imageA reader writes:

In your blog entry, “Akiane’s Jesus, Heaven is for Real and the Man in the Turin Shroud” as well as the two follow-up entries, you fail to note a passage from the wonderful book, Akiane: Her Life, Her Art, Her Poetry:

Many months later, thousands of people were discussing the two portraits of Jesus. Among them were scientists from Russia who noted that Akiane’s Prince of Peace had a remarkable resemblance to the mysterious image taken from the very Shroud of Turin.

That mysterious image was probably the Ariel Aggemian painting based on a photograph of the shroud.

The Jesus we see in Akiane’s painting looks just like the Aggemain’s painting of Jesus. The computer generated image of Jesus prepared by Ray Downing for the history channel is further confirmation of something going on here. I’m just not sure what that is.

Nor am I sure what that is. But the resemblance is quite amazing. Also see these two follow up postings: