Akiane’s Jesus, Heaven is for Real and the Man in the Turin Shroud

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Heaven is for Real, the Akiane Prince of Peace, the ISA Mosaic and the Shroud of Turin

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There is a new, very popular visionary picture of Jesus that many think must be accurate. It is quite okay to be skeptical about such visions. Nonetheless, how it compares to the image on the Shroud of Turin might significantly impact how the public thinks about the authenticity of the shroud. Last week I received an email from a reader that threw me for a loop. She wrote:

PrinceofPeace13I just finished reading “Heaven is for Real.” I am thinking that the Akiane Prince of Peace is very similar to the man in the Turin Shroud. STURP and now the Shroud Science Group with all its scientific books and journals cannot begin to match the power of this story. Four-year-old Colton Burpo left the hospital operating room and went [to] heaven where he saw Jesus. Later, he confirmed that Jesus looked like the Akiane Jesus. The Akiane Jesus looks like the Turin Shroud.

The Akiane Prince of Peace? The book, Heaven is for Real? A kid who saw Jesus in heaven during some sort of purported near-death experience (NDE)? Really? And does this visionary picture look like the man in the Shroud? It turns out that the book is a sensation. As of this past Sunday, it was the New York Time’s #1 Bestseller in Non-Fiction Paperbacks and the #2 Bestseller among all Non-Fiction including Digital. It is #2 at Amazon among all books where it has held a position in the top 100 bestsellers for 73 days. USA Today ranked it #2 among Non-Fiction books and #7 among all books on the market. The reviews from pundits are mixed. But among readers at Amazon, the reviews are quite different. Overall the book gets 4.5 out of 5 stars. For those who are suspicious about Amazon reviews, there are too many reviewers, at 373, to think this is stuffed voting. You need to understand a little bit about the book. Here is a description from the publisher:

imageA young boy emerges from life-saving surgery with remarkable stories of his visit to heaven. Heaven Is for Real is the true story of the four-year old son of a small town Nebraska pastor who during emergency surgery slips from consciousness and enters heaven. He survives and begins talking about being able to look down and see the doctor operating and his dad praying in the waiting room. The family didn’t know what to believe but soon the evidence was clear. Colton said he met his miscarried sister, whom no one had told him about, and his great grandfather who died 30 years before Colton was born, then shared impossible-to-know details about each. He describes the horse that only Jesus could ride, about how “reaaally big” God and his chair are, and how the Holy Spirit “shoots down power” from heaven to help us. . . .

I read it on a flight between New York and San Francisco this past weekend. The book is well written. It’s hard to not believe the story unless one assumes shameless co-conspirator fraud with a child. Maybe I should say that its hard to not believe the story is somewhat true. I just have too many problems with how well a young son’s memory (or imagination) fits his father’s very literalist interpretations of the Bible. Nor am I convinced about NDEs. Something seems wrong, yet I thoroughly enjoyed reading the book. But that’s not the point I want to make. Every now and then, throughout the last half of the book, Colton is shown different pictures of Jesus and asked if they are accurate depictions of what he remembers Jesus looked like. The authors never tell us which pictures Colton looked at. (I naturally wondered if the Shroud was one of them.)  In the end Colton is shown an online picture. “Dad, that one’s right,” he exclaims. It is the Akiane portrait of Jesus. Akiane Kramarik seems to be a child visionary. Growing up in a home with an Atheist mother and a lapsed Catholic father, she apparently began having “divinely inspired visions,” which she translated into poetry and art.  By age four (Colton’s age) she was painting and writing poetry. There can be no denying, at least, that she is a prodigy. She appeared on CNN, World News Tonight and the Oprah Winfrey Show. Forget that she is a child; her work is amazing. She was just eight-years-old when she painted Prince of Peace, her first portrait of Jesus. This is the painting Colton said was right.  It is reproduced in the back of every copy of this best seller. (Click on “Read more,” below for a larger image) Stephen Kimble, a reader of the NowTHINK!About it blog, writes:

Having read many books on the near-death experience I find this one very special since it was from a 4 year old. What is very interesting to me is that Colton corroborates the Prince of Peace painting by Akiane Kramarik as the likeness of the face Jesus. I find that her painting bears a strong resemblance to the digital reconstruction from the Shroud of Turin as presented in “The Real Face of Jesus”, a History channel production.

Yes, I’m sure that such a popular image, if indeed many people think it is similar to the image of a man on the shroud, will have an impact on belief about the shroud. Nonetheless, the goal of the Shroud Science Group (as was the goal of STURP) is not to sway opinion. It’s purpose is to pursue the scientific and historical truth about the shroud, whatever it may be and wherever it may lead, and to disseminate that information in a responsible way. That said, I say go read the book and make up your own mind. I’m intrigued but not swayed. Then again, it took me five years to conclude that the Shroud of Turin was probably real. PrinceofPeace13

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    1. On July 23 2009 I broke my neck in a swimming accident of the coast of New Jersey, I was slammed to the sand by a wave and knocked unconcsience, my lungs were full of sand/water and debris…my 12 year old son who I was boogie boarding with noticed my board but did not realize I was attached to it, he acted quickly and pulled me out by my feet, the first responder was an orthapedic surgeon, I was in a comma for 6 days…the reason I’m writing this is I have described in great detail of a man coming in my room, I was on my left side but felt his presence as he entered, I turned to see him and he responded…I saved your life…I put out my hand to thank him but never felt it…I will never forget his face and have described it in great detail to many people….I have never seen Akiane’s portrait of Jesus, but when I opened it I fell to my knees and began to cry…………

      1. All I can say to that is Hallelujah and Amen. That is a beautiful, testimony. The elipses (…….) that you use at the end says it all. You have left your testimony as a witness, and it us up for people to decide whether to believe it or not.

        I will say this, if the Lord is revealing Himself this way, my gosh, He is doing all He can to convince this generation before He comes back. Let’s live for Him with vigor, passion and conviction letting our lives shine for His glory.

      2. Thank you for the testimony. I love hearing people talk about their experiences because it certainly helps my faith.

      3. Thank you for sharing that, Joe. It was very, very, encouraging in many ways, not just the obvious one.

        Best, Hayes

      4. I grew up in a very mixed up confused home to say the least but my parents always pushed me into church and my dad insisted on keeping me in a Christian school ..I hated church from an early age and I really couldn’t stand the school either . I got kicked out twice the second time for selling drugs .. Always kept in mind my whole life for some odd reason I would use this Jesus /God if I was ever in a bind .. /911 . When I was 21 iwas at a party with about 50 people I didn’t know a lot of bad people . Got into a fight at least ten of them . They beat me to the point I said under my breath Jesus please have mercy on me don’t let me die cause they wont have mercy on me. I ended up with 4 stab wounds and 1 was an eighth of an inch from my lung. I’m going on 27 .. Now the fool says in his heart there is no God

      5. Hey, Joe awesome testimony. Jesus is indeed in the healing business! How great is his love and mercy! I research alot of NDE’s & CDE’s (near death experiences & clinical death experiences) and love the testimonies because it smacks us with the reality of our after-life and its importance. Its sad many even so called christians still lack faith and unbelief when Jesus sends them back with their testimony. I do know there are counterfeits as Satan wants to bring confusion, but like the bible says you know the Truth by their fruit. I actually found an article in the papers in 2009 about your accident. I live in Pa not to far from you and would love to hear more of your experience. Did it change your life? Did it draw you closer to God, to Jesus?

      6. About 15 years ago, I saw Jesus. I know, I know, but I did. It was not a NDE and I was just very scared, and saw Him appear. I could no longer stand on my feet, I fell to my knees, and I can’t tell the story without crying, even now. I saw an advertisement in a Christian magazine with this picture, but knew nothing of the book or story. I cut the picture out and put it on the refrigerator, and told my family that this is the closest replication of the Jesus that I met. One month later, I was given the book for Christmas and when I got to the story of Colton trying to find a picture of Jesus, and then saw the picture, I started to cry. Anyone who claims to have seen the risen Christ, all agree that this is a very accurate depiction of Him.

        1. Tracy, it’s interesting that you said your experience wasn’t a NDE, but that you were very scared.
          Years ago, my sister shared a true story that she experienced. She was on a church bus full of people. When the bus stopped to let the associate pastor exit, he walked in front of the idling bus— and was hit and killed by a car on the other side that he couldn’t see, and that couldn’t see him until it was too late. Of course, all the people on the bus were really shook up. Suddenly, a small child piped up loudly “I see Jesus!” His Mother asked, “Where? What is Jesus doing?” The little boy said, “He’s praying for the people on the bus.”
          Jesus wasn’t needed there because of the Pastor— the Pastor was already safely in Heaven. Jesus was there for the people who remained here on earth, who were upset and frightened at what they couldn’t understand.
          And isn’t it also interesting that here again, we have a case of a small child seeing Him.

      7. Wow! I am in awe of your testimony Joe. Thank you for sharing this with everyone. I too believe that Jesus is doing everything HE can to convince the World that HE is real & for those of us that need to be saved, please repent in the name of the Father, the Son & of the Holy Spirit. Our Lord Jesus Christ loves us all & wants us to join HIM in HIS Kingdom of Heaven to have Everlasting Eternal Life. …The time to repent is NOW. Here is a prayer: “Father I believe that you sent Jesus for my sins. I have faith in HIS blood, that HE died for my sins & arose from the dead. I repent of all my sins, all my junk, all my trash. Jesus come into my heart now. Be Lord of my life. Thank you for saving me. In your precious name, Amen.

      8. I lost my dad suddenly on dec. 22 2011 barely 4 weeks ago, i have been struggling with the loss so much , someone suggested this book “heaven is for real” i went yesterday and bought it, after finishing it tonight i feel so much better about my dads death and when i looked at the prince of peace picture i was captivated and a calmness over took me, yes i do believe the story colton has shared heaven is for real and i will again see my dad and grandparents as well!!!

        1. Trish, I am so sorry about your (temporary) loss of your Dad. Just remember that one day, there will be no more tears & you will reunite with those who departed first, forever. I’ve lost my Dad, too. My thoughts and prayers are with you at this time. May God keep you, and wrap His comforting arms around you as you dwell on the reality that your Dad is not “gone”; he’s just in a much better place!

        2. God Bless You. It is so true. I truly believe you will see your father again. Our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ, has the final say. You believe in Him and He will believe in you, too. A friend in Christ. Ann

      9. Joe…what a blessing you have had. The ball is now in your court…Admitting our sinfulness, believing that Jesus died for our sins, inviting him into our lives as Lord and Savior, and accepting God’s forgiveness is what makes us real Christians. Have you ever said the sinner’s prayer? Here it is… “Dear God, I confess that I am a sinner and am sorry for all the wrongs that I have done and the sins that I have committed. I believe that your Son, Jesus Christ, died on the cross for my sins. Please forgive me and I invite you, Jesus, to come into my heart and life as my personal Lord and Savior. I commit and trust my life and way to you. Please forgive me, and give me the desire to be what you want me to be and to do what you want me to do. Thank for the greatest gift anyone could ever receive; that is for coming to earth and dying on the cross in my place to pay the just penalty for all my sins. Thank you, too, for your forgiveness and free pardon, for the gift of eternal life, and for hearing and answering my prayer. Gratefully in Jesus’ name, amen.”Here is a website to go to where you can get some very helpful guidlines…
        http://www.actsweb.org/decision.php . God bless you ~ Michele

      10. Thanks for that amazing testimony. I’ve just finished reading “Heaven is for Real” and very interested in your thoughts and those of the respondents to your post. Thank you for sharing.

      11. Hi Joe, If you are still on this website, I would be very interested in chatting with you. I am writing a book on people who have experiences similar to yours. I feel this book will help many people going through a multitude of difficulties in their lives. These accounts of faith are very powerful and thank you for sharing. My email address is JHFricker@gmail.com. Thank you very much and I look forward to hearing from you soon.

      12. I had a horrific car wreck on February 16, 1988. I was dead at the scene, revived by a police officer with CPR, died in the ambulance on the way to the hospital and died again on the operating table. I was in a coma for 2 l/2 weeks. I do not have any memories of my near-death experiences. Last year, my sister gave me Colton’s book. When I turned to the picture of Christ that Akiane had painted, I recognized Him!! I felt such peace. Overwhelming. Although I still have no memory of Heaven, I KNOW I met Jesus.

      13. My 4 year old told me about a year ago that she has “friends” that fly. When I asked her to tell me about them, she told me that they fly down to earth (earf at the time she was 3, lol) She would always talk about them to me and to to them in front of me. There are 2 that she talks about alot, a male and a female. I never took her to church or school or a babysitter. So one day I was brushing her hair and she was talking to her “friend”, I allowed her to talk to her freely as I had brought this up to her doctor and I was told not to discourage her so I didnt. So anyway, I asked her, If your friend can fly and she has wings then she must know Jesus right? (by the way, both of her friends have names and when I researched the names they were of Hebrew decent). So my daughter whips her head around and tells me, Yeah! She know Jesus. So being that she was 3 and I never talked to her about him because I didnt think a 3 year old would be able to comprehend and at the time Jesus sadly wasnt the topic of our discussions. So I asked her who he was and she told me he was on wood. So I asked her why was he on wood and she told me because he saved the world. Long story short she could tell me everything in detail about he crucifixion from when he was beaten to when he “walked away” from his “cave”. She even describe how there was alot of blood. I cried for about a week after this. I felt like I was started to doubt in God and it makes me feel guilty that this had to happen for me to have faith. Now that she is a little older she can describe what happened. She still talks to her “friends” and tells me that she sometimes dreams of something and then it comes true. I asked her what she meant and she told me she had a dream about her friends and that they came true the next day. They took her to “Jesus’ world and thats where she met Jesus and was shown the story of Jesus’ crucifixion. One thing that stuck out about Jesus was that she says he has blue eyes. I would never try to exploit her in any way. I just know it has change my perception (and my families too) on everything. I dont doubt anyones story :)

      14. I am just reading your post…I think it is amazing…God blessed you with a visitation of his son…That is so awesome…When I saw the portrait of Jesus, I too knew immediately it was Him, the one and only Son of God, who died for me on the cross…

      15. A new believer myself in search of Jesus have myself always needed a face to a name. Joe, your story automatically but tears in my eyes. I have never gone through anything like what you did. On some level I’m jealous. However, Christmas 2012 it is today, I felt a draw and decided to start looking for the young artist who was able to put Jesus on a canvas. When I saw this site… I looked at His eyes and felt so warm and at peace about everything that I’ve ever gone through and everything I’m worried about. I appreciate your story.

      16. I have been following the continually keeping up with the research on the Blessed Shroud – the living manifestation and reflection of our Christ. The latest book, of 2012, have even some staunch skeptics leaning to its authenticity. This has been of core interest to me, since my grandmother’s repeated daily narrative of what happened to her in 1938, in a NDE, while delivering a baby at an advanced age. She grew up in the depression, and never had modern day public book considerations. Back then, the scope to which you could communicate your accounts were more limited. However, simply to reveal the awestaking truth, she spoke of how she encountered an angel like figure on a hill that allowed her to look backwards to her earthly station or forward, and elect a choice. The experience was as real as the reality of every day conditions. She recanted this experience almost daily for over 40 years, so we know that its impression was that of real occurence. Also, I would recommend the book of Sr. Faustina’s life. She, being one the most recent saints of our century (during WWI in Poland), accounts her encounter with Jesus, and thereby put forth the Divine Chaplet of Mercy
        to be prayed on the Feast of Mercy, the 1st Sunday after Easter, and for the sick and dying. Reading this saint’s lifestory and detailed diary will sow the initial seeds of profound interest on this topic.

      17. Thank you for your story! I feel we have all been blessed to see the real face of Jesus/Yeshua. I believe in the picture the little girl painted, you have been blessed more than any of us will ever know. I pray to see his face, but till then, I will simply look to to Prince of Peace painting.

      18. Wow,Joe.What a wonderful testimony!I do believe that this picture truly depicts what Christ actually looks like.I get chills every time I see it.

  1. I have been looking for evidence of jesus, and have compared akianes photo( which i am thoroughly convinced that this is what jesus looks like) to the shroud of turin as well, and i noticed some differences for instance the long hair and the buldge in the nose( on the shroud), but our hair grows, and according to colton we are returned to our state of glory when we go to heaven. When jesus was resurrected he may have been set back to his mid twenties(who knows) when he had short hair. and when he was crucifeid had long hair. as for the buldge in the nose, he was brutally beaten and whipped so the buldge on the bridge of his nose may have been a swollen area.

    1. Lets not forget his own apostles did not recognize him after he was resurrected. According to Luke 24:15-16 “…Jesus himself drew near and walked with them, but their eyes were prevented from recognizing him.” Which leads one to believe that his appearance had changed from what they were used to seeing.

      1. Glenn, Jesus did not allow the two on the road to Emmaneus to recognize him on the journey so that He could witness about Himself in all the scriptures. He put a veil on their eyes until He was finished. He still looks the same, albeit cleaned up, but still has the “marks” to show He was ALIVE!!

    2. Hair that is wet is longer than dry hair so of course the shroud image would be longer. And you’re correct that the bump on the nose could be swelling.

