PZ Myers posted this cartoon without any comment other than the title of his posting: Just like every religion…  To understand PZ’s title, you have to notice that the book is Danaeism: Holy Scripture, and the girl is Danae from the comic strip Non Sequitur.  But PZ is wrong in always thinking that every religion is as sola scripturaist as he imagines from his constant battles with creationists.


I wonder if PZ noticed that the seemingly scientific-minded kid is as equally absurd as Danae’s silly self-proclaimed fundamentalism. Carbon dating something 300 million years old is ridiculously impossible. With today’s technology you might be able to date something as old as 60,000 years. That’s all. And if this is a sample of rock from a quarry, forget about it. There are other radiometric methods that might work, but carbon dating won’t cut it. Oh, and 300 million is pretty early for even the earliest dinosaurs. And what is the “time of dinosaurs?” Are we talking about the Mesozoic Era, which lasted from about 185 millions years from about 250 million years ago until about 65 million years ago?

At least, nobody mentioned the Shroud of Turin.