imageI just received this from Maria da Glória of the Centro Português de Sindonologia:

I’m sure you were aware of Dr. Barrie Schwortz’s journey to Europe including our country Portugal, and I guess right now he has already landed at Lisbon airport.

He was invited by historian and archaelogist Dr. Carlos Evaristo on behalf of the King of Portugal (Portugal is a republic but nevertheless D. Duarte Pio of Bragança is still recognized as the King by monarchic party) to be honored for his commitment to the Shroud with the title of Knight of St. Michael of the Wing by D. Duarte Pio of Bragança who is a Shroud devotee.

The event is organized by Dr. Carlos Evaristo , director of another portuguese sindonologic centre (Centro Português de Sindonologia e do Estudo das Reliquias da Paixão) that besides the Shroud studies other christian relics, and Fundação Oureana an association dedicated to religious studies.

Dr. Barrie Schwortz will do a lecture entitled “33 years of Shroud Science – A Personal Perspective” tomorrow September 24 at 10.30 a.m. and we´re eagerly waiting to hear him.

Besides the lecture, there will be other activities including a visit to a museum where the attendants may watch a relics exhibit ,including a real size authenticated Shroud replica and many christian relics from Dr. Evaristo’s personal collection.

These events entitled III Conferência Histórica em Fátima ( Third Historical Conference at Fátima) will be held saturday September 24 at Auditorium Domus Pacis, Fátima, Portugal and are sponsored by the Portuguese Royal House, The Savoy Royal House ( with the presence of members of Italy royal house ) and are organized by Fundação Historico-Cultural Oureana, with the support of Centro Português de Sindonologia (our centre) Domus Pacis Hotel and Ourém Townhall.

Surely portuguese people will be honored to host and have the opportunity to attend a lecture from such a leading world Shroud researcher.

Maria, we would love to hear from you after the event.