  2. the image on the shroud show a man who is CENTERED IN SATURN. That is is BODY TYPE. Whereas the Akiane painting is CLEARLY a Mercury-Saturn body type.

    There are 7 BASIC body types, six of which merge into the one following in a never altering pattern. The seventh type can merge with ANY of the others. The idea of seven basic body types was one of the plot devices of a well known fairy tale, collected centuries ago by the Brothers Grimm. That story is Snow White and the Seven Dwarves.

    Additionally, the names of these types, which correspond to the planets and heavenly bodies that name the days of the week are words that are already IN OUR LINGO. For example, there are Martial arts, a Mercurial disposition, a Jovial fellow, a Saturnine countenance, etc. etc.

    Billy Crudup, Timothy Dalton, John Cusack are Mercury-Saturn types. Whereas Clint Eastwood, Sam Elliot and Brett Cullen are pure Saturn types.

    Interestingly, Leonardo Da Vinci, based on his self portrait cartoon is clearly a Mars-Jovial type. How those two cuckoo clocks could have thought a Mars-Jovial looked like a Saturn is one for the ages.

    1. wow, after reading your post, it’s really funny that you called someone else a “cuckoo clock” your post and findings are not established and sound utterly ridiculous.

    2. Okay, I /think/ William is saying that the muscle/bone structure of the face in the Shroud doesn’t match that of Akiane’s painting, but with all the obscure references, it’s kind of hard to tell. All my attempts to google the concept of seven planet-named body types bring up strange astrological treatises.

      1. Akiane’s painting of Jesus Christ is almost identical to the face scientists constructed recently of Christ’s face in 3-D. See History Channel’s “The Real Face of Jesus?” It just aired Dec. 22, 2011.

      2. In 3-D from the Shroud of Turin, I should add. New evidence has also shown that the body was hovering at the time of the “event” that made the image, so says Dame Isabel Piczek, a particle physicist, who realized that the body was not pressed against the ground or rock at the time the image was made, because the image of the body is perfect all the way around; and the cloth had to be stretched out and the body hovering at the time the image was created.

    3. I can’t believe that person after person misses this. I saw Colton on numerous talk shows, and he repeatedly points proudly to where the “markers” were on Jesus’ palms and feet. He points to the centers of his palms and feet. Sorry to expose Colton’s lack of truthfulness, but Jesus was crucified in the WRISTS and HEELS of his feet to keep the body on the cross. Also, Moses and Elijah appeared to Jesus in the presence of the disciples John, James and Peter, and I’m quite sure they would’ve thought they were angels if they’d had wings. Jesus is now in His glorified state and looks nothing like He did on earth. Isaiah 53: 2 says “He had no beauty or majesty to attract us to him” in his prophecy of the coming Messiah. Has anyone ever read John’s description of Jesus in the Book of Revelation? He was so glorious that John fell at His feet “as though dead.” Please read the Book of Revelation. And Colton’s great-grandfather had to ASK if he were Todd’s son–yet his unborn sister somehow KNEW she was his sister (?). There are so many discrepancies in this book alone much less discrepancies from the Word. And Colton’s pastor father says he’s convinced that God had to turn His face away from Jesus on the cross because he wouldn’t have been able to go through with it if He continued looking. How could a PASTOR be so blind? God turned His face away from Jesus on the cross because He had laid our sins on Jesus and poured out His wrath on Jesus. Jesus took our punishment for us, and that included God turning His face away from Jesus in our place. Also, Akiane admits she based that picture of Jesus on a carpenter who came to her house one day–she used a human model, but there’s Colton saying “Dad, that’s it.” And regarding Jesus supposedly refusing to give Colton a sword in heaven because it would be too dangerous; there IS no danger in heaven. The Burpos would do well to read what happened to Ananias and Sapphira in the Book of Acts when they lied to God. Don’t these people have any fear of God?
      And all of us, myself included need to read more of the Bible; why is everyone so excited about what this child says and not what Jesus Himself said in the Gospels and people with firsthand knowledge like the disciples?

      1. @Karen Reid: I agree with you about Colton Burpo and the markings of Christ not being on his wrists or heels. There were also other things in the book that made me question what kind of parents Colton had. Like imposing their entire family with a very sick child onto a friend for days instead of taking Colton directly to the hospital?? There were alot of questionable things in this book for me! But Ariane’s painting is the real deal for me!

      2. We are to speak the truth in love (Ephesians 415) for those who are fond of quoting scripture.
        We should be careful not to try to appear superior in our knowledge of scripture, or to use that knowledge to belittle others. If the book brings people to Christ, that is a good thing. The experience was related to the parents by their four year old child. Do you think it might be possible that, because he was four at the time, he embellished certain events, but that the basic story is true? You are seriously worried about him lying to God?
        The parents are brave people who knew they would face criticism and ridicule, but their purpose was to help others and hopefully bring them to Christ.

      3. Actually, Jesus WAS nailed through his hands and feet. He was to be as a sacrificial lamb, never having broken a bone. Because nailing through his wrists and heels would have broken bones, they changed it. That’s also why he was speared in the side, rather than having a hammer taken to his legs. Both these gestures were meant as insults, like the sign hung on the cross above him, but they fulfilled the prophecies nonetheless.

  3. I enjoyed your blog post very much. I’m cautious about these things too.

    There’s no way to truly know if the shroud of Turin is real, but it could be – and I hope it is. There are many things that are “almost” and it seems that God is not particularly concerned about providing concrete evidence.

    They think they’ve found the site where Moses crossed the Red Sea, for example. But it’s been a heck of a time even documenting it much less proving it. (Upcoming Movie website is at: http://www.exodusconspiracy.com/ and the man who told me about it has his web page here: http://pinkoski.com/Articles/Red-Sea-Crossing.html)

    Or, the continual frustration about almost finding Noah’s Ark but never quite. The only concrete “evidence” we are given is creation itself, the awesome evidence of Nature designed by a Creator.

    In order to believe in God, we must have Faith. That’s always the bottom line. And for those who do have faith, God confirms it to each one individually so we know we’re not fools… but we can’t prove it. :D

    Thank you again for a very nice blog article. Now I want to read the book.

    1. “There are many things that are “almost” and it seems that God is not particularly concerned about providing concrete evidence.”

      This is where Faith comes in. I completely agree that God reveals himself to those who believe and as for the revelations.

      1. I was just thinking about faith today. I think God intentionally doesn’t give us absolute proof, with no angle of plausable deniablility. The scripture says “Without faith it is impossible to please God.” I guess he wants us to please Him. He always leaves a little tiny door open for doubt, if we choose to go there. He wants us to exercise our free will.

  4. I Had a near death experience in the early 70’s. I had just finished reading this book “Heaven Is For Real”. I finished reading it at work on my breaks, and read about the painting of Akaine. I had Jesus meet me in the in between worlds. I never went to Heaven, but Jesus definietly saved me from Satan, so to speak. He greeted me with open arms,and without words, I had the choice of passing into Heaven, or returning to earhtly home, or maybe Christ was telling me it was not my time, but I was so very close to passing the threshold.A few months later, I was reading The National Enquirer, and in the back there was the ad section. I was just scanning thru there and I was stunned by one little ad. It was for The Shroud Of Turin, and had a small picture. It hit me like a ton of bricks! It was “THEE FACE OF CHRIST” that I had seen. I found the book very interesting,and I was very eager to check the painting out. When i found this website, i was really amazed that the “TRUTH PREVAILS”,I am hoping to send a message to Coltons father about my experience, and also about one of his comments. I have previously only told my brother, and a couple of other people about my experience.

    1. For those of us who have not had a near-death experience, I always enjoy the “eye-witness” accounts and I do believe they’re absolutely real. Thank you for your comments, I appreciate it.

    2. I just bought a copy of the book because I have a 3 year old son who has been saying some scary things and I’m looking for some explanations, I hope. My son was born 1 month early and was born with a diaphragmatic hernia. He had a hole in his diaphragm and had organs in his chest and not much of a left lung. They did not know this before he was born for some reason because they almost always catch before the baby is born. After he was born we were told only 50% of these babies live and if he made it through the next so many hours it increased his chances of survival. Well we made it to 3 days later and he had surgery to repair it, which again they didn’t know if he would survive and we went hour by hour again. My son is 3 years old now and has talked about things that he shouldn’t know about in our family. One day he told me my uncle was on the play phone to talk to me and called my uncle by name.This uncle died 5 years ago and my son is only 3, it brought me to tears because right then and there I realized how close we actually came to losing my son. My son had another surgery around 18 months because his muscle didn’t grow over the opening. He is 3 now and has always been very verbal for his age. The thing that scares me the most is, he talks about people in our house that he can see. I don’t know what to do about this. I am hoping to somehow get in touch with Colton’s father also. My son is a very special 3 year old that is wise beyond his years and I am anxious to see what he grows up to be because he truly touches people that meet him. He is very strong willed too, had he not, he probably wouldn’t be with us today. Please pray for his body to stay strong as he does have a small left long, chances of this recurring, and his chest caves in pretty bad which makes his heart close to his chest wall and will need more surgery some day. His left kidney is also up too high on the left side, but they are leaving it there. The Children’s Hospital in Peoria, IL is amazing, but God is awesome! We had people praying for him all over the U.S. God Bless You and others who have had similar experiences. I also have a brother that was in a coma for 3 days about 5 years ago and he sure has stories like this also, very amazing.

      1. Guideposts has a magazine called… “Angels Magazine.” :) We especially enjoyed it when they first started publishing it about 5 years ago. It doesn’t seem to be quite the same caliber anymore altho it’s still a nice magazine. They told real-life stories of people who had seen or been helped by angels.

        There were some stories about small children who could see and talk to their angels. This isn’t too unusual, apparently, especially if the child has been ill. I believe in one case the child was retarded. The stories were very sweet.

        As your child gets older he will most likely outgrow the sensitivity that he has now. My nephew could see things when he was small, too, and he didn’t have any traumatic experiences. Well, yes he did come to think of it. They couldn’t get him to breathe when he was born. They very nearly lost mother AND child during delivery but everybody made it. I only found out about this recently. Apparently my brother, who was in the delivery room, was so traumatized he couldn’t tell us about it at the time.

        Anyway… you probably don’t need to be concerned about your son, IMO. It’s because he is at such a tender age that he can see the things he does. Most likely he will grow out of it. I do think it indicates a very sensitive heart in your child, and I do pray that he continues to be sensitive to the Lord all his life.

      2. Your story is quite an interesting one, and reminds me of my own experiences with one of my children, though not quite the same. Over the past several years I’ve had a spiritual war for my child that has brought me closer to the Lord and often on my knees. God has shown me much through it. I do believe, through observation, that children with some internal weaknesses, it seems, tend to be more spiritually awakened. I would like to advice you to draw very near to God through the scriptures so as to saturate the atmosphere of your home with His presence. Be careful not to allow the enemy to take advantage of your child’s unique gift. The scripture does often teach of the medians and spiritists in a negative sense. By adhering to the Word, you can discern through the experiences your child shares with you and you can also use them to draw your family nearer to the Lord Jesus. May Jesus bless you.

      3. Your story has moved me alot! Thank you for sharing it, I will pray for your little boy. My brother is 4 and I can’t imagin losing him. I belive God has put these children on Earth to remind us to have faith as a little child, as Jesus said, ‘Let the little children come to Me, and do not forbid them; for of such is the kingdom of God. Assuredly, I say to you, whoever does not receive the kingdom of God as a little child will by no means enter it.’ Mark 10:13-16

      4. Amy,
        I would love to add your child to a prayer list that I have been putting together, as well as document his story for a project God has begun to have me work on with my brothers and sisters in christ. The project will ultimately be made into a website centered prayer ministry where people can request prayer and follow up when it is answered, as well as churches will be able to share prayer lists… but most importantly that people will be able to watch videos and read stories of the true accounts of God’s miracles… God hasn’t revealed the entire purpose yet to me, but I believe that alot of it has to do with breaking down the division between demoninations and unifying the Body of Christ and to show people that we serve a very real, very loving God of salvation not of condemnation, who hears us and wants us to speak with him, who wants us to hear the truth, our future and above all who wants to heal us. Please email me (anyone else who God has healed or revealed himself to please send me an email too) … the project is focussing on New England right now, but I believe that God will make a place for the stories from accross the country and world also…. you can go to my facebook @ (http://www.newcreation517.com – it redirects to facebook until I am done with the cd for my music ministry…) or email me at bryan@statusentgroup.com

        Thank you everyone to everyone who has shared their testimonies, I have truely felt blessed sitting here reading them all!!!! May HIS love prevail!


      5. Amy in Peoria, go to your Catholic diocese there and seek out those working for the cause of canonization for Archbishop Fulton Sheen from Peoria. They will introduce you and your son to an amazing saint!!!

  5. i stumbled upon this book Heaven is for real and read it in 1.5 hours couldn’t put it down. Everyone i have shared the story with gets shivers….If they didn’t believe in Christ that wouldn’t happen. I just wrote a book called The anointing Of Mercy and everyone that has read it said they felt the anointing while reading it too. When God is present there is no faking it.the world who denied him will be shocked to see Jesus is for real. I have had to many experiences with God to know without a shadow of doubt…God is almighty the great i am “why does the world try so hard to hide God and everything he has done. thats the real question for These non believers.
    the book is the best and praise God for Akianes photos i love all of them thank you so much may this book and painting be put into hands and computers with lightning speed till the whole world has a chance to see it amen

    1. I agree with Susan Ortiz 100%….. God and Heaven are for REAL…. I have had many experiences of my own and have seen for my self that Heaven is REAL..

      1. Also read the book…PADRE PIO OF PIETRICELENA, Italy.. as he also had the wounds of Christ on his body.

      1. I totally agree with you! I was in Costco a week ago, and my daughter left me to go to the books section. I followed her there after finishing my stuff, and as I was heading to where she was standing, my eyes were caught staring at Heaven is for real book, did not hesitate a bit and put it on my cart!….. The book made me renewed my faith. I had shivers and cried a lot while reading it. I believed that Jesus led me to strengten my faith. ( We go to church regularly but I dont consider myself a devout Catholic. )

      2. You just nailed it Scotty G…I know, I have been personally touched by Angels in an auto wreck…given visions at an early age to correct my sinful path…and then witnessed Jesus’ presence for 10 minutes the day after my salvation prayer, because I asked our Heavenly Father to show me a sign during my prayer of Salvation! Since 27 Feb 2010, I have witnessed healings and phenomenal answers to my prayers…and He had my sister send me both Todd Burpo and Akaine’s books…God knew how analytical I am, and boy did He verify that He is very real (Big Smile)! Read Luara Hildebrand’s “Unbroken” and give that to all of your friends that are on the fence about God, Jesus and Christianity!!!

        Amen to all of you that Believe…from a close Friend of Jesus.

    2. Amen. Susan, “Thank you so much.” Yes, Jesus is Real & HE is coming back one day. We need to be ready. …When I was 20 years old, I was in a really bad car accident. My car spun around 6 or 7 times on the interstate one night in 1991. I wasn’t driving fast (going about 35 mph off the ramp), it was raining that night, no lights were lit up on the ramp to the interstate. There was a car up ahead stalled, half on half off the merging lane, I didn’t see it. Any way, I hit that car so hard. An eyewitness said that my car was spinning in the opposite direction & that I was lucky that no other cars hit mine. The whole time my car was spinning, “I felt like I was being cradled like a baby, being protected.” “Wow. I had my seat belt on. My car was totaled. I managed to walk away without a scratch.” I knew at that very moment that I had been saved. I always thought that it was my dad (who had past away at age 29 from cancer, when I was nearly 2 yrs old) that had saved me. I know that he had a great deal to do with that. Ultimately, looking back, it was definitely GOD himself that saved me that night. Wow! I definitely BELIEVE in GOD. I know that HIS son Jesus Christ is coming back one day soon. We must all be ready.

      1. Christie, a similar thing happened to me driving back home across state lines. I wasn’t speeding, but there was a mist falling, and the road was a bit wet. I lost control of my car as I came around a curve. My car left the road, hit the embankment and flipped. My car was totalled, but my airbag did not deploy. The only side of my car not smashed in was the drivers side! I remember my body not moving throughout the whole thing as if I were being held in place. I walked away from the wreck without a scratch. To top it off, the only witness was a retired ambulance dispatcher who was able to call in the wreck with all of the details. (My iPhone was unuseable, as it was covered in strawberry shake. Apparently, cup holders weren’t designed to be used upside down.). The next car to stop was one of her previous coworkers who stayed with me until the deputy arrived.

  6. I just finished reading “Heaven is for Real” which I received as a gift. My Dad became ill two weeks ago and died last week. I read parts of the book to him, as well as scripture, too. It helped me. When I read Colton’s account of Jesus’ “rainbow horse” I remembered in Revelation that Jesus will ride a white horse. If you take the colors of the rainbow on a wheel and turn it quickly, it becomes white! Maybe the white horse which John (author of Revelation and Jesus’ beloved disciple) saw appears in heaven as a rainbow horse! Just a thought.

        1. If it’s projected light, then it’s white; that’s why a prism separates white light into it’s base colors. With reflected light, black means the object is absorbing all light, so it reflects nothing.

