imageWe have heard from Barrie Schwortz about his latest update to It will be the last major update of 2011.

And with this update, we are adding a small link on every page of the blog to a message from Barrie. Click on it and consider making a donation.

Here are details and links for the update:

Once again the year is drawing to a close and we again have reached the final website update before the holidays. Of course, our next scheduled update is on January 21, 2012 and will mark the 16th Anniversary of And as always, there are still a number of items I was unable to include in this update, more specifically, the various papers that were recently submitted to us for publication. As you know, we now have an Editorial Review Committee of fourteen members that screens all submitted papers and decides which are published. However, they can’t screen them if they don’t have them! With my busy travel and lecture schedule this year taking up so much of my time, the papers had to be set aside until the next update in January. So if you submitted a paper to us, please be patient. It will be screened and you will be notified before the next update. And if I missed anything else, my apologies.

This update is already a large one in its own right, so here is an Update Table of Contents:

Posted November 1, 2011

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