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imageLet me draw your attention to another relic which is currently being analyzed by John Jackson (Colorado Center) and the Spanish Centre of Sindonology.

According to their preliminary studies, these researchers consider plausible that this relic which is kept in Coria (Spain) could have been the tablecloth of the Last Supper and therefore have a connection with the Shroud. The researchers think that in fact it is a Jewish prayer robe (tallit) belonging to the first century.

This has been recently published in ABC, a major Spanish journal

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Cáceres, Oct 30 (EFE) .- Researchers "Turin Shroud Center" in Colorado (United States) and the Spanish Centre for Sindonology initiated a scientific study of the Last Supper Tablecloth of Jesus Christ, a relic attributed to Jesus of Nazareth this centuries in the cathedral of Coria (Cáceres).

A scientific lines, driven by the American researcher John Jackson, relates the shroud, present in Turin (Italy), and the tablecloth Coria, as explained, told Efe, the delegate of the Spanish Centre Extremadura Sindonology Ignacio Dols.

Dols, who coordinates studies of the relic of Coria, explained that the center of John Jackson, "Turin Shroud Center" part of the premise that the blanket that wrapped the body of Jesus Christ, might be supposed to be a tablecloth ritual remained tablecloth spread over Coria.

Both fabrics have a similar size (4.32 by 0.90 meters, approximately) and are pure linen.

Next year the team will return to Jackson Extremadura town to continue his research and show the results of the studies initiated in November 2006 and April 2007 on the tablecloth.

This is the only relic exposed in the world which claims correspond to the fabric used in the Last Supper by Jesus of Nazareth and the twelve apostles.

John Jackson, formerly of NASA, leads the American team that investigated the Shroud of Turin and the Holy Shroud of Oviedo, a detailed work on the material used microscopic and photographic art techniques.

In this work, has both research Sindonology Spanish Center, the branch of science that deals with the study of the relics that are related directly or indirectly with Jesus Christ and the Holy Shroud.

Research has been attended Relief Mantilla de los Rios and Pilar Benito Garcia, members of the Spanish Historical Heritage Institute, Ministry of Education.

The analysis points out that the relic of Coria is a pure linen cloth, which coincides with the prayer shawls of the Jewish people, called "tallit".

"Science confirms that what tradition says seem likely to be true" and that the cloth is "perfectly consistent with the type of tissue, the type of texture and type of linen" used in Palestine in the first century, which provides "certainty" about their age, according to Ignacio Dols.

Therefore, he said, the Spanish Center for Sindonology has "sufficient evidence" to continue research and shed light on the relic, found in the basement of the sanctuary of the ancient cathedral of Coria in the late fourteenth century and whose authenticity Catholic Church has not pronounced.

The research will be necessary to recover the studies in the 60 at the Museum of Natural Sciences in Madrid by researchers and Carrato Hernández Pacheco Gómez Ibáñez Moreno.

So far, explained Ignacio Dols, documents are missing, although the Earl of Shin certified in a publication that was present studies and recounts some of his conclusions. EFE