imageLaura Lambert in the Catholic Free Press:

Russ Breault, president of Shroud Encounter, has dedicated his life to drawing people into dialogue about the Shroud of Turin, an artifact which is shrouded in mystery and conspiracy. In keeping with his mission, “to advance knowledge of the shroud to a new generation,” Mr. Breault focuses much of his attention on college communities.  He visited Assumption College on March 14 to offer a synthesis of historical and scientific data through a multimedia presentation which incorporates 150 photographed images.

“The shroud is a fabulous mystery that goes to the core of Christianity,” he said, “which represents the life death and resurrection of Jesus.”  Mr. Breault intimated his own excitement concerning the potential for people to be in possession of the burial shroud of Jesus today.  “The ark of the covenant is covered by dirt, but it’s possible that the shroud is only covered by mystery,” he said.

After the Buffalo write up in The Beast, it’s nice to read something a bit more sensible.