        2. Yeah, I knew that. :D Thank you for explaining it. I knew that light had something to do with all colors…

      1. Like when the sun shines brightly through the moisture still in the air after it rains (acting as a prism) you get to see the beautiful colors of a rainbow :)

  7. I am glad to find your blog here. I just read Heaven Is For Real, and also looked up Akiane’s painting. I immediately thought of the image of Jesus from the Lost 40 Days special that recently aired. To me the faces look the same! Especially Ray Downing’s picture, Jesus in Glory. Wow….very similar.

  8. Last year in a low point of my life due to a back injury, I didn’t want to experience life anymore in that condition. In the middle of the night I had a vision that Jesus visited me. He held me in his arms, and said “You are more than a conqueror”. I said I know I am, the word says that. He said, “I need you to say it”. Another time I felt like someone was reading over my shoulder when I was reading the bible. It was hard to describe him. When I read the book “Heaven is for real” and saw the painting of Jesus, I had chills as I looked at it and said, I saw you! The painting was how he looked to me.

    1. That’s right Darryl. He wants US to live the Word, not just read and know it. That’s why He needed YOU to SAY it…so continue to SPEAK it : “I am MORE than a conqueror!” and remember – You are blessed and highly favored, too!

    2. Hi Darryl, I would be very interested in talking with you. I am writing a book about experiences similar to yours. I would greatly appreciate your help. Thank you and I hope to hear from you soon!

    1. I am glad to hear you’re feeling better. Your vision is awesome, how God gave you strength and encouragement when you most needed it.

  9. I read “Heaven is for Real” twice and can’t wait to read it again. I just can’t get enough of it. It is powerful, amazing and I now have a clear picture of what heaven is like. While the Bible tells us all this, it took seeing heaven through a four year olds eye, that I truly beleive and so many questions were answered. I highly recommend this book for nonbelievers and believers. And the story of the pictures of Jesus that the little boy was shown and they never were just right, either the eyes or the hair wasn’t the Jesus he saw, but once he saw this picture painted by the little girl who also visited heaven, Prince of Peace, he said “yes, that is him”. The four year old convinced this 68 year old and truly made a believer (with no doubts, or questions). Read the book.

  10. I had a death experience 48 years ago (at age 17) when no one was talking or writing about them. Only one Christian doctor believed what I told her about what I experienced, even though she had never heard of such a thing! I have not read any of the books about heaven before “Heaven is for Real” because I did not want to taint my memory. At the time, when I told what happened to me I was hospitalized and told I could never go back to live with my parents because I refused to change my story. I was told I must have been halucinating because my home was TOO religious!

    However what Jesus told me came to pass. I never had an other another grandmal seisure after the one that put me into the hospital where my ministry started to survivors of sexual abuse. I have been ministering in that field every since. I also minister to very ill and dying people to ease their transition over to the after life.

    The 1st thing I thought of when I was in heaven was: “heaven is really real” so all the things I had been taught in Sunday school are REAL! That is why I read this book. What he said about the colors and how he described Jesus matched what I remember except the MARKS were not in the palms of his hands but in Jesus wrists. This was hard for my mind to comprehend as the only pictures I had seen had scars in the palms of the hands. So I did a study on crucifiction and found out that the nails were placed in the wrist in order to hold the weight of the body.

    I then went to the web sight to check out Akiane’s pictures. They are the closest I have ever seen to what I remember Jesus looked like when I saw Him. Our God is so faithful and loving to care for us the way He does. Praise Him for all the little glimpses into heaven that He gives people here on earth. They help to strengthen people’s faith.

    1. Thank you for sharing; I too had a near-death experience too long ago to be influenced by the media – 53 years ago. I was 2 1/2, and while most people may feel this is far too young to be really “aware” of anything, that’s not how it is when you’re experiencing it. I had the “tunnel” experience, and didn’t see Jesus, but could hear the whispers of many many people who had gone before me, though I couldn’t understand them; somehow I understood this. As I was about to go through I was told that I was free to do so, but if I did I could not come back. I responded, “I’m only 2 1/2, and have a lot of life to live.” Instantly I found myself suffocating; I had become tangled in the blankets at the foot of my bed, and I kicked and tore at them and finally freed myself.

      Just then my mother came into the room, but she didn’t understand what had happened. I finally told her about ten years ago, and she was shocked. I remember it as if it happened yesterday.

      If anyone doubts the validity of these experiences, no matter how grand they may seem, don’t underestimate them. There is life after this one, and the Lord’s Book will guide you there.

    2. Vivian, I think there are probably many people now that would listen and hear your story. Have you thought about a book? Have you read “90 minutes in Heaven” by Don Piper? I was so in awe of his story and I could feel his passion and the intensity of the desire he had to describe Heaven; How our human minds just can’t comprehend or feel or find words to describe heaven!!!! I encourage you to read his book and I want to encourage you to tell your story to all who will hear. I would love to hear it in detail myself. If I never meet you or hear from you again on this side of Heaven, I will see you there!!! What a day that will be.!! Glory Hallelujah. Praise His Name; my Savior and Lord; JESUS CHRIST.

  11. In March 1998 I had a life-changing dream in which Jesus confronted me face-to-face. In all my life I have never before or since dreamt of Jesus, and the dream was so vivid and remarkable I can recall it in detail to this day. I wrote about the vision in my journal a few weeks after having it, and for several days following, added additional insights and implications of the dream. Jesus had asked me “Where is the work I asked you to do?” In my dream I knew exactly what he meant but knew I had barely started it, and so I stalled, searching for excuses. But He went on, “You are the only one who can do this for me now. I’m counting on you.” There was no condemnation nor threat in His remarks. After processing the dream for some time I came to realize that the “work” He asked me to do was the essence of John 13:44 – “A new command I give you: Love one another. As I have loved you, so you must love one another” NIV. Like others I had found it easy to love those who are lovable and likable, but to love the “unlovely” is different. This dream convinced me He expects us to love ALL OTHERS just as He does. LOVE – that’s the work I had not finished for Him. When I read earlier postings to this blog I was amazed there were several that confirmed the image of the Jesus in my dream. I had told others at the time that Jesus in my dream did not look at all like the typical religious art we see of Him. Until I read “Heaven Is For Real” and saw Akiane’s Prince of Peace drawing, I had never seen a likeness of Jesus so close to my vision, and to the entries I had made about it in my journal. The vision of Christ and His message became for me an epiphany.

    1. wow! I had been asking God what my purpose is in life… You answered it! To LOVE one another as I have loved you! to LOVE the un-lovely :) Thanks for sharing this!

  12. As a fan of Bruce Marciano, who played the role of Jesus in the Matthew video (word for word from the Gospel of Matthew), and who is a born again Christian, I was quite surprised to see the strong resemblance of the Akiane painting, confirmed by Couton as what Jesus looked like and Bruce Marciano. Bruce is of Syrian and Italian descent, and his features are very similar to these images. The image of Jesus in the Matthew video was completely different from all other Jesus movies I have seen. Jesus is seen as a fun-loving, caring, reach-out-to-people kind of guy. The kind of guy I would want for a best friend to hang out with.

    Concerning the Shroud’s carbon dating, it appears that the sample taken was mixed cotton and linen used to repair the damaged Shroud. This led to the the late date for the Shroud. Other evidence for the Shroud is in the words that are placed around the shroud, all coming from the first century. Wow, great stuff for believers!

  13. I read today, in the Bible, that Nicodemus brought along 75 pounds of scented ointment to wrap the body in when he and Joseph of Arimethea put Christ’s body in the tomb. Seventy-five pounds of scented ointment, WOW that’s a lot.

    I haven’t read up on the Shroud much but I have wondered if anybody took that into consideration when attempting to figure out how the image got transferred into the cloth. The ointment was made of myrhh and aloes. I would think it played a part.

  14. It is a very amazing portrait! If you are interested, I have found Russ Breault’s – Shroud Encounter a very interesting number of videos about the Shroud and it’s verifiable truth. If you are interested the www. is below:

    I find all these experiences so exciting, too!

  15. I am wondering why the face of Jesus is shaded? I have always felt that in Heaven there were no shadows just glorious light.

    1. The Bible says in I Corinthians 13:12… “Now we see but a poor reflection as in a mirror; then we shall see face to face. Now I know in part; then I shall know fully, even as I am fully known.”

      So, I would interpret the shadow to mean that we can’t possibly understand all of the glory of Jesus and heaven while we are yet on this side of the darkened glass, or the veil, or the darkness of death that separates us from God. This image is only a hint of what is to come.

    2. This is clearly a depiction of Him after His resurrection, the shading is really his wounded left side of his face. As he showed Himself to his apostles and family and friends before His ascending to His Father.


    1. I know it can be purchased at Wal-Mart and I’m sure you can find it a lot of other places. You can also get it on audio book.
      It is wonderful and worth being shared!!!!!!!

    2. I think Cookie means they want a print of the Jesus picture. Colton’s book is easy to find, yes at Walmart or all over. I believe that prints of the Jesus picture are only available at http://www.akiane.com and they’re a little bit expensive.

      1. You can go to any Christian Store..and they carry many beautiful pictures..The one I went to is named Christian Family store…That is were I found the picture of Jesus,by Akiana,they also carry the book on her life, and all her paintings, I found out about her 3yrs ago, on TBN Christian station..I was in awed by her..and have been interested by her ever since..I thought how blessed she had been to show the world what God gave to her,so she could show all of us…I just read the book on Heaven is for Real..What a book, I couldn’t believe, They found out about Akiana’s painting of Jesus,and Colton, said he was the one…How awesome is that for a boy his age to know the differents..in the face of our Lord…Bless all who read that book, or get to see Akiana’s paintings, for all her work is special..for that is what I believe God wanted her to do..so we could get a glimpes of Heaven and all the other work she has done….God Bless Colton on his experience with heaven and being able to tell us alittle bit about what he saw..it give us the faith we need ..for Jesus loves the children…I sure i’m glad i found this site.for all of this is so interesting to read,on what others have been through May all be Blessed and may we all meet one day..Thank you for listening ..I hope I was helpful You will love the picture of the Prince of Peace, for mine is in our Bedroom, I take it down to show others, who just love it..for it is so special..I do believe that is him also..that is why I bought it…I just love it so.. Marie..

  17. When I read the story, I was moved by it. There were moments when I felt like crying because I was so overwhelmed with joy that this little boy met Jesus. But, after talking to my brother about the story, we had some questions and I would like to get feedback on them. Heaven is supposed to be a mystery to us here on Earth, so is God and Jesus and their work, so why do we know all of a sudden what He looks like?
    Why are we so lucky today to know such details about Paradise? And most importanty, why is it being published for all to see?

    1. My own opinion is that modern society has become very jaded and cynical, to the point where it’s hard for us to believe in spiritual things at all. People used to be much more superstitious and much more spiritual, in general. They believed in angels, gods and demons and often had these things all mixed up in their Christianity too. So people didn’t need much encouragement to imagine spiritual things.

      But now, people have a difficult time believing that ANY of it is real. So I think the book helps to make heaven more relevant for a modern civilization. The book doesn’t say much beyond what we already know in the Bible. So scripturally the story seems to be very sound. But the way it’s presented brings all those things to life in a whole new way.

      IMO, it’s a very encouraging testimony.

      1. Very well stated Annie…God Loves all of us so much that He is reaching down to many of us to experience certain elements that He knows will reach many that are not a Christian or of a generation that doesn’t read much any more, as a picture tells a thousand stories! Todd Burpo verified the authenticity of Akaine’s painting of Jesus, thus verifying her work is a very real gift from God himself. Praise our Lord and Savior and help Jesus by becoming a fisher of men!

    2. Because if your heart is already hard, then the testimony of a child will not move you. One of the recurring themes of that book is that God loves His children, and especially the non-adult variety. Burpo speculated on why, and settled on the fearless honesty. He noted that tact and guile are sort of brothers – one merciful, the other deceitful – and they come to accompany us at one point as we grow up.

      A four year old has neither.

      Another speculation made by Burpo is that the testimony of a four year old cuts through the academic analysis we’ve made of modern Christianity.

      “Jesus had to die so that we could be with His Father.”

      That was the boy’s summary of Christianity as he learned it in the three minutes he died and was in the presence of Christ.

      I believe it’s the position of Christ that he could come down and allow the hard of heart to put their hands in his wounds and still they would not believe.

      To have a pair of children testify to the exact likeness of Christ isn’t going to move anyone who cannot be moved. All it can do is comfort those who soldier on under the false apprehension that they are alone.

      We’ve always had the Holy Spirit, who’s probably the Rodney Dangerfield of the Trinity. That the Spirit is there for us when we believe we cannot take another step in the faith is part of a promise He made to us – This is the exact place that the Holy Spirit found Todd Burpo as his son lay dying on a surgical table.

      That He chose to allow that to manifest itself in children makes utter sense to me.

      I believe that God, His Son, and the Holy Spirit is fully aware of the difficulty of what they have asked of us – to remain like a child, with all of a child’s naive credulity, while at the same time remain vigilant of those that would come proclaiming falsely that they are God.

      A child, however, knows its parents.

      The Burpo child said that the angels in Heaven carry swords, for the purpose of defending Heaven from demons. We walk in the world, where Satan is the prince of the air, unarmed, but for the Holy Spirit and the Will of God.

      If you are moved by this child, and believe for yourself that what the child claims is scripturally consistent, then consider that the Word of God, in your case, has fallen on good soil.

      The book was on the nightstand of my cousin’s cabin, where we met for a family reunion this last weekend. I picked it up and finished it four hours or so later. Just because Satan rules earth for now doesn’t mean that God has His hands tied behind his back.

      God loves us, and wants us to love Him back. If God were a metaphysical certainty, our fealty to Him would be out of fear, not love. God is no rapist. There is no love without faith.

      1. ” All it can do is comfort those who soldier on under the false apprehension that they are alone.”

        “God loves us, and wants us to love Him back. If God were a metaphysical certainty, our fealty to Him would be out of fear, not love. God is no rapist. There is no love without faith.”

        Tobacconist, I appreciate your comments. Thank you.

    3. because God cud had used the girl for a purpose for his work its what God does whenever soemone becomes born again but thats just liek thats not actaully his face btw jesus was considerd black cause he was very dark so jesus was black and adam and eve were both black but had special genes probably to the reason why theres so much differnet colurs of races in the world

      1. You may be right… I think in heaven it won’t matter what skin color we have and I’m sure we’ll all be relieved that it’s not an issue. The Bible indicates that even the angels have various skin colors. Michael the Archangel has skin that shines like bronze or copper: how beautiful he must be!

      2. Actually, Jesus was a Jew. Jews aren’t black. Tan maybe, but not black.And if I’m not mistaken, the reason we have different colors of skin and speak different languages is because of the Tower of Babel incident in Genesis.

    4. The Bible does tell us all of this. Revelations explains Heaven….just like Colton and Alkane. The Bible also describes Jesus. The shrougd was left for us but only until computer technology were we able to pull the dimensions of blood from the cloth to make a full image. (Someone then could have never known the technology of today….to be able to view this.) More evidence that the time has come….that we have been told about in the Bible. Jesus will come again in glory to judge the living and the dead…….and his Kingdom will have no end. Spread Love and Truth from within….accept , forgive, and pray for us all. The Bible gives us DETAILS of this time…

    5. For 2000 + years people have been waiting for Christ’s second coming. I believe; no, I am positive, that Jesus will return in my lifetime. I believe that He is trying to get Earth’s attention. As the atheists and non-believers and skeptics attempt to crush the Christian faith, more people of all ages and walks of life are having ‘close encounters’ with the one true God!

  18. How wonderful for this little boy and for this young girl to have been chosen as instruments to deliver the information God wants delievered to the people of this earth. My mother died at the age of 50. I met her doctor in the hallway at the hospital and he said that she was declared legally dead and that ” somehow” she came back. Upon speaking to my mother of her experience she said very matter of factly that she met and talked to Jesus and made a deal with him. She told him if he would give her more time with her children she promised she would never touch another cigarette again. She never did and he gave her 13 more years with her children. My mother was very child-like, innocent, and kind-hearted. She was born and raised in a tiny little country town in Louisiana. I am grateful for his mercy and the additional time he gave us with our mother. I am elated for Colton and Akiane, these beautiful young spirits, they get to live their lives with this incredible knowledge knowing that God hand picked them to deliver his message. What a gift they have been given! May God and Jesus watch over both of them and their families. Thanks to both of their parents for having the courage to share these incredible stories with us. It has renewed my faith in everything that I know in my heart is true. “We are never alone.”


    Dianna Montez

  19. I just finished reading “Heaven Is For Real” and have been introduced to the work of Akiane Kramarik. The book is amazing and Akiane appears to be a “wunderkind” prodigy. However, I have not yet had time to think through their messages. I, too, wondered if anyone had compared their portrait of Jesus with the Shroud of Turin.

    One thing that disturbed me in Colton’s account of Jesus’ “markers” (wounds) was that he specified they were in the palms of His hands and not in his wrists (as in the Shroud). It is said that if they were in the palms the weight of His body would have ripped His hands loose from the cross (unless He were also tied with ropes, as you see in some pictures – but why would the Romans nail a victim AND tie him? I’ve got to do some research). On the other hand, if the nails were in the wrists (and the Greek language allows for the wrists to be considered part of the hands), the bones there would have held the weight of the body. Then again, maybe Colton wasn’t being as specific as the book seems to indicate?

