imageMibman, on his blog, With Intent, asks, “Who Is He?

I hate images of Jesus. I have seen literally thousands of graphics, drawings, paintings, carvings, sculptures, and statues of Jesus and I have hated virtually all of them. . . . Occasionally, I will see some painting of Him that I think is okay but I’ve never really liked any of them. I tend to like those based on the shroud of Turin. Don’t get me wrong – we don’t know whose image is on that cloth … I simply, like it as representative of Jesus’ face. I think primarily because it hits a couple of descriptive aspects of Christ that I believe get overlooked. The Bible describes Jesus as being imagesomeone that you might not even notice, if He didn’t address you. In other words, I don’t think Jesus was ‘stud’ man for a cologne ad. The other thing was his physical presence. We always see Jesus in these various images as looking pasty, malnourished, feeble, weenie … punk. Jesus was the guy throwing big heavy wooden tables around in the temple … and temple guards … with weapons … present and paid to stop such activity … did not even hint that they would try to stop him. I think the carpenter from Nazareth was a physically solid, man. I like the face from the shroud because it looks ordinary – everyman … and because the face looks solid and healthy.

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