image“I had been struggling with `writer’s block’,” wrote Stephen E. Jones back in October, . . .

trying to find a way to post here a series on the Shroud, which covers briefly the main points for and against. I had already started a PowerPoint presentation on the Shroud back in 2009, which I intended to eventually use in presentations to interested church and any other groups. An attractive feature of PowerPoint for me is that it forces one to be brief! So if I could restart my PowerPoint presentation and then post it here to my TSoT blog, then I would `kill two birds with one stone.’

But there does not seem any way that one can directly post a PowerPoint to Blogger. Googling "PowerPoint Blogger" came up with a number of sites offering ways of posting a PowerPoint to Blogger but these all seemed to be through a third party. I eventually found by trial and error that I could copy-and-paste from PowerPoint via Microsoft Paint to Outlook Express (which is the way I prefer to post to Blogger). So here goes …!

And since then he has created a series of interesting posts – nine so far – called “Shroud of Turin: Burial sheet of Jesus!,” followed by a number and a subtitle. Here is the list in reverse-blog order:

The subtitles are growing longer. Number 9, from just two days ago, relates to some of the conversations we have been having on this blog.