Telegraph article on Cambridge Shroudie Thomas de Wesselow

Peter Stanford, on March 24, 2012, writes in The Telegraph:

imageEight years ago, [Thomas] de Wesselow was a successful art historian, based at King’s College, [Cambridge,] making a name for himself in scholarly circles by taking a fresh look at centuries-old disputes over the attribution of masterpieces of Renaissance painting. Today, he still lives in the university city – we are sitting in its Fitzwilliam Museum café – but de Wesselow has thrown up his conventional career and any hopes of a professorial chair to join the ranks of what he laughingly calls “shroudies”.

“In academia, the subject of the Shroud is seen as toxic,” he reports, “and no one wants to open the can of worms, but try as I might I just couldn’t resist it as an intellectual puzzle.”

[. . .]

. . . So, although he describes himself as agnostic, he now finds himself in the curious position of being more of a believer in the Shroud than the Pope. His historical detective work has convinced him, he insists, that it is exactly what it purports to be — the sheet that was wrapped round Jesus’s battered body when it was cut down from the cross on Calvary.

imageWe need to add that there is a new book by de Wesselow: The Sign: The Shroud of Turin and the Secret of the Resurrection published by Penguin will be available in the UK on March 26 for about £13. A Kindle version is available in the UK for £12 and in the US for $14.99.

4 thoughts on “Telegraph article on Cambridge Shroudie Thomas de Wesselow”

  1. The subject of the Shroud is seen as “toxic” ?? And these are the people who TEACH the next Generation?

    Toxic. TOXIC! Why can’t the Shroud simply be, as de Wesselow says: an intellectual puzzle? Which it certainly is! The Shroud has people around the globe baffled and puzzled and even bent out of shape.

    I think somebody could write a book on the psychological impact of the Shroud, because it is obvious there is something about the Shroud that gets people’s nerves all twangled. And why should that BE, I wonder?? Unless…. there really IS a God and He is deliberately trying to goad people into spiritual awareness?

    If people could set aside their resistance to God and religion, they would see how stupid they are. I’m glad de Wesselow was able to wise up. That’s very encouraging, I have considerable respect for his honesty.

  2. Did anyone read the full article, which goes deeply into his book and thoughts? I’m definately in opposition to de Wesslow’s theory, it is rediculous to say the least. He suggests in his book that Jesus was never raised, that it was the image on the Shroud that convinced the deciples and not Jesus’s appearances the following 40 days. Furthermore he believes the appearances were an “illusion” and that everyone misinterpretted the image on the Shroud as being the living Jesus LOL. It truly dumbfounds me how rediculously retarded some theories can be.

    This book will definately not make my list, thank-you.

    Oh and for more nonsense and some laughs; read some of the comments to the article, some people are just so angry that this Shroud is here!


    1. Angry that the Shroud is HERE? I suppose that is a very strong indication that it truly IS the Sign of Jonah for this generation. I’ve forgotten now who said that… Oh yes, Dr. Peppler. I was so impressed with his statement, I actually wrote it in notes.

      Dr. Peppler quotes this verse, which is a perfect description of society now, “A wicked and adulterous generation asks for a miraculous sign! But none will be given it except the sign of the prophet Jonah.” Mat 16:4

      Jesus himself said it. And it’s scary to read it, especially in connection with the Shroud. I think Dr. Peppler was incredibly on-target with that observation.

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