imageI hadn’t noticed this before. Someone just told me about it. There is a Shroud of Turin book out in Italian, SINDONE – FIRENZE E I MISTERI DEL SACRO TELO (Shroud – Florence and the Mysteries of the Sacred Cloth) by Enrico Baccarini

It has been out for awhile (Archeos Press, 2010, ISBN 978-88-96876-03-9

Here is a Google Translation of the publisher’s description:

Two thousand years separate us from the event center of Christianity, the Resurrection of Jesus of Nazareth. Since then, the Shroud has established itself as a most precious relic of Western history, witnessing a unique event imprinted on a simple linen cloth. After stolen from Byzantium and its arrival in Athens the Shroud disappeared for 150 years, to reappear officially in 1356, in France. The “lost years” of the shroud allow the development of a new suggestive hypothesis: its possible passage from Florence, where it was kept secret. Ancient frescoes, genealogical ties, political intrigue and esoteric symbolism outline a path full of research references tangible and hidden tracks. A rigorous journey through the centuries, a detailed analysis of the history and secrets of the Holy Cloth through the study of ancient sources and recent discoveries documentary. Enrico Baccarini (Florence 1980), writer and journalist, working with major magazines and newspapers. Among his essays include ‘Florence, esoteric and mystery’ and ‘Italy Esoteric’.Already a member of associations such as the Italian Society for the Study of Altered states of consciousness, the American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics and the International Crime Analysis Association, was among the founders of the Interdisciplinary Committee for Research and Traditional protohistoric (CIRPET).

You would have thought that such a bold historical theory would have gotten some attention. If you wonder why it didn’t you might want to check out the author’s website. (Use the Chrome browser to facilitate easy translation to English). It is a lot of material on UFO abductions, crop circles and a messiah who arrived by flying saucer. Baccarini seems to specialize in this stuff.

But in all fairness, has anybody read the book? (I can’t read Italian). From the historical data I’m partial to the Besancon theory and not the Templar theory to explain the 150 years of missing data. I don’t think the shroud was hidden. We just don’t have the data. Is there any validity to Florence?

As many of you know I get worried when esoteric theories and weird associations get tied in with the shroud. I think it is an unfortunate symptom of wider acceptance by the public. Search (upper right corner of this page) on ‘alien’ and‘Urantia’ to get a feel for how I feel this is a problem.