L.A. Marzulli is on Coast To Coast AM

Coast To Coast AM
on YouTube and move the slider up to 10:19



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  1. It is my considered opinion based on over 75,000 hours of research into Leonardo da Vinci masterpieces that the Blue painting that was on display in The National Gallery London, England called Salvator Mundi Savoir of the World; is not a completed work of Leonardo da Vinci and has been authenticated incorrectly by experts.

    It is also in my opinion that of the Marquis de Ganay Collection “Salvator Mundi that was auctioned off by Sotheby’s May 1999 in its “Important Old Masters Paintings” auction is the original Leonardo da Vinci Masterpiece and sold in the $300,000 dollar range.

    The justification for this conclusion is that, Leonardo da Vinci had a reputation for creating art with extreme precision which was legendary, and a Leonardo da Vinci hallmark. The precision is clearly evident in the Red and Blue painting above, but is strikingly absent in the Blue painting. The only exception is that the preparatory drawing of the hand in the Blue painting was created by Leonardo, but the overall painting was completed by an artist having far lesser skills.

    Leonardo da Vinci Research Group
    Founder; Michael Walter Domoretsky

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