imageFrom, the website of about a dozen regional New Jersey newspapers:

On the phone, RoseAnn Salanitri sounds like a nice lady. But then you go her website called “Conservative News and Views.”

There you will find prominently displayed a novel she has written titled “The False Prophet.” The false prophet in question is the pope. He’s plotting to obtain the DNA of Christ from the Shroud of Turin so he can clone the Antichrist.

Salanitri is a former Catholic who converted to a form of fundamentalism in which it is safe to assert that Noah took baby dinosaurs on the ark. I asked her whether Catholics might get a bit upset at her portrayal of the pope.

“If that’s how you want to be offended, you could be offended,” Salanitri replied. She defended her novel as being in the tradition of the “Left Behind” series popular among evangelicals, one in which the pope also leads the faithful to worship the Antichrist.

Maybe she is nice. Just because we might disagree. . . baby dinosaurs, however.