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  • imageSudarium and the grave blanket
  • Sudarium and Cloth of Oviedo
  • The path of the cloth
  • Presence of the Lord
  • Introduction
  • Face to face
  • Fact and Fiction
    • Search for clues in the East
    • Myths, legends and legends
    • The Rape of Veronika
    • Paintings, frescoes and icons
    • The veil lifts itself
  • Fine linen and pure linen
  • Find out more
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Search for clues in the East

Since early Christian times was oral and written traditions of a cloth with the face of Jesus Christ reported. Veil of Kamulia, Mandylion Acheiropoietos, Veronika or Volto Santo – a number seemingly mysterious names which also early icons were used to partially complicate the search for clues in documents, legends and poetry. In addition, the resurrection of several towels in the grave were under, as John mentioned, in addition to burial cloths in the plural explicitly tied together (or folded – Greek "entylisso) handkerchief in his Easter Gospel