    Another thing that I would like more information on is that Colton said everyone in Heaven except Jesus had wings. I have always considered pictures of angels with wings as just the earth-bound artists’ symbolic attempt to convey to us that angels could fly. Also, the “It’s a Wonderful LIfe” thing about angels earning their wings is just a Hollywood plot device for “feel-good” shows. Colton, however, indicated that not only angels but also humans there have wings (and halos, too). On earth birds and airplanes need wings to provide lift from the wind, but why would they be needed in Heaven? I’m sure the Burpo family is getting a gazillion emails and letters, so I don’t have much hope of finding out from them at this point If they know. Of course, I’ll need to ask the Lord about all of this.

    As for Akiane, her paintings are absolutely beautiful. I don’t know what to think about her message and I have no comment at this point. As a Christian, I did find it disturbing when I visited the gallery on her website that she is also painting other religious figures such as HIndus and talking about respecting our “religious crossroads” and everyone coming together in unity. While to most people that sounds very nice, I did have some reservations about it and I will not comment until I’ve had the oppoturinity to see what she is really saying.

    I just wanted to share these thougts while I was here because they are things that need to be considered. Best wishes to all!

    1. Yes, I was concerned about the universalism that seems to be creeping into her work. Although people think that a unified religion is a good idea, it doesn’t work out in practicality because the gods themselves don’t allow it. Each religion is somewhat exclusive, and some of them are extremely exclusive. You can’t be faithful to ANY religion if you embrace ALL of them.

      Which is perhaps a good illustration of what Jesus said, “I would that you were hot or cold, but because you are lukewarm I will spit you out of my mouth.”

      And Jesus also said, “I am the Way, the Truth and the Life. No man comes to the Father except by Me.” So Jesus himself made it clear that he doesn’t go for this unified religion stuff.

      Also in I Timothy 2:5, “There is but one mediator between God and man: the man Christ Jesus.”

      Yes, I’m concerned about Akiane. The humanist tendencies of athiesm seem to be creeping into what she believes.

      1. Read Lynn (May30) Jesus really does love everyone–not only Christians and He expects us to do the same…that is hard…sometimes I feel a little self-righteous in the face of non-Christian religions but I know that is now how Jesus would have it..as he does love everyone…God has no favorites.

      2. Do we believe God comprises all of these things?


        How can we accept God as Love, Light, Peace, alive, omnipresent, omnipotent, and omniscient AND exclusive, distant, divisive, judgmental, spiteful, and downright cruel?

        God is Love. God is All That Is. God is Truth. God is alive. God is everything and always has been. One Love is all that exists. There is no separation from God. God lives and breathes everything in our world. Period.

        Truth lives within us and can only be revealed through experience. Truth does not exist in any book, even one as historic and compelling as the Bible.

        1. People think it is more tolerant to adopt a concept of God such as you describe but there are two serious flaws in what you say:
          1. There is no separation from God —- Sin separates us from God. Anyone who has raised children can believe in the concept of original sin. Original sin needs to be acknowledged more than it is. People want to believe in the theoretical goodness of all mankind, but the world scene damns that theory within seconds.

          2. Truth lives within us and can only be revealed through experience. —- TRUTH as you describe it means that truth can be anything we want it to be and truth can be individually customized to each experience. By this definition, there is no central truth.

          I do think you’re right, that there’s no book that contains the entire Truth, not even the Bible. People who read the Bible for the words alone are possibly not going to end up with much, especially if they read it for the wrong reasons. The Bible is the inspired Word of God, but it’s not the complete Word. Even the Bible says that if everything about Jesus had been written, the world would not be able to contain the books. So there’s alot more Truth about Jesus than only what’s recorded in the Bible. But the Holy Bible is what God gave us, and apparently it’s enough Truth to get started with.

          But if we REALLY want to know what TRUTH is, then we must know Jesus Christ personally. Jesus said that HE is the TRUTH. In other words, truth is not a moral concept… **** TRUTH is a PERSON.**** You must read the Bible with the goal of getting to know Jesus. PLUS, the Bible is only the launching pad because Jesus also sent the Holy Spirit to “guide us into all truth.”

          If we leave Jesus out of our lives, we will never know Truth. It’s Jesus or nothing.

          No man-made god ever did for us what Jesus did. That’s what the Shroud of Turin is about: the crucifixion AND the resurrection of Christ. He died, He was not a Victim, He did it by Choice, and He raised HIMSELF from the dead without anybody’s assistance. The Grave is empty, because Jesus LIVES. This is the basic Gospel. If we don’t believe in THIS Jesus, then we don’t believe in Him at all.

          Jesus said that He is the ONLY way to the Father. Jesus said that HE is the Way, the Truth and the Life. Jesus is not tolerant of all religions, in fact Jesus is not tolerant of ANY religions. Jesus despised “religion” when He walked this earth and He insulted the Jewish religious leaders on many occasions. Jesus does not represent a religion formed by man AFTER he died. Jesus represents HIMSELF, the living GOD.

          We must accept Jesus under HIS terms, or we have not accepted Him at all. In fact, we insult Him by lumping the Christ in with other gods who have never done anything for our salvation as Christ did.

          The universal “god” is a lesser god… far, far, far less. Although on the surface the universal “god” appears to be more tolerant and gracious, this humanistic interpretation of a universal god has nothing whatsoever to offer us. The universal god has no basic form, no basic code of behavior… the universal god is just vapor. I think universalists might as well admit they are agnostics: it would be more honest than trying to portray that they believe something when actually, they don’t believe in anything.

          I’m not trying to be harsh, just trying to cut out the nonsense because the vague, vaporous interpretation of a universal god is basically a copout. The gods do not allow it, and most importantly: Jesus Christ does not allow that interpretation of God.

      3. Dear AnnieCee, please see post #187 below in reply to your Nov 4 post on this thread as my response did not associate here. With much love and blessings ..

      4. I think maybe we’re all missing the point. It isn’t about what religion we utilize. It’s about worshiping God. Who cares if we call him by different names. He knows who we’re talking to. I have a lot of trouble with the thought process where only Baptists will go to heaven (or Catholic, Jewish, etc.) I don’t think the details are the important part, the BELIEF is. We humans are the ones who created the rules in each religion, not God, otherwise there would only be one clear religion. What if our true purpose here is to overcome the separation?

        I’ve often wondered (and maybe it’s supposed to be my message) what would happen if we could set a universal moment in time where all of us prayed together, all over the world, no matter what religious faith, to show our belief. I think it could be a pivotal moment.

    2. So strange you mentioned that, because I too just looked at her gallery and over the years her paintings have become… something I do not like. One is entitled “The First” and she wants you to draw your own conclusions. I concluded that these were two teenagers fixing to have sex. It was a very good painting, don’t get me wrong… but after almost drooling over her Prince of Peace painting and then seeing “The First”, it just turned me off. I still want a Prince of Peace hanging in my living room, it just awes me.

      1. I just stumbled upon this site after reading Heaven is for Real and then googling Akiane as a result. I also had the same reaction at first to that painting titled “The First.” It bothered me as well and turned me off. Then I thought about it some more with a different perspective. For one, yes, they look like a young couple, perhaps teenagers, or they could also be in their young 20’s – either way, I questioned “perhaps they are just married and it was their first union?” God does condone and encourage sex after marriage and it is a beautiful union. Whether she meant the painting to portray that or not, I do not know. She left it up for all of us to create our own story – as adults and humans, sadly our thoughts will wander first to the worst…but maybe that is not how this painting is. Or maybe it points out to us how negative we can be in general and maybe we should think good, heavenly thoughts first instead. Again, I don’t know how she meant it. It is just a different perspective to consider – and it is the one I am choosing to accept :)

        WIth that said, I have only just started looking at her gallery on her site. Someone on here mentioned how she seems to be too universal in her thoughts on other religions and wanting them all to come together. That would bother me too, since I believe that Christ is the only way. However, I have not thoroughly gone through her gallery to come to my own conclusions on her beliefs. Regardless, I do believe that God has given this child a wonderful gift and He is using her for His purpose in some of her paintings. We are all human however and therefore not perfect. I believe this child should be prayed for that she does understand that Christ is the only way – and that she will be protected from once atheist beliefs, etc.

      2. I have to say that the minute I laid eyes on ‘The First’ painting, the immediate thought that came to mind was “Adam and Eve”. Then I noticed that the painting was called ‘The First’ and I thought “Yes, the first couple!” Just shows how each of us see things from different perspectives. I have to admit though that some of the paintings bother me and I really pray that Akiane’s gift will not be tainted by the world, but that she will use it solely to glorify God.

      3. I thought of it as Adam and Eve in the Garden, the first Man and the first Woman, the first Couple, the first union of Man and Woman, the first Parents. Why would that be dark or in any way obscene?

    3. Akiane is fallible and fallen, just like all of us are. She is capable of falling into sin, being decieved, and leading others astray, just as all of us are.

    4. You sounded like a very thorough person. I, too, had similar reservations about Colton’s descriptions. As for your comment about everyone coming together, I subscribe to the idea that there are many paths to God and Jesus is just one way. That is, God sent different prophets for different circumstances in order to lead people of time to Him. Please consider the suggestion and don’t feel offended. God bless.

      1. Jesus himself said “I am the way, the truth, and the life. No one comes to the Father BUT BY ME”. If you look closely at all religions you will see how they contradict each other. For example, Christianity says you have to accept the free gift of salvation through Jesus by trusting and walking with Him rather than trying in vain to earn your way to Heaven by somehow being “good enough” (which is impossible because we have all fallen short multiple times). Nearly every other religion says that you have to do A B and C to hopefully earn your way in. Chip Ingram (pastor of Venture Christian Church in Los Gatos, CA ) wonderfully putts it this way: all other religions are about having to “do” something, whereas the truth of Jesus is that it has already been “done” for you… you just have to choose to receive it from Him. So in conclusion, all religions don’t lead to God. Only Jesus does. The rest of them are tools of Satan to lead you astray and straight to Hell.

    1. Well, before he was middle-eastern he was God, the Son of God, and the Word who created this planet and this universe. IMO, it’s not surprising that he’s very unique in his appearance. :)

    2. HE is resurrected! Did the apostles on the way to Emmaus recognize HIM? No, because He had been GLORIFIED! Maybe that is why his eyes are so blue-green … very unusual color world for eyes … they are usually either green or blue — not this gorgeous blue-green! I don’t care what color eyes He has, as long as HE is looking at me when I close my eyes in this life!

    3. Jesus parents were from Bethlehem, a city of the tribe of Benjamin. The members of the tribe of Judah were not “Middle Easterners”, but of the tribe of Israel. I believe there are adequate descriptions of the various tribes from that time to say that Red Hair, ruddy complexions, blonde hair, green eyes, and blue eyes were very common in the small towns where the Idumeans and foriegn born people had not yet become prevalent.

      1. People, for some reason, always seemed to get confused when it comes to “Middle Easterners.” If you look at the Jewish person you work with, what does he/she look like? Look at Barbara Streisand, for instance. Most of the time, they do not look like the darker Syrians, Iranians, etc., the more “Arab” look. They tend to look more European. Also, Jesus was half man, half God. That leaves room open to have green eyes.

    4. hi friend peter clarke.
      when Jesus came to me in my room and captured my gaze with His, His eyes were flickering blue like sapphire but with lots of light. i felt like i was looking into a tunnel of eternity in his eyes. it was almost 5 years later when i finally asked him about His eyes and He revealed to me that they were fire… and when that puzzled me, He said they are the hottest flame. I posted the whole story just this week if you scroll down.

    5. They look emerald green to me. I don’t see any blue-green, just green. I am SO enjoying reading all the replies to this article!!!

    6. YES my grandmother was 100% GREEK and she had BLUE EYES and blond (dark blond) hair so SHE was of middle eastern descent and quite frankly she and her son (my dad) were LIGHTER skinned and had lighter eyes and hair than my mother who is Swedish/English (who has black hair and black eyes). SO yes Mr. Clarke don’t let the eyes throw you off. Don’t forget also, if you’re going to believe in an all powerful creator of the universe, aka GOD, aka Jehova, then you really shouldn’t limit Him in your mind. He can do anything. Check out a movie called “Faith like Potatoes”…..that is a great movie about God being able to do anything and when He does “anything” He does it however he wants and not necesisarily by human standards or according to the laws of physics (try studying quantum physics if you think everything has to go by those standards, i.e., the “laws of physics”). God bless you in your journey and also check out a show on the Bio channel called “I survived; beyond and back” which is all about Near Death Experiences. Emily

    7. Jesus was Davids son, David was a descendant of Leah (Judah)…Leah had weak = blue eyes! (the hebrew word translated: weak, tender etc, can mean blue…and what, in a hot countrey, where most people have a dark compelxion and brown eyes…is nearer than to descriebe blue eyes, who don´t tolerate the sun..as weak..)
      David seems to have been blond and blue-eyed…

  20. I now know why there is an Internet service called Stumble Upon because I just stumbled upon all this.

    Right now I’m just taking it all in. I will say that when I saw the Jesus portrait above I was emotionally overcome.

    I’m a 67 year old cradle to grave Christian. No other portrait of anyone has ever had this kind of impact on me. Now I’ve got to see and read more, however, I have always believed in the Shroud of Turin since I first read of it in the sixties.

    I am a university educated man but not a scientist. I’ve always thought something, perhaps supernatural, happened at the instant of resurrection that imprinted the negative of Jesus onto the shroud. But then what about an intense flash of light? Something like that would be natural. How about it, any physicists reading this; what do you think?

    1. Hi Kent, we’re really slow giving you a reply, but then again maybe not BECAUSE – since you asked this question – there has been a new published report about this very thing. I don’t know the details very well. But there are Shroud experts who could tell you the smallest details about it.

      I believe the study was done in Italy and they did experiments with intense light on linen and they got results that were encouraging. And, it would have been impossible for such a method to have been applied to the linen during the time that Christ was here on earth: no such technology existed. So this indicates (possibly, hopefully, AWESOMELY) that the image must have been applied supernaturally.

      If you’re interested in all this, catch up with the fellas at the top of the blog (the daily posts) and they’ll be glad to steer you around all the fascinating facts about the Shroud. :)

  21. WOW! So now that explains why Kenny Loggins has such a BIG ego! :> (just kidding….I believe in Christ, and that he IS the son of God, AND THE ONLY WAY TO HEAVEN!) So….all kidding aside…read the verse in Romans where Jesus says “I am the way, the TRUTH and the light….no one gets to the Father but by way of me”….

  22. I read the book too and believe all of it, but I too have some questions. If Colton’s little sister knew him and everyone in heaven knows their loved ones, why did Pop ask Colton if he was Eric’s son before telling him he was his great grandfather? Or did I misread that?

    1. IMO, it’s best not to get hung up on details because the story comes from a 3 year old who may have muddled some things in his mind. He related the story to his parents, over a period of two years or more. So many things could have influenced the clarity of the vision by that time.

      The gist of it is: apparently he really did have a near death experience and there are some things that are particularly impressed on him that he was very strong about. First of all, Jesus really really loves children. And second, we must know Jesus when we die. Third, Colton wants everyone to know that heaven is for real.

      These things are scriptural and if this is the main message of Colton’s story it’s a really good story.

      Colton’s book is not the Bible, it’s not scripture. So I don’t think it needs to be gone over with a fine tooth comb for accuracy. But I do think God has used this story for good purposes.

      For example: Jesus loves the children. I’m trying to help orphans in Haiti and I can’t get anybody to care about the orphanage I’ve been assisting. Not even my own family. People are so indifferent now-a-days. I really understand Jesus’ frustration with the church of Laodicea, they could not be MOVED to care about anything. There are children starving and abused all over the world. Maybe Jesus wants to stir up compassion for these little ones who do not deserve the suffering they’ve been born into. IMO, we should not ignore Colton’s message about the children.

      1. David Rego, I just now saw your post. You can contact me through the website at
        The contact form goes to me.
        I’ve been praying for help. It seems it’s very difficult to move people’s hearts these days. I’m not sure why, sometimes I wonder if this is the Church of Laodicea manifest on the earth. Thank you for inquiring.

      2. A six year old with what seems like the entire world’s hurt pressing in his eyes screams at the top of his lungs to a classmate, “You suck, you stupid asshole!”
        I am weary. It is 2 days before winter break, and all I wish to do is finish the pile of assessments before me. Assessments that must be done one-to-one with each child, assessments the outcomes of which will soon determine my salary, assessments which completely dishonor/undermine the tireless work the children and I trudge through daily. I drag myself towards him and a chair slams to the floor. The other children barely look up from their work this has become such a common occurrence.
        I reach Joshua and pick him up. He continues to kick and scream nailing my shins several times, but does not fight hard enough to give the impression of really wanting to be let go. In seconds, he is sobbing from deep within his being. I sit down and rest his head on my lap and whisper a prayer in his ear ending with the song, remember little one, Joshua fought the battle of Jericho, Jericho, Jericho.
        I then look up then to see if the other children are still working and catch Evelyn’s deep, sad, and knowing eyes, in hers I see wisdom, too much wisdom for yet another six year old. She only a week ago came to me brimming with tears. We had to hide in the bathroom last night. My Dad was hurting my Mom. She has to stay in the hospital now.
        I work up a smile for Evelyn, and she nods smiling herself and goes back to helping little Sandra learn English.
        Jesus really loves the children, but I am terrified that I cannot keep on loving them as he does…

      3. Hi AnnieCee. I tried to get to your website, but encountered problems. Please try it yourself. God bless.

  23. “Heaven is for real” is an awesome book. I would most definitly recommend to anyone and everyone to read. I have recommended it to friends and family. I believe Colton and the journey he has shared with the world. God bless you all & take care.

