Robert Ledingham writes:

I read with interest your comments on Dr Andrew Silverman’s associations with the ideas of author Nigel Kerner . I have to admit I was surprised at your comments on this matter as I have up to now found your Shroud blog intelligent and informative.
I am a long time believer in the authenticity of the Shroud and have listened to Dr. Silverman’s programs both on his own and with Mr. Kerner and I have to say I feel you may have been a victim of the same kind of antipathetic media bias that has dogged issues relating to the authenticity of the Shroud.

Yes the alien phenomenon has been presented by the mainstream world media as something in the realms of total lunacy. But then the Shroud has suffered the same media consensus – the original carbon dating suggesting medieval fakery and other ‘successful’ attempts to copy it always seem to take center stage. As a result most of the general population assume the Shroud is not authentic. The same applies to the alien phenomenon despite the fact that world renowned scientists such as Professor Stephen Hawking and Dr. Michio Kaku have publicly stated their belief that the existence of alien life is almost certain and that there may well be life forms that are intelligent and could pose a threat to humanity.

Recently Seth Shostak, senior astronomer at SETI has said that after 50 years of looking for signals SETI is beginning to realize that the way our technology is advancing is probably a good indicator of how other civilizations at other locations in the universe would have progressed. Just as within a few hundred years of inventing radio we are on the point of inventing thinking machines then there is a strong likelihood that other civilizations would have done the same. These machines, says Shostak are the successors to natural life and we would be more likely to spot signals from them than the biological life that invented them. Stephen Hawking has recently suggested that the human race should move to a planet beyond our solar system to protect the future of our species. It is a short step to then envision the possibility that an electronic fingerprint of the equivalent of DNA in an extra terrestrial civilization may have been sent out into space via artificially intelligent probes equipped to survive deep space travel.

Early results from NASA’s Kepler Mission last year, involving a powerful new space observatory suggest that planets like Earth are far more common than previously thought. The figures suggest that our galaxy will contain 100 million habitable planets. Is it then likely that we are alone in the universe, would that not, in the light of this new information, be the silliest claim of all.

Last year there was an announcement at the Press Club in Washington where a group of top military Generals confirmed that they had seen what they could definitely identify as unidentified flying objects at nuclear installations. Astronauts such as Gordon Cooper and Ed Mitchell have testified to their witness of alien craft as indeed have seven thousand pilots and many other reliable witnesses.So before you dismiss out of hand the existence of alien forms that might indeed visit this planet as indeed many have dismissed the Shroud of Turin under similar media pressure, it would be well worth taking a look at Nigel Kerner’s well studied and intelligent look at the whole phenomenon. Don’t be put off by the title – he admits this is his publisher’s choice not his. Yes the whole alien subject is full of kooks, new age lunatics and opportunists looking to make a fast buck, but don’t throw the baby out with the bathwater. Take a look at what you are commenting on before you comment on it, or else resign yourself to being shaped by the media’s misrepresentations as so many ill-informed individuals are.

Thank you for your comment. To my way of thinking, there is a difference between “dismissing out of hand” and “accepting out of hand.” And from the evidence I see, which is slim to none, I found myself unable to accept the notion. There is a real difference between accepting the possibility of ET life, even intelligent life among what might be countless inhabitable planets (as I do) and claims of “Grey Aliens and The Harvesting of Souls.”

Thanks again.