imageA reader writes:

Dr. Sciencebod wrote, “We are told that the 3D properties of the Shroud image are unique to the Shroud.”

It might help to know by whom we are told this for I am unaware of anyone saying so. Does he mean that photographs and normal paintings will not produce a 3D image like we see on the shroud? That is true. But by no means are such 3D properties unique and I would be very surprised if the burn marks didn’t show such characteristics. Smudges might, too.

It might also help to know what software Dr. Sciencebod was referring to when he wrote, “I take it you are aware of the way the computer was programmed, i.e. to treat light and dark areas on the shroud as being closer to or further from a 3D object that was emitting some kind of radiation.”  No software, that I am aware of, was written specifically for such analysis on the shroud.  Can Dr. Sciencebod produce evidence of this. The VP-8 Image Analyzer was developed for mapping planetary surfaces and other 3D data stored in image bit maps. It just so happened that this hardwired machine, that cannot be programmed, produced the first 3D images that show that the image cannot be a painting or a photograph. The notion of a body emitting radiation was an attempt to explain the 3D properties. It wasn’t the other way around.

I agree that the 3D aspects of the image are not unique. Virtual reality and gaming software regularly uses similar images, called height-fields, to produce realistic landscapes. NASA uses them to generate 3D surface representations of the moon and planets. Those height-fields are created by radar and lasers. Google Earth makes its amazing 3D renderings of our planet the same way. NOAA produces those amazing 3D images of hurricanes from radar data represented in height-fields. Height-fields are used every day in hospitals for 3D ultrasound sonograms of fetuses. So the 3D characteristics seen in the shroud are not even unique to a human body.

Ray Rogers, by-the-way, was very much convinced that an image of a body that appears to be 3D encoded could occur naturally without supernatural action.