  24. I’ve read the book Heaven Is For Real several times! I believe every word, comma, apostrophe, exclamation point, and period in the book! I also believe Jesus uses children to make us see Him in true FAITH – the FAITH of a CHILD! Akiane’s painting Prince of Peace is wonderful, and I know this is what the JESUS I will see when I close my eyes in this life and open them in the next life will look EXACTLY like this! Remember… “What no eye has seen, nor ear heard, nor the heart of man can imagined, is what God has prepared for those who love Him” 1 Corinthians 2:9
    Believe in that Rainbow Horse – you’ll see it if you BELIEVE IN HIM!

    1. Kayceen, I’ve heard this verse preached many times. But they stop there! Read the next verse! But He has revealed them to us by His spirit… God is using many who are sharing what they have seen and heard in the spirit to provoke faith in Jesus.

  25. Let me tell you, in 1990 I was “out” for 9 minutes without oxygen during a surgery accident.
    I can certainly say that heaven is real, that what this boy saw is very accurate. I would not doubt it one minute. My experience still causes my tears to appear with no way of holding them back. I was simply told I have to return back but I replied that I don’t want to, but the way was blocked. I could hear the doctors talking with the anesthesiologist -every word. The Dr. was amazed later that I was not cognitively impaired. It was simple: there were about 2-300 kids praying for me as I was a youth group leader.
    Every day I am looking to go back to heaven. I just can hardly wait. Why did God make me come back? Was it because He wanted some specific unfinished work for me to be involved with?
    Please, if you have any chance to be ready for your death, check out what you wish to do about it, and what you think about Jesus Christ. You may not have a second chance.

  26. I have to say I am so terrified of death it isn’t funny and am terrified of God. I am Cahtolic an my life hasn’t been so great and pray it changes but I had to read this book. I was so interested in NDE’s just to see what people saw. Alot of my prayers arn’t answered but that book aslo gave me the chills and I’m not so afraid. First of all, if that is what Jesus looks like then he is one gorgeous looking man and I woudn’t be afraid. I would aslo love to see the Virgin Mary. The only thing is how do people move around. Do they have just part of a body and no legs? I think Colton said they floated which is kind of different. Theres so many questions and I really hope that is where my animals are. They are my babies. I would love to have Jesus come to me and see his face in a dream. Knowing how terrified of death I am I would think he would just to put my mind to rest. I always pray for what I am meant to do and what my purpose is but no answers. I really do love this book though and I have some questions to but like someone said thet are probably overwhelmed with all of this. But get this book everyone! It gave me goose pimples and I plan on reading it again. I hope everyone has their prayers answered. It not such a terrible world right now and God bless Colton!

    1. It’s natural to fear the unknown but that fear can disappear as you look to the reality of what it means to leave this place and go on to heaven. It means you get Jesus. You get to be with HIM. HE is our destiny. HE is our hope and the love of our life. Cultivate THAT relationship, KNOW HIM and you will no longer fear death. Spend time with HIM in prayer and reading HIS WORD. Mother Teresa was a great example of devotion to Jesus. She constantly directed others to look to Him, seek Him. Jesus tells us to “Love the Lord Your God with all your heart, with all your soul, with all your mind, with all your strength.” And He continues with, “Love others as you love yourself.” Just focus your energies on Him.

    2. Jane,
      I had a near death experience on 7/24/2009, I broke me neck in a swimming accident and was in a comma for 6 days. When I awoke with my wife next to me I asked who the bearded man was, he told me he saved my life, she said their is no one here that has a beard. Two years went by and I read Heaven is for Real when I came accross Akiane’s portrait of Jesus I fell to my knees and began to cry. If I can only give you a fraction of the courage I have for dying it would change your life. In a weird way I’m looking forward to it…and I have a beautiful wife three children and just about everything I always dreamed of….For some reason God gave me this gift…be not afraid

    3. I share your fear of death. My fear originated about 55 years ago when I realized that I would die some day. I have found life so beautiful and awe some that not feeling it would be the ultimate dread. No, I do not come from a priviledged background, in fact I would consider our family as a poor working class, but over the years we worked hard and had our share of trials and tribulations. Today, I consider ourselves blessed with healthy and independent children and their families.

      My struggle against my fear has led me to reading many books, medications, and counselling and ultimately to baptism into the Catholic faith. Being retired for the last 9 years, I have a lot of time thinking about God, death, etc. My conclusion is that if there is no God, then life is meaningless. God has 100% of my heart and about 80% of my mind. I desparately seek closure on this fear, so I can fully appreciate life and let it go gracefully.

      I pray very often these days that God would send some “agent” or event that would put my mind to rest. This is the reason that read posts such as these – to find new ways of reaching God or better still, have God reaching me.

      I would appreciate any suggestion that would remove my residual doubt. God bless everyone.

      1. Senior 110 I like you and Jane and many others fear death,why, because it is the unknown, and I am a sinner and knowing this I fear God and that fear is that God will not forgive me…I Pray He will in the Name of Jesus, just as I Pray He will forgive others who seek His forgiveness and Love. As I age I see the many Blessings God bestowed on me for which I did not dutifully did not Thank Him. I Pray my heart is true for Him, even though my mind gets out of whack at times. I Pray also for the world which has fallen from grace, Continue to Pray and read and I will Pray you find PEACE. Sometime Prayer a simple heartfelt honest Prayer will ease a troubled heart and mind

      2. WOW, so much fear, I had no idea but I feel compelled to give you reassurance as i did with Jane. Please accept my copy and paste of my response to Jane as it applies to you as well dear Senior!

        I felt your fear and I had to respond. Please believe me when I tell you, dying, for your consciousness which is in your SOUL is nothing but a breath… I can’t speak to what physical condition you may be in at the hour of your passing, but as for your “heart”, your “mind”, your soul, it is SO easy! You will surely laugh to yourself and say, “Are you kidding me? This is what dying is?” Seriously, it is easier than opening your eyes or taking a breath! DO NOT fear your physical death because LIFE is all about your spirit! That lovely vessel your soul resides in is just a body of flesh and is nothing more than a glove or sock you’ve worn all your physical life, that’s all. TRUST me, I have left my body and come back. It is NOTHING, and so easy, it’s the coming back into your body (if that is the plan) that is slightly uncomfortable.

        God loves you dear one, trust in God, PRAY PRAY PRAY, you will have a whole crowd of loved ones waiting at your passing just to welcome you HOME and into the arms of Jesus. Heaven will no doubt be all we have been told and thousands and ten thousands fold more<3 I will see you there one day too! Look for me and tell me how right I was and then we will both laugh together! God Bless and have no fear dear friend in Christ.

        I also had feared death, but not for the pain or scariness of it, because I had already left my body before, but I had been worried I may not have enough time on earth because I too LOVE this BEAUTIFUL and amazing creation of Earth that our heavenly Father has given us, and I also LOVE my family and friends with a passion that could only come from God Himself. I often have to ask God to not take offense at my requests to live a long (100+yr) life just so I can see it all and love as many people as I can. BUT death, where is thy sting? There isn't any, as long as you are right with God that is. I would never lie to anyone about this, passing on to the next dimension is a wonderful amazing experience and no wonder those who have did NOT wish to come back, even when they had a good life or loved ones still here, it's THAT good! NO FEARS, only LOVE.
        God Bless you my friend in Christ <3<3<3


      3. Last night I had a dream. Jesus whispered to me, “Fear motivates us”. I tried to apply it my life, but it makes more sense to apply it to yours.

    4. Jane, I felt your fear and I had to respond. Please believe me when I tell you, dying, for your consciousness which is in your SOUL is nothing but a breath… I can’t speak to what physical condition you may be in at the hour of your passing, but as for your “heart”, your “mind”, your soul, it is SO easy! You will surely laugh to yourself and say, “Are you kidding me? This is what dying is?” Seriously, it is easier than opening your eyes or taking a breath! DO NOT fear your physical death because LIFE is all about your spirit! That lovely vessel your soul resides in is just a body of flesh and is nothing more than a glove or sock you’ve worn all your physical life, that’s all. TRUST me, I have left my body and come back. It is NOTHING, and so easy, it’s the coming back into your body (if that is the plan) that is slightly uncomfortable. God loves you dear one, trust in God, PRAY PRAY PRAY, you will have a whole crowd of loved ones waiting at your passing just to welcome you HOME and into the arms of Jesus. Heaven will no doubt be all we have been told and thousands and ten thousands fold more<3 I will see you there one day too! Look for me and tell me how right I was and then we will both laugh together! God Bless and have no fear dear Jane<3

  27. Hi Jane. Sounds like you need reassurance. Accept Jesus as your personal lord and Saviour, and you don’t have to experience fear of death and God anymore. God loves you and wants his best for you. Also, we are created in the image of God, we will still be able to recognize each other, but be in spirit form. Also, I had a vision that my dogs were playing in heaven (ones that passed on). God has a plan for you, accept him and he will guide you.

  28. Jane just consider how very much you love your animals (“they are my babies”.) Then consider the love you have for them magnified infinitely greater…..and you will begin to grasp the love that God the Creator of all life has for you. As for answered prayers, in Matthew 6:8 God “…knows what you need before you ask Him.” Personally I have found writing in a journal helps me make important life decisions, and to learn what God wants for me of my life and purpose. There are several great books out there, among them “Journaling As A Spiritual Practice: Encountering God Through Attentive Writing” by Helen Cepero, and “Love Letters to God: Deeper Intimacy Through Written Prayer” by Lynn Morrissey. Don’t by terrified of God – be terrified of life here on earth and after death WITHOUT God. Matthew 7:7 “…seek and you will find; knock and the door will be opened to you.”

    1. To Lynne, beautiful points you made for Jane! I look back over my life and I can see where I have had the most fear and depressions and they were ALWAYS when I was NOT praying as much as I should. YES we are to PRAY PRAY PRAY, it is said the Virgin Mary when she appears to anyone she often reminds us to do so. How’s THAT coming from a non Catholic? Oh yes, Lutherans LOVE the Virgin Mary TOO despite what some folks may say :P seriously, the mother of Jesus? I just hope she loves ME! Haha, I joke, but we are all so serious here (and rightfully so) but God gave me the giggles too, so out of pure happiness I kid around. But ya, good points about how Jane loves her animals… I too pray our pets have souls (they certainly possess energy) and that God fancies them enough to give them life after death. But I don’t know for sure and so I only hope.
      God Bless all you dear ones<3<3<3

  29. My mom, niece and myself loved Heaven is for Real. I looked up Akiane Kramarik on the internet and found her artwork and poetry – there is a picture of Mary that is just beautiful, Jane! Check it out. I’ll be praying for you and hope to see you in Heaven! I think we’ll both like it!

  30. What a good little book! I will donate my copy to my local library. This morning I was sitting on my back porch. I looked at the beautiful blue sky and thought, “YES, God is everywhere present!”. (From Chapter 18)

  31. wow this is great to read. colton story sounds a lot like the ones i have had. i have been really sick over the last 5 years and the Lord has been so faithful.
    it’s all real.
    i am blessed to have read this book

    1. Anyone who reads this book is blessed. While the Bible was written many years ago, I did believe it, BUT having read this little one’s account, someone who had no prior knowledge, so you knew it wasn’t dreams, you know without a doubt that even the Bible is for real. Nothing has touched me like this book did. I cannot talk nor describe the book to anyone without gettting chills. I read the book 3 times and have listened to it once. I just can’t get enough. I have recommended and gotten the book for so many people and it has touched them all.
      Colton and his dad are truly God’s angels for sharing this with us.

      1. I agree. I read it twice in a week, and re-read some favorite sections. I basically memorized it! Such wonderful confirmation of what God has planned for those who love him.

        Recently I saw this video of a man who had a near-death experience, and I have thought about his story a lot. It’s very compelling:

      2. Hi Judy,

        I totally agree with you. I loved the book and bought the
        children’s version for my beloved granddaughter.

    2. Beth, Jesus paid the price for your healing as well as salvation. Psalm 103, 1 Peter 2:24, Isaiah 53:4-5, Matthew 8:17.

  32. does the book change how we live after we read it? or do we just read another book?
    i’m pointing at me and i know it takes Jesus changing me (us) but how willing are we (am I)

    1. I think so. I think Christians (including myself) need to be more heavenly minded, that our rewards are not in this life but in the next. The reality of heaven changes our perspective considerably.

      The book does give some examples of people whose lives were touched and changed because of Colton’s testimony. His experience has had a profound affect on many people.

  33. A treatise of the physical descriptions of Jesus (not from the bible but from historical manuscripts) can be found at the Nazarene Way (website below). Several of the documents there describe Jesus with gray or blue eyes, and hair with golden highlights, not uncommon for the tribe He was from. They are fascinating to read and ponder.


  34. I must read this book, Walmart hereI come. When Iread it I will be bb back with cmy comments .I have had this business card for three years, now must be the for to read the book, see you soon!

  35. I personally know of a little 4 yr old that drowned, saw Jesus in heaven and came back to life, shocking her family and her friends .. Esp when her parents never took her to church or told her about Jesus or heaven. She also recog. her grandpa who had passed away before she was born and her 2 puppies. I think God is trying to get through to unbelievers right now as the world is getting bad. I recom a book called Closer to the LIght.. Written by a dr in Seattle who witnessed a ton of kids that died and came back to tell about heaven and Jesus.

  36. I read the book “Heaven is for real” twice and will read it again many parts of the book brought tears to my eyes. It really made me look at my own life and what i sould have done better. I have been to wrapped up in the me first additude too long. Pray for me that god will show me the way. I have told all my coworks about the book and many have said they are going to get it so they too can read the amazing book about the little boy. I have tears in my eyes as i write this little committie.

  37. Lei el libro del cielo es real con Colton y parece q todo lo dice acerca del cielo es muy cierto. Tuve hace uno años, una experiencia mientras dormia. Pude ver q estaba parada en una entrada como de unas murallas de piedra blanca, ( lo q conocemos por la Biblia como “A la puerta de la ciudad”), Senti el impulso de entrar, asi q lo hice, cuando camine unos pasos dentro de la ciudad me di cuenta q el piso era en ladrillos blancos en una pequeña bajada, y al levantar la vista, toda la ciudad era blanca y era de dia aunque no vi el sol. Pude ver muchas personas que caminaban en esa calle como deprisa teniendo cosas que hacer , pero se veian contentos. Mientras admiraba toda la blancura del lugar, vi como las personas se dispersaban a cada lado de la calle hasta desaparecer de manera inexplicable, pero antes, pude ver una figura de hombre parado sin moverse en medio de la multitud, me llamo tanto la atención que me no me di cuenta cuando todos desaparecieron, quedando solo la figura de ese hombre frente a mi, como a un tiro de piedra de distancia, aunque luego parecia mas cerca cada vez. El tenia el pelo corto algo despeinado y castaño, sus ojos eran una mezcla de azules intenso, rostro perfilado y una sonrisa tenue q le llegaba a los ojos,(sentia q me daba la bienvenida, pero no podia soportar esa mirada sin llorar, pues era como fuego en mi alma, tuve esa sensación de fuego durante dias y lo único que hacia al recordar era llorar, pues solo le preguntaba, porque me miraba así), vestia una túnica blanca y me hizo q observara el detalle de esta túnica, pues era de una sola pieza sin costuras por ninguna parte y le cubrian los pies y las manos apenas se veian. No sabia que era Jesús, pues siempre lo presentan con pelo largo, realmente muy diferente. Pero dejenme decirles que al ver esta foto echa por una niña de ocho años, si es el hombre que vi recibiendome en la cuidad, no hay duda, ese era él. Que bueno es mi Jesús!!! He tenido mas experiencias, no lo he visto mas en esas experiencias pero si lo he escuchado y dejenme decirle algo, SIEMPRE habla por su PALABRA, para que no dudemos que es él.Gloria a Dios!!!

      1. I think God is reaching out to you, too, Michelle. That’s why you are so convinced God is real, and He cares about you.

        One of my friends has a similar history, her life is a long series of tragedies and traumas and injuries. Her longing for love got her into several bad relationships, some of which she was lucky to survive. Two years ago she married a man who is very sweet and kind, a good Christian guy with a reputation for being steady and reliable. . I figured God would do this for her eventually because she really needs to know what it’s like to be in a decent family. And by the time she found this man, a lot of the ginger had been knocked out of her so she wasn’t looking for excitement anymore, she just wanted peace.

        I noticed that she didn’t know how to be “normal” because of the bizarre life she’d had. Now she’s very grateful for the peace of being in a quiet, normal relationship.

        When Adam & Eve ate from the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil, the serpent was right about some things. He said they would become like God, knowing good and evil. I believe this is possibly our Quest in Life, the purpose for our existance. You have encountered evil and you know what it is. There is some wisdom in knowing this, especially if God helps to process those horrible experiences so they turn into wisdom.

