Upcoming, exciting exhibition on the Shroud of Turin in Málaga, Spain

imageJuan José Delgado Utrera writes:

I would like to share with you the notice of the upcoming Holy Shroud of Turin exhibit that will take place at the cathedral of Málaga (Spain),from next February 21 to June 2012.

For more information, you can follow this link (sadly only in Spanish language): http://sabanasantaexpo.com/?page_id=58

imageHere is a Google translation of some material from the link:

The exhibition  "The Shroud," has assembled an exceptional way the material contributed by hundreds of experts who for years have studied the Shroud. Art, history, archeology, forensic science and scientific with manuscripts, coins and various objects collected over a large study and paper, are shown for the first time sets in this unique exhibition that will travel the world and which will see its beginning in Spain in  March 2012.

Can modern science with new discoveries, provide sufficient data to confirm that this fabric with an inexplicable image covered the body of Jesus after his death?

4 thoughts on “Upcoming, exciting exhibition on the Shroud of Turin in Málaga, Spain”

  1. Oh, it will travel the WORLD?? That really is exciting! I thought the exhibit was only in Spain. I don’t suppose there’s any chance the Shroud itself will be there?

    I really REALLY like what the scholar in South Africa said about the Shroud being “The Sign of Jonah” for our generation. That made a whole lot of sense, to me. How amazing that God would push it to the forefront in these final days, to more or less shove it in the face of those who blaspheme Him.

    This is an unbelieving generation. I know that every age has had it’s full share of sin and trials, but I really do think the blasphemers have ramped up to a new level. And just as they ramp it up, so does God. This Shroud of Turin shows His mercy, actually. God is reaching out to those who are the most blatantly skeptical.

    To enter the Kingdom of Heaven, we must have the faith and trust of a little child. That’s not a copout actually: it’s very difficult for intelligent, capable adults to let go and trust God. It’s a daily exercise, a daily discipline, a daily effort in prayer and Bible study. As well as being an enormous privilege: that we can lean on God to such a degree and find our comfort in Him.

  2. “To enter the Kingdom of Heaven, we must have the faith and trust of a little child.” I see this as the fundamental basis of all Faith. Your points along these lines are excellent.

  3. Annie, very nice comment! but I don’t think the ‘real’ Shroud will be going along, just a copy, as the Shroud never leaves it’s place, or very very rarely anyways. If the exhibit is anything like their promotional film it should be something to see. That promo film was pretty powerful, especially it’s epilogue, …well done.


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