Interesting post by Jay Mathews on his blog Jayopsis: Proving Osama is Dead and Jesus is Alive- Interesting Parallels:

Because I do a lot of reading in the area of Christian Apologetics- it was unmistakable to see arguments and reaction surrounding the death of Osama Bin Laden were parallel to the reaction to the news of Christ’s resurrection as recorded in the gospels. It says a lot about the nature of belief and the prerequisites of proof.

. . . Same with Jesus- the history of relics has been a sketchy business at best. We have seen the reverse of this by the latest attempts to prove that they found Jesus’ burial ossuary. That is why I don’t list the Shroud of Turin as part of my evidence- I find it interesting but hold it at arm’s length.

I do, too. As much as I think it is real, I keep it at arm’s length in this respect.