        You also need to understand what it means to be Good… and the word “good” is so much more rich than we realize it is. The Bible says that only God is good. The little bit we know about “goodness” is only the tip of the iceberg you might say: it’s only a teeny glimpse into the immense goodness of God.

        I found this website just now, because I love the book of Hebrews where it talks about how God does everything “Better.” A better Way, a better Covenant etc.

        That’s a messianic Jewish site which is kinda cool. I thought the outline he provided was a good start on reading Hebrews in light of knowing something BETTER. YES, God has a BETTER plan for your life!

  38. I just read Heaven is for Real . Wow, what an inspiration . I made a copy of the photo of Jesus and have it on my desk and when I look into those eyes I feel complete peace. For those who doubt I feel sorry and for those who believe…..I will see you when we all get to Heaven and can stand in the presence of our Savior and his Father. I am going to buy 10 of the books and pass them around to friends to read.

  39. On July 5, 2010, I had a heart attack. My wife did CPR that saved my life. I was transported to the hospital and was there for about 13 days. During that time, I was taken to Heaven by Mary, Our Lady. She took me to Jesus, Her Son. I was given a choice to return or to continue. I chose to return. The hospital staff and my doctors said it would take a year for me to recover to a more normal standard. On July 5, 2011, my wife and I left on a pilgrimage to give thanks for the gift of life. I did have a second heart attack in November of 2010. On our pilgrimage, a cousin of my mother in laws gave me the book Heaven is for Real. Although our experiences were very different, I could relate to the experience that Colon did have. I found the picture of Akiane’s Prince of Peace to be comfortable and warming to me. I am still healing in many ways. Heaven is Real and that is the gift Our Lady gave to me. To take away any doubt. Believe.

  40. Truly he looks arabic however, his eyes are very piercing in which Colton mentioned to his father in the book Heaven is for real. Who knows? We do all know that we will find out some day :)

  41. I loved the book and the little boy’s simple truthfulness. There have probably been many many experiences of the spirits of people going to heaven and coming back to tell of it but being discouraged by the unbelief of other people…and the fear of ridicule. Maybe that’s why God can use a little child who simply tells what he saw and heard and doesn’t question it, just confidently relates all to his parents.
    Jesus is the way, the truth and the life; no one comes to the Father but through Him.

  42. In 1999, my brother committed suicide. It was very difficult for me and my siblings (7 of us) to comprehend what had happened. Many questions came up, “Did he believe in God?”, “Do you think he’s in heaven?” I believe, after much prayer that he is, indeed in heaven. He was raised Catholic but didn’t attend any organized religion as an adult. Supposedly, he considered himself agnostic. He was severely depressed when he took his life. In my attempt to understand what he went through God sent me a vision and a very real feeling of “anguish” that was so powerful, I then believed he was not to blame for his “choice” and is now in God’s loving hands. Another brother of mine, related a dream he had around the time we lost my brother. My brother was trying to understand why. My brother saw a vision of my dead brother pointing to a wooden statue of the Virgin Mary (a statue that my father made of the Virgin praying) and he told him that this is what we are here on Earth for – to pray for each other, to love each other. FAITH.

    One other story, I was a lonely child even though I grew up in a large family. When I was at my loneliest, I would pray to Mary and I would ask her for a husband some day. I believe that she went to God, Our Father and brought my petitions to him. I did marry an incredible man and have one lovely child. We believe we are soulmates and were chosen to be together. When I found out I was pregnant, the words just flowed out of me without even thinking. I said to my husband, “If it’s a girl, can we name her Mary?” It hadn’t been a name I even considered in my dreams. It was because of the outpouring of her love for me that it was only right to name my daughter, Mary.

    We need to pray for those who are being lead by the devil. The devil is real and wants as many follows as possible. I know that sounds crazy but it’s true. Pray for one another that we will be stronger and do God’s will. God bless all of you reading this.

  43. That’s a sweet story, Rosanne. I appreciate how people share their own experiences and thoughts here. Gives me alot to think about. I agree, it’s difficult to see people turn their backs on God. Prayers are needed.

  44. That picture is accurate, that is the same Jesus I saw in a dream, also when I was in the hospital, a man that looked the same way, dressed in white (he was not tall) brought me food, encouraged me and then disappeared. I always knew that Jesus hair is not long as in the pictures, but short like the painting. When I saw the little girls’ picture a while back on her website, I said the same thing. We have seen God’s Glory Jesus Christ.

  45. I have been telling everyone to read Colton’s story of “Heaven Is For Real.” God chose this innocent child to teach all of us about Jesus, the heavenly kingdom, angels and our loved ones. How blessed are those that read this book and believe. I love Akiana’s paintings of ‘Prince Of Peace’ ,’ Father Forgive Them’ and ‘Mary with the baby Jesus in blue.’
    Quite simply she is amazing and her work is inspirational. Gazing upon Akiana’s masterpieces one feels a calm tranquil awe, especially in the aqua green eyes of Jesus. They are mesmerizing, deep and compassionate.
    The most amazing piece of the puzzle is that the shroud of Turin matches the art of Akiana.
    God the Father wants us to know the love of Jesus, believe and pray; particularly for unbelievers!
    We are so lucky to know that God has a divine plan and we are in the palm of His hands.
    Satan is busy in this world seducing so many that it is our obligation to pray for others, love one another by using our hands and feet to help, reach out and spread goodness. We are the light for others who are in darkness. I feel there is an urgency to reach the young people of the world plugged into 21st Century Learning who are bombarded with constant noise. They are unable to really hear God or see with their hearts! Let us pray, pray, pray.

  46. I have always wondered how Jesus looks like and I really thank God I stumbled upon this book ‘Heaven Is For Real’ in the bookshop. When I first looked at the painting by Akiane, I felt fear because of the piercing eyes. But upon closer inspection, I realised that His eyes actually show the love he has for me, in fact for all of us. I had backslided along my path as a Christian and I had always had this fear that I would never be able to go to Heaven and see Jesus. This accounts for my initial fear. But now I am back to having a close relationship with Jesus in the sense that I talked to Him most of the time and I had prayed that He would tell me whether I can go to Heaven one day when my time is up on earth.Perhaps this book is the answer to my prayer.I certainly hope so.

  47. I read this book and cried over one main thing….you see, I’ve been a believer for a long, long time. Am 41 years old, but started to really get what God was about when I switched churches and started going to a bible church in 1999. I don’t doubt that God exists, I don’t doubt that Jesus walked this earth…but sometimes life is so very hard. I have been married for 3 years…and about 1 1/2 years ago, my wife and I had a miscarriage. This was very painful for my wife and myself. We have been struggling to conceive and sometimes I begin to wonder “will I ever become a father”. After reading this book, and Colton’s account of meeting his unborn sister, I now know that I am a father and I will be able to meet my child someday in heaven. This is very comforting to me…even though I’m in tears while writing this response. I am really looking forward to going to heaven to him/her.

  48. KAC, I’m so sorry for the loss you and your wife have endured. It breaks my heart to hear your story. You are indeed a father and your wife, a mother. I will pray for you and your wife. I feel strongly that if others pray for us in our hour of need, our prayers are more likely to be heard. So if there is anyway you can ask others to pray for you and your wife to have a family, I believe God will hear your prayer. I would also like to encourage you to pray steadfastly to the Virgin Mary, the mother of all mothers. She answered my prayer for a wonderful husband and eventually a daughter. She takes our prayers to our Heavenly Father and her Son, Jesus. God bless you and your wife. And someday you will be reunited with your little one.

    I have yet to read the book, “Heaven Is for Real”. I’m looking forward to reading it. One of my brothers recommends it highly.

    I saw an interview of Akiane and saw her incredible paintings (on YouTube). What an amazing young person. We will all be so blessed to be in the presence of our Lord one day in Heaven, no matter how he appears. In the meantime, we must remember our blessings here on Earth and fulfill our purpose – love one another and keep the commandments.

  49. Just remember in the last days Jesus’ warned about those that would say “There’s the Messiah” or ” here’s the Christ”…dont be deceived and chase after idols ,images or depictions…The TRue Form of Yeshua will be revealed in God’s time. The bible really never gives a physical description for reasons. Jesus want us to be able to identify Him by His voice. The sheep knows His “voice” is what He says in scripture. The tricky devil can come as an angel of light to fool you and use a 4 year old child to deceive many who wouldn’t dare question an innocent child. Just beware and know the Word

    1. you are so right! and i know that feeling of the tricky devil as i experienced his annoying self a couple of nights ago.. I was watching that Jersey mom who is a medium and thought of how nice she was for confirming all these good things to people, i prayed to the Lord to give me confirmation if it was ok or not, researched it and they are considered abominations on this world!

      SO yea, satan..is a slithering snake

      1. I don’t have a problem with it, because the Bible does say, “Out of the mouth of Babes…” and that’s what is SO unique about this painting and the confirmation of by Colton AS WELL AS another very young child who had a near-death experience! Another little boy ALSO confirmed that the picture looked like the Jesus he saw. All these “babies” think this painting is like Jesus.

        If a cult following was being developed, I would have a problem with it. But the only thing that’s happened is little children have confirmed that’s what the Jesus they saw in their vision looks like. Which is really cool. And, it’s from 2 or 3 witnesses so that’s an interesting point too.

        Might as well enjoy it, because Colton’s book is all about Jesus and it glorifies the Lord. I thought the family did a good job of writing the book in such a way that it was merely a narrative of what Colton told them. They didn’t jump to conclusions, they just told Colton’s story and they didn’t do it in such a way that it would glorify themselves. That’s a very difficult balance, I think there was a lot of wisdom in the way they wrote the book.

        I highly recommend it. And I tend to be more skeptical and jaded than most, IMO. But I absolutely loved Colton’s story: it’s incredibly encouraging especially in these difficult times.

  50. Rosanne…thank you for your encouraging words. I really appreciate your prayers. Ezekiel, thank you as well for your words of warning which are very biblical. I think that we all do need to be very careful and to recognize his voice. I do think, though, that this book had very interesting points. While at church a few years ago, I had heard a sermon where the preacher brought up an interesting survey of emergency room doctors, where there had been many life after death experiences. It was interesting to hear how many patients would talk about heaven/hell. Colton did bring up some things in discussions that I believe were biblically related and matched in with the word very well. What we all need to watch for, though, are times where people seem to be talking about the word of God, but when you do biblical reading yourself and look into what they say, it doesn’t line up with the Bible. Example, Jehovah’s Witnesses. Upon looking at the bible, it looks like what they believe lines up with the bible…but when you study the bible, then you realize that it really doesn’t line up. Looking and studying, I think, are 2 completely different things. If you search for God and really delve into His word…then you will find the truth in God and in God alone.

    Peace be with you all, may God bless you richly, may grace that only comes from Him be with you and may all that read these words know that Jesus is the Only Way!

  51. Yes, I agree: I didn’t see anything in Colton’s book that contradicted the Bible. I think the writers of this book were careful not to apply interpretations or conclusions to anything, either. Mostly it’s just a testimony, and the Bible does say that our testimony is a good thing that God uses. I’m very wary of false teaching — I thought this book was a pure blessing to read and I couldn’t find anything to complain about.

  52. God reveals Himself to many in different way. Doesn’t Acts 7 state “our sons and daughters will prophesy, your young men will see visions, your old men will dream dreams”, his account of heaven is real, John also spoke of many visions he had in the Book of Revelation. That little boy’s story is a gift from God and its accurate.

  53. I do not attend “church” nor am knowledgeable enough to quote the Bible, yet after an NDE a few years ago following a near-fatal accident, I “came back” experiencing an indescribable peace and knowing there was no “death”. I was agnostic/atheist prior to the accident, yet have since known without doubt the Divine realm exists and it launched me on a spiritual path. While I have not read Colton’s book, I have seen his interviews and scanned the book at the store, and fully believe all that he experienced and described as true.

    I purchased both of Akiane’s paintings of Jesus for my home. It does not concern me if they represent *exactly* how Jesus looked when he walked the Earth 2000 years ago. I believe the Bible even says that when Jesus re-appeared following his “death” that he looked different each time, such that His disciples and Mary Magdalene did not recognize him? Since God lives, breathes, and assumes all forms of life in the Universe, what I see when I look at these images is simply the amazingly kind, patient, sweet, inspirational, and beautiful face of God.

    Love! ♥

  54. All of the foregoing comments about Jesus leave me with positive reinforcement, renewed faith in humanity. The more we talk about Him, share Him among us, spread Him across the world, the closer we come to His Kingdom on earth! The things that everyone who has had an NDE will agree are: Yes there IS life after life, and YES God is real, and YES Jesus loves all of us.

  55. I loved the book. I am mesmerized by the picture. Regarding his hair….I believe my hairdresser is an angel straight from heaven, so maybe Jesus got his hair done by one of the hairdresser angels or saints. Who knows? But, I believe there is so much more going on in heaven that we cannot comprehend and only some secrets are told. I’m just so happy he is my Saviour.

  56. Alright this may sounds a little nutty or something. Im 26 year old man and I have attended church on and off again for a very long time. My life hasnt exactly been down the greatest path I wish I could change alot of things but this is a small story I would like to share with everybody and maybe it will change my life. Hopefully it truely does. About a year ago I had a dream of an angel, this angel was tall Im talking unreal it was tall and we were standing above Im not sure if it was the a city in particular or every city on earth mixed into one but it was huge as far as the eye could see. He gave me a letter and the letter was one that was one like parchment paper and his exact words to me were “Only two people will ever recieve this letter on earth, this is for you, this is from God” And when I awoke I was so astonished that I had completely forgot what the letter said. If the person is out there that had this same dream or somebody could tell me the meaning behind this please do so. Thank you.

    1. Cody, you are not nuts, and what a cool dream. It sounds to me like God dropped a beautiful breadcrumb for you. My advice is to take a really close, quiet look inside yourself and ‘see’ what you see. God is living much closer to you than you might think. ♥

    2. so it sounds like there was more on the letter besides the line you quoted, but you forgot?

      i had a similar experience when God came to me… He was speaking the most profound and eloquent words… i dont even know if i knew what they were in my brain but my spirit could understand everything.. they were beauty and love and poetic and perfect. but i couldnt remember a lick of them when i awoke. But i know this- they fed my spirit-man which is fortified only from heaven (God) and that is the part of me I want fed more than any other!

      You may have experienced a true sight when you are only able to see/hear/percieve with spiritual eyes. Hebrews 12 talks about a very real, present spiritual reality (note part where he mentions “city”)
      22But you have come to Mount Zion, to the heavenly Jerusalem, the city of the living God. You have come to thousands upon thousands of angels in joyful assembly, 23to the church of the firstborn, whose names are written in heaven. You have come to God, the judge of all men, to the spirits of righteous men made perfect, 24to Jesus the mediator of a new covenant, and to the sprinkled blood that speaks a better word than the blood of Abel.

      25See to it that you do not refuse him who speaks.

    3. In revelation, during the anti-christ’s reign, there are 2 prophets/witnesses4u Jesus who do wondrous miracles & cause major problems 4 the anti-christ resulting in their death. After they are murdered, their bodies are dragged through the streets & left out in public to rot. After 3 days of this, the prophets come back 2 life…..Maybe you will be one of the chosen two. Now before you laugh, please keep in mind that most of the New Testament was written by Paul, a guy who was not only “not going down the greatest path” but who was murdering Christians, for being Christians. God loves to use the least likely folks in His plans. I think to show us how we have it all wrong in our assessments of each other, or maybe to surprise & confound Satan. Read revelation. It’s particularly interesting that you would get this vision & not know of this revelation prophesy.

    4. The book of Revelation chapter 10 also talks about an enormous angel that stands with one foot on land and one foot on the sea. The angel gives the prophet Daniel a letter or parchment, maybe it is similar to the one the angel gave you. Maybe you should read the book of Revelation and see if it helps you understand your dream.

      Revelation is hard to understand, so don’t get frustrated if it doesn’t make sense. It’s not supposed to make sense, I think. And yet Revelation does give us clues and things to look for so we’ll be able to understand when these things start happening. And they DO seem to be happening, now, in our time.

  57. I put off reading Heaven is For Real but was drawn to reading it while on R&R in Florida. I flipped through the pictures, stopped at this one, went on to read. But felt compiled to return to this picture, did and then went back to reading. The third time I was drawn back to this picture I stayed there and found myself saying aloud, “I have seen Him.” I was a victim of incest. As soon as I immediately spoke that sentence aloud, it flashed in my mind that it was HIM who sat on the bed and held me while I cried. I don’t really care if anyone believes me because I know it happened and HE looked exactly like this when HE held me. This proves He is with us always, through good and bad. Thanks for listening and for me seeing this picture is the truth as I know it and no one can change my mind.

