THIS IS A BIG DEAL: David Rolfe writes, in effect to all of us:

imageDear Dan

This offer, made to SSG members is extended to your readers.

When I first joined SSG I was asked whether I was able to release the HD imagery from our filming. I undertook to see what might be possible within the terms of my agreement with the Archdiocese and have arrived at the following proposal. When originally broadcast by the BBC the key elements of the footage were broadcast in HD and are therefore, as far as any private use is concerned, already in the public domain. Blu-Ray technology enables this to be included in HD on disk. Subject to enough advance orders, I will produce a blu-ray disk with the most recent film made for the 2010 Exposition (Shroud) in (English, Spanish, French, German, Portuguese, Italian and Russian). Among the extra features I will include the 3D demonstration a re-mastered Silent Witness and, perhaps more importantly for SSG members, HD frames of the close-up sections of the Shroud we have. (Around 50). These are all copyrighted to the Archdiocese as well as Performance and will only be for private research purposes.

To make production viable I need to sell a minimum of 100 at £60 (Plus Postage). As an added incentive to SSG members and your blog readers who, alone, I think can make this viable, I will include a Public Performance Licence for the main film, which is normally £92, free of charge. (Details of this are on store page at

If anyone would like to order one (or more) please email me using the address as soon as possible. I will begin production once 100 orders have been reached and then invoice. it will then take about two – three weeks. If the initial order is for significantly more than 100 I will be able to reduce the price accordingly.

Best wishes


If you can spring for it, do it. I am.