imageGabriel, by way of a comment to David Rolfe interview with Andrew Silverman, writes:

I find his interpretation of the 2nd principle of Thermodynamics, the Big Bang and conciousnees too "creative" (to say the least) and not scientifc at all. I mean, scientific by widely accepted standards, since when we come to the Shroud, anything can be "scientific"……In fact, it is one of the most widely used words in the context of the Shroud…. How long will it take before he or someone else connects the Shroud with the Higgin’s bosson?. I bet it won´t take a month…..

I agree.

Now, I don’t think this is what Gabriel was thinking about, but Christopher Maloney writes in his humorous blog:

In an ongoing battle, the search for the god particle has been pitted directly against the existance of God.

“If we can find this darned particle, then we don’t have to fudge our numbers and can pretty much write God out of particle physics,”  said Groucho Quarks, Phd.

But despite 7 trillion electron volts (enough to poach an egg), the giant circular money pit the physicists have built can only vaguely discern a Higgs Boson.

“It’s hazy.  We can’t quite be sure.  It could be Higgs, but the images we get all look like the shroud of Turin.”