    1. I am so sorry for your painful experience, I had a similar one and I believe you dear one. Thank God Jesus came to you. I believe someone pulled me up, (my spirit) out and away during my attack but I could not see anyone with me but felt safe, quiet and peaceful until my spirit had to return to my body. But for that (relatively) short period of time, I was spared the trauma of feeling the attack that was happening to my body down below (my spirit was held up near the ceiling of the room) and I chose not to watch what was happening to me. I thought my perpetrator was killing me, had no idea what sex was whatsoever, so I basically I believed I was “scared to death” and my spirit fled. I wish I could have known for sure if I did that myself or if an angel or Jesus or a past relative did that for me, because I just don’t know or can’t remember :( BUT I got from that what I NEED, that there really IS a life after death, we have a soul and death (simply our body’s ceasing to live and the release of our soul from it) is nothing more than a breath you take, has given me a certainty no one could ever shake. I KNOW. WE KNOW Rosalie<3

  58. I haven’t read the book and don’t intend to because one ‘fact’ that Colton shared on TV about his experience was that God had really big wings. Sorry. God is a Spirit, and only the angels have wings. If he’s wrong on just this one point, then his entire account is suspect.

    1. I read the book twice and I thought it lined up with scripture really well. Colton’s description of how Jesus went up and down is consistent with the Bible’s description of the Ascension. Colton said that his grandfather had really big wings… that’s where that comes from.

    2. I have read the book 3 times and he never said God had wings. He did say God was really big and that He loved us all so very much. I would read the book, I found nothing wrong in any of his memories of heaven. I believe every word of it and it is deepend my belief in God, Jesus and Heaven. This was God’s plan for Colton’s dad to write this book. Much easier to believe a 3 year old’s account of heaven before he had had a chance to form him own opinions, than it was for me to belief an adult’s account after they have developed or formed their own concepts and knew what the bible promises.

    3. You should never judge a book by its cover. Whoever told you tat Colton said God had really big wings was inaccurate. YOU should read te book for yourself and draw your OWN conclusions as to the authenticity of Colton’s experience.

  59. You are mistaken! Colton said that Jesus did not have wings! He went up and down like an elevator without wings. Please reread that passage.

  60. Cody, I wish I knew what your dream meant. Could the city represent all humanity? Thus, are you supposed to be thinking about others rather than yourself? Just a thought.

    Rosalie, I am so sorry to hear about the horrible event in your life. It hits close to home, as my grandmother was a victim of incest. In your hour of need HE – Jesus was with you. How incredible. Being Catholic, I often envision the picture of Jesus with the Sacred Heart, so I envision him, God the Father, and the Holy Spirit living in my heart. When I think of it that way, it compels me to try to do better in my life.

  61. I read this little book in a couple hours, I loved every word..I do believe it is true. I know Jesus wants everyone to know him and come to the father. I was so moved by the things the boy remembered. I am looking forward to seeing Jesus soon. I too thought the picture would match up with the Shroud, am glad to see others feel the same.
    Jesus is coming soon, look to Him for your salvation, He is the only way. Love to all.

  62. Ever since I saw the ‘Matthew’ movie with Bruce Marciano playing the role of Jesus and read Bruce’s book ‘In the Footsteps of Jesus’ (highly, highly recommended) I have believed that God knit Bruce together in his mother’s womb to resemble Jesus as closely as possible. I believe that, if you watch ‘Matthew’, you get a very accurate idea of Jesus’ personality and what He looked like. Every scene in that movie was prayed over by the directors before it was shot and watching the movie and reading the book gives one the most beautiful insight into who Jesus was then and is today. The first thing that struck me when I saw Akiane’s painting of Jesus was how much it looked like Bruce in ‘Matthew’. I also see a strong resemblance to the Shroud of Turin, although there are differences.

    I loved Colton’s story and believe it is accurate. It doesn’t bother me that there are differences and variations between people’s accounts of heaven. As human beings on earth we are all unique and also imperfect vessels and probably do not ‘filter’ everything the same way or perfectly. What is important is that Jesus is REAL and we need to put our faith in Him if we ever want to get to heaven to find out for ourselves what it is really like.

    As to why Jesus may be revealing Himself to us in this way, maybe it is because time is running out and He is using more and more methods of drawing people to Him. If the sharing of experiences and pictures like this bring people to Him, WONDERFUL! No, we must not then hang on to these books and pictures and base our faith on them. They are just tools to bring us to the Truth which is in the Bible and we must mature and move on to greater and greater Truth and we read His Word. It struck me while reading ‘Heaven is for Real’ that so much of what Colton shared was already in the Bible for us to know, but we require hearing it from a small child to make us take it in and believe it.

    At any rate, thank you Colton for sharing your story and all the others who have shared on this site. Thank you Akiane for your painting – don’t be drawn away from Jesus and His Truth or allow the world to dilute the truth you have already had revealed to you. God bless you both and your families and continue to use your ‘works’ to draw people to Him.

    To God be the Glory!

  63. I have to say that Heaven is for Real is a tremendous testimony. Not to say that I have doubts before reading this book but that the true is that when you hear a testimony like this, your faith increases and you get more strength and patience to meet our savior one day soon. I strongly believe that this generation won’t pass without witness the coming of our Jesus, king of kings, lord of lords, and the light of my life.

  64. I read this great book in a few hours and I had chills almost the whole time. That’s because after my father past away in march 2009 I was deployed to Afghanistan and after 4-5 months after he past I got a visit from my father in a dream. First I was freaked out and asked him how he could be here when he had died. And he told me that he was ok but he was worried about my brother and sister. I started to cry bad because I had seen him and I knew that this was the real thing. As he looked at me I knew it was him but a younger 25-30 year old. And he knew that I was upset and I had that feeling that he knew I wasn’t ready to see him but he was happy. So he walked off and I woke up crying and a friend that was next to me asked that same day if I was ok and I told him what had happen. And to this day I could tell you and draw you what everything looked like and what he was wearing. And he wore white with a blue ribbon “or whatever people call them” around his body. But I know what I had seen and I read things in that book that I had seen. And I thank God everyday for getting to see him.

  65. Get it on audio I listened for 4.2 hrs couldn’t stop… Smiles
    I found God about 7 yrs ago He has Blessed me greatly!!!! With no doubt in my mind, This Book is amazing, a true testimony!

  66. Theresa, I agree w/you that the noise of our present-day technology attempts to drown out that “still, small voice”— that is why it is such a blessing to discover a blog like this! I have been SO ENCOURAGED, and provoked to examine my own heart/faith in a deeper way, by reading all the comments left here. It feels like a beautiful, loving little community of ppl who are here strengthening each others’ faith! Have enjoyed everyone’s stories SO MUCH! I ALMOST bought the book (Heaven Is For Real) two days ago, but instead purchased a Prayer & Praise Organizer journal in the hopes that having it in front of me will motivate me to make daily entries in it. I skimmed through the Burpo’s book, saw Akiane’s Jesus picture, jotted down her name, and a later search for her art led me to this blog! Now I want to buy Colton’s book!
    It occurred to me that Pops, in Heaven, could have greeted Colton with “You’re Todd’s son, aren’t you?” (a statement), which later could have been re-phrased by the mind of a small child as, “Are you Todd’s son?” We must remember that 4-year olds are not English majors. Even adults sharing a spoken testimony will rarely share it the same way twice, sometimes adding more details, other times omitting them. Time also blurs memories, which is why it is so important to capture something as soon as possible after it occurs.
    I watched a special on The Shroud of Turin years ago, around Easter. They had scientifically taken samples of all the pollens found on the Shroud. Some of the pollens were exclusively indigenous to plants found only in one country, and the pollens confirmed the route the Shroud had taken over the centuries as it was hidden & moved in an attempt to keep it safe. It was a riveting program, which gave me goosebumps and a sense of awe. Since God is light, and in Him is no darkness at all, it makes perfect sense that the Resurrection power which raised Christ from the grave was a flash of light so immense and blinding that it could imprint Jesus’ image on the cloth. Our cameras and floodlights are puny by comparison.
    Annie Cee, you and others here may want to keep an eye out for a Lionsgate film premiering sometime the end of this month, “Machine Gun Preacher”. It is a true story about a former biker & drug dealer who is now rescuing children in Sudan. Based on the book “Another Man’s War: The True Story of One Man’s Battle to Save Children in Sudan” by Sam Childers, published by Thomas Nelson. I previewed some of the book on Barnes & Noble, and it is amazing the way that God protected this man in his work. God is going “all out”, using children (Colton & Akiane) and reformed violent drug dealers, and anything He can to convert the lost and to edify believers, in times like these.
    Akiane’s Jesus has the kindest eyes I’ve ever seen! :)

  67. A “P.S.” to the above, RE: my quote that God is light, and previous post(s) questioning why Akiane’s Jesus has a dark side to His face— On Akiane’s site, she describes her Prince of Peace painting in her own words: “Love and truth are represented on the light side of Jesus’ face; the other (side) is of darkness and suffering — Yet there’s light in His eye. This light is a reminder that He is ALWAYS with us.” — Akiane
    Yes, He IS always with us, even in our own times of darkness and suffering. What a poignant observation to come from the mind of a then 8-yr.-old child.

    Annie Cee had mentioned how modern society has become less sensitive to spiritual things. I see this in America. But I believe that Europeans in general still fit the description Annie gave of being more superstitious and open to spiritual beliefs. When I asked my Eastern European friends how they met/became engaged, my girl friend said, ” I saw a comet or a shooting star, and I made a wish that I would have a boyfriend, and here he is!” It is interesting to note that Akiane’s Mother is Lithuanian. So it was in Akiane’s European heritage to be perceptive of things beyond the material world. At the time her visions started, Akiane’s father was an American “lapsed” Catholic. So even though he was “lapsed”, at some point in time he or his ancestors believed. It does not surprise me at all that God chose Akiane to be the recipient of visions of Heaven.
    I ordered Colton’s book today! Can’t wait until it arrives! :)

  68. These pictures are a blessing to my spirit! I know you have been touched from the Master.
    May Jesus continue to bless you and be the main person in your life. Suzy

  69. I am blown away by her talent, and then you add in that she knew nothing of Jesus or God or heaven growing up, and I am sold! Heaven does exist, and His eyes…. they feel like they see me. She’s definately an instrument of God.

  70. I read how she got the picture of this man. She prayed for I think a week and finally a carpenter showed up that was really tall. He took awhile to decide to let her paint him but finally he did.

  71. I believe that Christ is not coming soon. We do not know the day of Jesus neither the hour and the the expectation.

  72. i have been amazed at the similarities between Akiane’s Jesus and the image that i found from a friend that was the likeness of Jesus just as He appeared to me in the middle of the night when I got up to get a drink. He looked right through me as if to know everything i ever did and thought and all my concerns or questions were immediately stilled and satisfied in this bath of permeating love. When I looked into His eyes they were like a tunnel of blue flickering gems (but they werent gems. but they were soooo crystally and blue) and it seemed i was looking into eternity. Later God revealed to me they were flickering because they were flames… the hottest kind!

    the air was prismatic with a million different colors but all white at the same time. and same with Jesus- i knew his beard was brown, etc.. but it was all washed in perfect white.

    see pic of Jesus:

    (copy and paste it into your browser at the top of your screen.)
    take a look at the painting of what Jesus looked like when He appeared to me. I think you will enjoy comparing this with akiane’s work. they are strikingly similar.

    1. I saw your picture and Akriane’s. Yes, there is a lot of resemblence. Did you paint it? and when? God bless.

  73. I just finished HEAVEN IS FOR REAL and really enjoyed it. I am a 44 year old mother of two and have been a practicing Catholic all my life. I love the fact that Colton said he also saw Mother Mary in Heaven knealing by Jesus and that she still worries for Him as a mother would do. I also miscarried before I had my two daughters and always deeply felt I lost a son. I would love to see my son in Heavan one day but until then, God the Father has adopted him. At the very least, God the Father, Jesus the Son, and the Holy Spirit have the final say. HE is the Alpha and the Omega. HE is the Way, the TRUTH, and the LIFE. I’m not sure why there are skeptics in this world and that everthing has to be a perfect match. Just know, please, that Jesus came into the world to die for our sins so that all humanity can be saved. He loves us that much! I have people throughout my life dry to “discourage” me from my faith. Why? I’m not sure. I can tell you in my experience that some discourage because it is hard to live up to the ten commandments and perhaps this is a way of dealing with it? All in all, whatever the reason, HE is there for us, and for that I AM TRULY GREATFUL.

    1. Ann, your post blessed me. How sweet & honest!
      Don’t EVER let anyone or anything extinguish your faith.
      You will see the child you lost again someday, and also you will see Jesus face-to-face.
      I own a copy of the book HEAVEN IS FOR REAL now. Absolutely LOVE this book! :)

  74. Thank you so much for the uplifting comment. I have to tell you that as God is my witness, the day after I posted my comment, my husband and I were having dinner and he told me of an “incredible” dream he had last night. His dream of “a little boy” with a “backpack” on him as if getting ready to go to school put his arms around my husband and said “I love you very much.” As my husband is telling me this, my mouth was dropped and I didn’t answer right away. I had not told my husband yet of my posting my comments. He said it was the most “overwhelming love” he ever felt. This confirms to me that we cannot even imagine the type of love that awaits the faithful. After I told my husband about this, he just looked at me (he had obviously known about my miscarriage and I always told him I deeply felt it was a boy) and he was quiet all weekend, although appeared hopeful. I have to say that when I was at mass yesterday, I cried for my Michael. But, I know he is safe and LOVED.

    God Bless You,


    1. I’m not sure why there are skeptics in this world, either, Ann. God confirms his Love and care to those who do make the effort to believe… why would anyone want to live without God’s help in their lives?

      Your husband’s dream… how beautiful! What a special touch from God.

  75. I was wondering since the “rainbow horse” was mentioned if there were any other animals such as our beloved dogs or cats etc. in heaven also.

    1. Why would heaven be anything less than earth? It will be so much more! All the animals that have been lost due to extinction, plus many more that we’ve never heard of. The Bible does mention a lion, lamb, and horses in heaven. Jesus comes back on a white horse. The Bible refers to animals as having the same “breath of life” as humans do, with the “breath of life” being spiritual in nature. And Noah’s covenant from God was promised to the animals as well as the humans. Animals will be judged for their deeds, the Bible says this, and how can they be judged if they are dead and gone?

      I wrote an article on this, with Bible verses etc. http://waitingfortheword.com/index.php?option=com_content&view=article&id=13&Itemid=5

  76. Tom, in the Epilogue of “Heaven is for Real”, Colton’s Dad Todd is answering questions people have asked them. He says there are animals in Heaven, and that Colton saw dogs, birds, and even a friendly lion. While he didn’t specifically mention noticing a cat, I’d like to hope that there are cats, being really big on cats, myself.
    I bought my copy of the book from CBD (Christian Book Distributors) for only $8.99. It seemed a small price to pay for such an uplifting, faith-inspiring book. I was not disappointed!

  77. I would love to think our beloved pets are in heaven, too.
    God created all the creatures as gifts for us.

  78. Here is an interesting story I am going to
    share with everyone. I was on my way to
    Connecticut to visit friends, when I stopped
    off in an airport bookstore to search for a
    book to read on my flight. I was interested in
    reading a book called “Heaven Is For real”
    about a little boy who had a near death
    experience and went to Heaven and met Jesus.
    I could not find this book, either the airport
    bookstore was out or they never had it in
    stock. I ended up not getting anything to
    read and nap on the way to Connecticut
    instead. After my visit to Connecticut
    I was a bit upset because I had a big
    fight with one of my good friends.
    I got a flight out of Hartford, CT
    and had to change planes in Baltimore, MD.
    I had to wait at least an hour an a half
    to change planes in Baltimore, so as I sat
    there bored and a little down about the
    argument I had with my friend. I felt a
    sense of relief that I was in a strange
    city and knew no one. I was one who never
    liked being alone but at this point my
    mind was at ease, until this woman I’d
    guess about 60 years old made a beeline
    over to me. She told me that God spoke to
    her heart for her to come over and speak to
    me. She showed me a before photo of how
    much she used to weigh and I can tell she had
    lost a lot of weight because her photo looked
    as thought she must have weighed about 400lbs
    and standing before me I’d guess she weighed
    about 150lbs. She looked good and she introduced
    me to this product called Nuvia3… it was a weight
    lose supplement/drink. She told me that you drink
    one before each meal. She went on to tell me a little
    more info on it and gave me her business card
    because she sells it. She also pulled out a book,
    the book that I was looking for called “Heaven Is for
    Real” She wanted to know if I ever heard of it.
    I told her I searched for it to read as I traveled.
    However, I could not find it. she told me that
    I could have it and she also gave me a sample of
    the nuvia3 drink. I was grateful to her and I
    reached into my purse and pulled out my
    published book called “In Due Season: We Will Hear God’s Voice” I gave
    her a copy and she was thrilled and asked me
    to autograph it for her. She as well as I knew
    that God led her over to me. She called me the next
    day and told me she read the book and loved it and that it was a
    blessing to her, she also told several other people
    about my book. Not Many know about my book. However, when
    someone does read it they are moved. These Stories like mine
    and Colton Burpo’s are gifts from God to the world.

