imageWe’ll have to see (scientifically, this is implausible). It’s only $2.99 for the Kindle edition. From the pages of Amazon:

"CLONING CHRIST heralds a mercurial new talent to the page!  Quirky, riveting, hilarious, disturbing, and unclassifiable (in the best sense). CLONING CHRIST is a page-turner that is at once magically realistic and completely allegorical.  If Christ were cloned, as is the central conceit here, he would enjoy the hell out of this book." 
– Jay Bonansinga, National Bestselling Author of PINKERTON’S WAR, PERFECT VICTIM, and co-author of THE WALKING DEAD TRILOGY.

It is a story of two kings and a holy war.

One man, J. Wane Kazuo, head of a private genetics company is driven by an angelic vision. He believes he is God’s chosen instrument in bringing about the Second Coming of Christ. And that’s exactly what he’s going to do.

CLONING CHRIST from blood samples taken from Christ’s burial cloth, the Shroud of Turin, combined with DNA from a direct descendant of the Magdalene bloodline.
Unless Michael Resnick, founder of one of the largest political movements in the US, the American Coalition for Life, can stop him. The ACL’s attempts range from simple legal actions to terrorist acts to covert abortion squads.

And caught in the middle are a group of people as diverse and unlikely as you will find: a scientist torn between two faiths, a talk show host crawling out of the media sewer, a writer in love, a cartoonist with the darkest of secrets, a fallen priest, and a skinhead graced by God.

Secrets spanning centuries will be uncovered. Life-long beliefs and dreams will be shaken, challenged and destroyed.

It is a story of what may be the greatest event or failure in the history of mankind; a story of sacrifice, horror, faith, betrayal and love. Cloning Christ: The Second Book of Daniel eBook: David Scott Hay: Kindle Store#reader_B0050YULRI#reader_B0050YULRI