Andy writing, Why is the Shroud Important? at the Elgood Mountain blog:

imageMy good friend Pete Schumacher, Production Engineer of the VP8 Image Analyzer, an analog computer which revealed in a visual way for the first time in 1976 the brightness map encoded on it that nothing else in the world has which we are not advanced enough to create or duplicate.  He met the Shroud in 1976 when he delivered a unit, then $25,000 to Eric Jumper’s basement.  After he set it up and they processed an image of the Shroud through it, they saw a 3-dimensional image of a man’s face in the correct proportions.  Pete said, “What’s that,” to which came the reply, “the Shroud of Turin.”  Pete replied, “What’s that?”  Over his 35 years he has been changed and is a deacon in the Catholic Church partly due to his experiences with the Shroud.

imageYet, while I can relate some things I know about the effect of the study of this holy icon on my two friends, I can much better relate what happened to me.  Sometime around January/February 2009, Pete was showing me the VP8 Image Analyzer for the first time in my life.  He was busy explaining all the technical stuff and what it did, but it all had no meaning to me.  While I had seen 3D photos of what this equipment produced, I wasn’t aware it was this equipment. . . .

From my experience this story repeats itself over and over in many ways for many people. Read the full posting, Why is the Shroud Important?