long as it has.   (emphasis mine)

Well, David. I tried. I don’t know what caused the image. Nor do I know if the image is the result of a molecular change to the linen fiber or to an impurity layer composed of starch and saccharides from perhaps Saponaria officinalis. I have never been totally comfortable with the Maillard reaction solution. Nor was I comfortable with any other proposal I ever heard.  Something chemically significant happened to the cloth or to a residue/layer/coating/whatever on the fibers of the cloth that gives the image its color. But there is something else about that image – characteristics is a good word – that suggests something more not from radiation or gasses or corona discharge imprinted such a photorealistic image and it was not by accident or incidentally. It is not oversaturated. Where saturation falls to zero it outlines the body without outlines. The curve of the grayscale, compressed as it is into a narrow slice of the full grayscale, is extraordinarily appropriate. The list goes on and on. The odds of this sort of image happening seem incomprehensibly small without the hand of a genius. It’s a forgery or it’s a miracle and I am quite certain it is the latter.

I cannot accept the list as it is written. My only advice to anyone wanting to figure out how to fake the image is to ignore the first sentence or demand empirical evidence that it is factual. I’m willing to listen to reason and look at real evidence. What I have been told so far is pure speculation or opinion.