How can a positive report that makes its way to most major news outlets across the world be a bad thing? It is a great thing! What did they prove? That one can achieve both the coloration and the extreme superficiality of the Shroud image using UV lasers. It doesn’t prove that the image is the result of light or radiation. It does however prove that a certain kind of light, ie, UV laser, can indeed create the same effect as what we see on the Shroud. Did they replicate the entire Shroud? No. Do we know if that is possible using this means? No. But it at least shows us that light indeed can account for some of what we see on the Shroud. That is a significant finding! I have always left the aspect of the Shroud being the result of light from the resurrection as an area of conjecture and personal opinion. And it probably still is, however the ENEA research gets us one step closer to scientific plausibility. And that is a great Christmas present. Thank you Paolo and others who were involved in conducting and publishing this research.

Russ Breault