imageColin Berry, sciencebod as we also know him, has a new blog on the Shroud of Turin. Hello, all you Shroud sceptics out there it begins:

This new blog is a spin-off from the author’s ‘science buzz’ site,  and is dedicated to exploding the myth that the Shroud of Turin defies explanation by modern science.

It does not. The Shroud  is FULLY explainable in terms of basic technology that was available to  medieval entrepreneurs, some of whom, in that highly God-fearing era, were keen to attract  pilgrims – to say nothing of the spending power they brought with them.

Why should God’s work be available free of charge, they probably thought? Capitalism, or just earning a crust, had its roots established long before Adam Smith.

Postscript: this site is still under construction, needless to say. I’ll be adding sidebars etc in the next few days as and when I get acquainted with all of the WordPress bells and whistles.

It should get a lot of attention, because we’ll give it a lot of attention. Hey, my friend, I’m expecting a ping back.