imageRichard Savage by way of a comment at Spotlight on that Shroud of Turin – without all the hype writes:


1. Our Purpose:

1.1. “We” are a small team of ‘commentators’ imported from
1.2. We believe – apparently, contrary to current popular opinion – that the preponderance of evidence regarding the Shroud of Turin somehow – but clearly – favors the Shroud’s authenticity…
1.3. (“Authentic” meaning simply that the Shroud was, in fact, the burial cloth of Jesus — at this point, we are not claiming that there is anything supernatural about the Shroud…)
1.4. We also believe that we will be doing a great public service if we can bring our conclusion to worldly consensus. (Such a conclusion should give anyone serious pause – whether believer or nonbeliever, and whether the image on the Shroud is supernatural or not — and should also put any sarcastic skeptics into their rightful places… which would be a good thing.)
1.5. So, our purpose here is to show that the preponderance of evidence clearly favors shroud authenticity, and to bring that conclusion to a worldly consensus…

– The above was taken from our website –
– Would you like to have a friendly, patient, on-line, written debate with us?
– You would be ‘allowed’ to recruit all the help you desired, but you would be the official spokesperson.

— Rich Savage,