imageA reader in Chicago writes regarding Giulio Fanti on the Carbon Dating of Certain Relics and A Reaction to Giulio Fanti’s Suggestion:

And they divided up his raimant/tunic/robe/garment/garments/clothes by casting lots/dice/or some variation of rock-paper-scissors. Had Geiger counters been present they would have been clicking.

The Markan priority is glaring. Yet despite and perhaps because of John we must wonder if the division of garments really happened and it was not merely a case of historizing prophecy (Psalm 22:18). If it happened there were probably multiple garments and some form of sortition such as drawing a short straw or rolling dice.

There is no reason to think the Argenteuil is one of those garments. The same must be said for the Trier and the Mtskheta. But they each could be and all could be real. However, the Argenteuil has been carbon 14 dated and in the absence of compelling reason to doubt the tests, it should be considered fake. Because I’m Greek I’m 25% convinced the Mtskheta is the real seamless garment.

Here is what else I think. The Turin Shroud may be real and there is compelling reason to fully reject the carbon dating because of chemical differences and evidence of mending. That is 100% solid stuff. The Oviedo may be real despite carbon dating because the work was sloppy and the results suspicious. I’m sort of 50/50 on the Oviedo. As for the the Argenteuil and the Titulus, I’m about 2%. Trying to validate belief in these relics with extreme pseudoscience and new age folderol is pure fantasy, the slathering of nuttiness onto biblical literalism. Next SSG will be studying pyramid crystals, herbs and magic potions. Next they will be using modified Geiger counters to measure holiness.  This is [***].

I removed the last word.