imageI got an email this morning from someone named Randall asking why I hadn’t posted something about Stephen E. Jones wonderful part 1 of a review of Prof. Joel Bernstein’s lecture, "The Shroud of Turin: What science can tell us.” It had only been posted four hours ago and then it was six o’clock on a Sunday morning. I’m dedicated, yes, but I do sleep. Apparently Stephen doesn’t and Randall doesn’t. It is an excellent review. So read it. My favorite bit:

It is ironic that Bernstein used pro-authenticity Shroud research as a prime example of "pathological science" and McCrone’s anti-authenticity research as "good science," when the boot is well and truly on the other foot! And Bernstein himself is hardly engaging in "good science" when he lectures on a subject without bothering to read extensively the other side.

I agree. Now go read the review of Prof. Joel Bernstein’s lecture. It isn’t too early in the morning.