imageA reader writes:

I’m the skipper-owner of a small sport fishing boat near Key Largo. I have a small locker below where I keep my stuff. Inside the lid is a picture of the face from the Shroud of Turin. I look at it each morning.

I have to admit, there are times when I look at that picture and I think that it can not be real. There is just no way that image was formed by a burst of energy or some chemical reaction. Then there are times when I think that it can not be fake. No medieval forger could have or would have created a so perfect negative image with all the complexity and realism. So I get it when people say they believe it is fake or real.  

I just finished reading The Sign by Thomas de Wesselow. I agree with his reasons for believing the shroud is real. But his idea that the apostles were convinced of the resurrection by the images appears to be pure nonsense and conjecture. Thanks for your blog. It has been helpful to me.