imageThe Catholic League has revised the Easter grumpy list. There are now only seven items. Without even so much as a footnote or an “Updated” tag, they dropped Catholic League president Bill Donohue’s criticism of the History Channel’s Jesus: The Lost 40 Days. It had read:

The History Channel is gifting us with "Jesus: The Lost 40 Days," based on the "lost gospels," not the real ones. Nice to know more weight is given to writings which were penned in the second and third centuries rather than in the first.

I had wondered if he had actually watched the show. He had not, I am told. So where did he get his idea about what the show was about? From what I understand, an article in the NY Post. See the previous posting, Comment of the Day on Jesus: The Lost 40 Days

It is interesting that the league adds, at the bottom of the list, “Contrary to our skeptics, we don’t make these things up—we just note them.”

Maybe they should add, “And like our skeptics we don’t check out the facts.”