  79. 10/14/11…Picked up this book “Heaven is for real” at Costco in Sacramento. Read the back of the cover and was skeptical, but for the fact it was from the words of a four year old, I wouldn’t have bought it. Being of a scientific mind and one who says if I can’t see it with my own eyes or experience it, I have a very difficult time believing anything. Also, one who has Catholic parents and a Jewish Grandmother, and raised on the “guilt factor”, I turned away from religion. I also don’t believe there is a higher being, because prior to truly not believing he existed, I did turn to him for help. My pleas and prayers were not answered or as I liked to say, not even acknowledged. Nevertheless, long story short, after reading this book in one sitting today, it brings out curiousity and possible renewed faith about this topic…God. I guess this might be meant to be, as on a recent vacation, for some strange reason I was overwhelmingly fasicinated with all the churches in the city I visited and insisted on photographing them. My thanks to the Burpo parents for expressing their Faith in a non-pushing way so the lay person could possibly believe and try again to have faith. MC – Sacramento, Ca.

    1. I can tell you this: If one is truly saved and belongs to Jesus, God hears every prayer you utter! Does He answer every prayer in your timing, the way you want it answered. My experience is this. Never in my timing but His. Jesus desires to bless me because He is just that sweet and kind. He knows the desires of my heart. My tastes. He made me that way. If I’m living for Him He bless me with the earthly “things” I like. Did he prevent my Dad from dying when I begged him. No. It’s not the job of the created to dictate to the creator like a cosmic vending machine to do things our way.

    2. Your comments are very thoughtful, MC. Jesus had a big problem with religion, too. In fact, it was the religious leaders who were determined to kill Him. I would like to suggest that you read the New Testament to find out more about Jesus. Sometimes when we go back to the Gospels as an adult, it opens up in a whole new way. Jesus was fascinating, his miracles were amazing, his teaching was mind-boggling.

      Every time I read the gospels I see more that I hadn’t noticed before. For example, Jesus sent his 12 disciples out in teams of 2 to do ministry. He told them, “Don’t take any money, don’t take any food, don’t take an extra cloak.” Maybe they were allowed to take a change of clothes, but they carried very little if they did. That’s an incredible contrast with modern churches who need a million dollars before they can even begin the work that God has called them to do. Who teaches this kind of faith anymore? But Jesus wanted his original 12 to depend entirely on God. If we really want to cut to the chase and find out what Christianity is about, it helps to go back to the source: Jesus.

      1. Annie Cee, AMEN! I LOVE your insight. That’s why I consider the Bible the LIVING WORD of GOD, not just some book thrown together by men. Face it, If YOU were God and you only had one book on Earth that was to provide all the knowledge mankind would ever need in order to live a good life and to learn who you, their God was and what your will fro them was,then wouldn’t you, an all powerful and all knowing God be capable of making sure it is created perfectly and remained intact and accurate for all time? I never hold or regard any Bible as if it is just a wonderful Historic record or book, I hold it with the regard that I am in the presence of God Himself, I am holding his loving heart and perfect mind. His living and breathing map to all that He is and all that ever was or will be. That is also why reading aloud the words therein is a spiritual matter. It is wise to pray before you even open it, IMO.
        Thanks for being a blessing here<3

    3. Hi, MC. I just discovered this blog this morning and came back to it this afternoon. I wondered where you may have “arrived” since writing this post that you wrote. I am believer but I had an eye-opening experience with “Christians” that broke my heart so badly that I stopped reading my Bible and attending church services. I thought I was mad at God but came to realize that I was mad at myself because I “bought in” to this thought that “Christians” were different from people who don’t know Jesus. The truth is people are people no matter what. I am still having a hard time with some things. I surprised myself when I picked up the copy of “Heaven is For Real”. I, too, was intriqued by this 4 year old’s story. I had read a lot about Akiane (the child painter) years ago and was fasinated to see how the two children’s stories connected. Even though I got a little annoyed at Colton’s dad trying to make points that may or may not be there, it brought hope back to my heart as well. I guess today Colton’s dad’s thoughts actually make me giggle because we so much want to prove stuff and make sense out of things that really don’t make any sense. I am soooo very happy to say that because of comments on this blog – especially AnnieCee’s, I am going to pick up my Bible again. I am also happy to say that no matter what, I know Jesus lived and died and lives now and that life is eternal and Christ in me IS the hope of glory. I never, ever denied those truths. I hope you have come to faith again.
      Another very important lesson that I am learning (but don’t yet know what to do with it) is that Jesus did get angry at people who thought they knew stuff that they really had no idea about. I learned that it is not ok to let people carry on “in the Name of Jesus” and presume that they “hear” God. Some people do and some just think they do to satisfy their own selfish desires. I have a feeling that God is so much more than we could ever hope or imagine and that He is reaching out to a world that needs Him so desperately. He wants to supply every need. I don’t know . . . I just hope you are finding He is incredibly real and that He loves you more that you could ever dream. Because of Who He is and because of what He did, we are good and we are loved deeper than the ocean and higher than the stars in the sky. God bless you.

    4. Unfortunately Christians are not always the best representatives of Christianity we always need to look to God for HIs example. I try to remember that my faith is about my personal relationship with God not other peoples perceptions of Him. I’m so glad this book has brought you back to have a faith with Him. You will not regret it. Blessings MC

    5. If you truly are of a scientific view on all things i recommend you read the book “The Source Field Investigations” by David Wilcock. In that book there are hundreds of scientifical discoveries on the so called “fringe science” (not mainstream, officially acknowledged or encouraged science), discoveries that will shed light on all that you think you know, that will convince you in the existence of God, of Love, spirituality as the basis of our existence. And if you ponder on many (or all) the things presented there you will feel and know that God is always with you; you are never alone and you will understand what truly matters in life. That book is hidden under a veil of silence in Europe and especially in my country.

      1. For those with a scientific bent, please read “Signature in the Cell” ( a rather lengthy book, but worth the time). God bless.

    6. Have a I got book for you. Try reading “Signature in the Cell”. Hope to see your reaction on this blog some day. God bless.

  80. Hello there, peace of Christ.

    You forgot to mention this: “HELL” and satan are for real too..and all the wicked “Holy Oneness Rejecters, Holy Spiritual, ‘ETERNAL’ Moral Law Rejecters, Holy Sabbath-Day (the Seventh=Saturday) and Holy Name of Jesus for baptism Rejecters” will inhabit that place….are you one of them?!!!! I was, but when I got this message from him…TURN or BURN I changed from A to Z…

    God Bless………..Brother James

  81. MC, faith in God can be a funny thing. I’m so sorry that you feel that your prayer wasn’t answered or even acknowledged. I’ve found in life that my prayers aren’t always answered the way I think they should be answered. You are a spiritual person and the fact that you aren’t shutting him out even though you’ve felt betrayed says a lot about your faith. In fact, that is the word you used yourself, “possible renewed faith in this topic – God.” Faith is what is ultimately important, not where you go to church. My grandfather wasn’t “religious” but he was a very good man and lived a “faithful” life.

    As far as science is concerned, I love it too. I wish everything was black and white. I think understanding the world would be so much easier but that isn’t what life is like. We are called to be “believers”. I love the story of doubting Thomas because we have Jesus’ own words, “Blessed are those who have not seen and yet have believed.” How incredibly powerful.

    I love the story of your travels and the desire to photograph the churches. I’m drawn toward the beautiful images and architecture of God’s glory. When I was growing up, I felt lonely a lot and would find myself running often to a grotto that was tucked under some stairs at my parish church. It was very secluded and so peaceful. There was a statue of Mary. I’d cry my heart out to her, asking her to bring my petitions to our Lord. It gave me so much comfort. It felt like I’d never have my prayers answered. I’m guessing that it took about twenty years for things to fall into place. Give God, our Father, his Son, Jesus and the Holy Spirit a chance. If I can bestow some advice, study the lives of some of the saints (perhaps Thomas is a place to start) and then pray to them. Ask them to take your prayers to our Lord and be very patient.

    God bless you in this journey.

  82. I’m a recent Survivor of Domestic Violence and was feeling down. God has been a tremendous source of comfort for me over the years and still is. He has always done many miracles also. One of the miracles is using these comments today I have seen on this site to encourage me when I needed it most. I have been through so many things- and one of the problems was listening to Religious Leaders who tell us to put up with things we don’t need to put up with- but I will say this… even in the midst of the trials… My Heavenly Father through Jesus has never ever let me down when I need comfort and peace as long as I tell Him my sorrows and read His Word- He comforts me… so I urged those who doubt to simply talk to Him. He will reveal Himself to you.


  84. I have read all the above comments and am persuaded that there are a host of people hungry to know the spiritual truth of Jesus Christ our Savior. The scriptures tells us that we must become like little children if we are to enter into the glory He has prepared for us. Isn’t it amazing that God has revealed himself to two beautiful children and they are sharing their stories with the world. I pray God’s blessings on each person that reads Heaven is for Real and sees the portrait of the Prince of Peace. I also pray the Holy Spirit will convict the heart of each non believer as they experience these stories. My Jesus is real. Hallelujah!!!!

  85. I am not concerned whether the Shroud of Turin is Jesus. The thing I am thankful for is he suffered for our illness, died and rose from the grave and ascended into Heaven. He said I go to prepare a place for you that where I am you may be also.

    Isn’t God wonderful????

  86. AnnieCee :
    I agree. I read it twice in a week, and re-read some favorite sections. I basically memorized it! Such wonderful confirmation of what God has planned for those who love him.
    Recently I saw this video of a man who had a near-death experience, and I have thought about his story a lot. It’s very compelling:

    Very compelling story by this man, though it seems to me that the interviewer doesn’t believe a third of what she is hearing.

  87. I read “Heaven is for Real” and LOVED it! I was so moved by this little boy’s story.

    When I was a young teenager, my life was a mess (divorced parents, abusive father who I lived with) and I just wanted out of life. My dad used the old fashioned razors, the kind that you had to replace old, dull blades with new, sharp ones. I took one of the new ones and got into the tub. While crying and shaking, fed up with life and what I had to go through and just wanting to be done with it all, I drew the blade over my left wrist. Suddenly felt a hand close over my right hand stopping me. In that one touch I felt such love and compassion and understanding! I knew instantly who it was – JESUS! I didn’t see Him clearly but I definitely heard Him clearly. He said “Don’t. I love you too much! Call your mother. She is the answer.” Then my right hand was lifted up and made to drop the blade on the floor. I immediately started to cry harder and looked to see Him. Again, I didn’t see Him clearly but I knew, I KNEW it was Him and that He loved me and wanted me to live. I felt such love and peace! Needless to say that I got out of the tub, called my mother (who lived about 4 states away) and the wheels were put into motion to save me, in so many ways. Thank YOU Jesus!!!

    When I look at Akiane’s painting of Jesus, I feel like I’ve seen that face before, but I’m not certain where. I believe her painting is of the face that I couldn’t see clearly enough that night. I can’t be certain, but it just feels right, you know? I get such a calm and peaceful and loving feeling when I look at the painting.

    1. This is a very moving testimony, thank you for sharing your amazing experience. I can feel the love of Jesus when I read it.

    2. Beth, it took guts to share your story! I hope any future “curve balls” that life throws your way, will inspire you to remember the great love He has for you, to have intervened so dramatically in your life. I pray you will know that in the same way He provided your mother as the solution in that situation, that He will ALWAYS have an answer or solution for you, no matter what life throws at you! You were in a tough place, but you received a touch directly from the Master. Little Colton & his parents were in a tough place too, but they also received a very special gift from Him. Having that in common is probably a part of why you love this book so much! (Plus, it’s just a GREAT book!)

  88. I have read the Book “Heaven Is For Real” and I have also seen the Shroud of Turin. One needs to take a look at Nathan Greene’s picture “The Invitation”. They are all one in the same person.

  89. I just finished Heavon is for real and I am blown away and wept with tears at the end of this increadable story of Colton. I am sure it has changed my feelings of heavon and has truely touched my life & had changed my forever. THANK YOU to Colton and his parents for shareing this amazing story. I look forward to heavon and am no longer afraid of death and going to live with our God for all eturnity!

  90. shannonreed

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    I just finished Heavon is for real and I am blown away and wept with tears at the end of this increadable story of Colton. I am sure it has changed my feelings of heavon and has truely touched my life & has changed me forever. THANK YOU to Colton and his parents for shareing this amazing story. I look forward to heavon and am no longer afraid of death and going to live with our almighty God for all eturnity!

  91. HE IS my Lord and I love Him!!! Words cannot express how ugly, but how beautiful God is. According to Isaiah 53:2b “He hath no form nor comeliness; and when we shall see Him, there is no beauty that we should desire Him.” I am not gay.

  92. Akiane does state that she used a model for that pic btw, a carpenter (interestingly) who did work in her home. I have a different pic that Akiane painted as the screen saver on my computer, it’s sort of a different Jesus, he has a robe over his head. Anyway, I’ve never given the shroud much thought until one day the laptop lid was bent away from me, you know how it gets out of focus, & at that angle OMG! you see the shroud. Anyway I’m an ICU RN & here to tell that just like foxholes, there are no atheists in the ICU! I’ve heard many of the after-death experiences & they do not always involve the light & dead grandma- the scarry ones are of getting sucked down to hell!

    1. louie, “dead grandma- the scarry ones are of getting sucked down to hell!”, my step-grandfather died last year. I was blessed with the chance to see him while he was in the hospital before he died (we don’t live in their state). He wasn’t saved… His son, my guardian always would tell him that he needed Jesus (not sure what he would tell him or how). The grandfather always refused saying that he was learned man and relied on himself, that he always has. I never witnessed to him myself until that day, in the hospital.
      It was a rare visit when my husband, myself, and our son were all able to make it “home” for a visit. Grandfather was in the hospital again. My guardian finally told me that we could go take a very quick visit to see grandfather in the hospital. I was told that he was having nightmares and was afraid to sleep, that monsters were in his dreams. He was on strong antibiotics to fight sepsis because his body had started shutting down. When I went in, I felt sick to my stomach because I knew what his dreams were. He was very jovial, like his old self, even joked a little. But that was little consolation. I found a good spot to tell him that he could ask Jesus to take away the monsters and He would. This was what I felt led to say to him, the only thing I could say to witness to him of Jesus love. He gave me the reply above, I knew that he would say this, as he always seemed to say so in various ways. There’s not much you can say to witness to a man like that. I fully believe that if grandad had asked Jesus to take away the monsters, He also would have healed him. I fully believed even at that moment, that was Jesus, offering him one last chance. I left the room after giving him a hug, my love, and final farewell, hiding and choking back tears. As soon as I got out of the room, it all came out and I broke down in great sorrow and sobbing. I’m crying right now as I always do when I think about him, and where he is, and what could have been. This sorrow is worse than if he had died and gone to heaven. I will forever rejoice from now on when a saved loved one dies, because I know this sorrow. It cannot compare to a death of a brother and sister in Messiah, it just cannot. The death of brothers and sisters in Messiah are time of rejoicing, we will see them Again.

      1. Thank you for posting this. I will think of this story and it will help me to not be afraid or apprehensive when telling someone about eternal life through Jesus.

  93. I certainly believe that book is accurate. God and Jesus both love children… Why wouldn’t he choose to introduce The Heavenly Kingdom with a child. If you notice, both kids where 4 years old… Kinda tells you something is and has to be right.

  94. Just finished reading Heaven is for real. I can believe this book and these pictures painted as the bible comments that “in the last days, young men will dream dreams and old men will have visions and he will pour out his spirit.”
    So then I came to look for the picture of Jesus, after the book. I think the picture could be right, but if it isn’t, does it really matter in the grand scheme of things? It is nice to picture the person you are praying about and to, whether the person be dead or alive. (and some people need that). If we picture this Jesus when we pray, I am sure it won’t really matter if when we get to heaven, he doesn’t look like that. Remember our parents and grandparents will not look like they did on earth, if they died in their old age. So we will have alot to adapt to. Although I believe it will all be completely natural for us.
    After reading negative comments about the picture of “The First” I was expecting something sordid and expected to be shocked. After seeing it, all I saw was pure total innocence, Stunning!! Remember your first innocent love? or maybe it wasn’t innocent for you, or perhaps you feel guilty about something? Not sure why people think as they do, perhaps this world has also distorted our image of pureness too much!
    About the pictures of Hindus in this work, I think someone mentioned. God needs to reach all people. Perhaps that picture will peek someones interest from another religion and Christ will reach them that way, We don’t know. “God makes a way where there seems to be no way.” ” All things work to the good of those who love the Lord,” even when it doesn’t look like it.
    About the shroud, it is immaterial!! (pun intended.) If people think it is real maybe it is, if they don’t maybe it isn’t. Only God knows some things, for sure!

  95. I just watched Heaven is 4 real and thought it awesome and Akiane’s picture is amazing, Last year I built a 8′ cross with a 2′ crown of thorns over it and one night about 11PM I was reading my Bible and asxked the Lord for the words to testify and three hours later woke up at 3AM and could not sleep and went to the kitchen and looked outside to see a full moon and I was moved to take photos of the cross with the moon and ran out to the barn, it was Oct 23rd and clear and cold outside and took it out and snapped 6 photos 10 to 15 seconds apart the first being clear the second a fog dropped into the picture, the third and forth a thickening fog started to swirl around the cross and in the fifth photo it formed into a pillar of cloud coming up from the ground behind the cross perfectly over the cross heading towards heaven “Beautiful” and the sixth photo it dissapeared, I use the photos to testify now and people are amazed as so am I still, if anyone would like a set write me and I will send you a set, just put “the cross” for the headliner for me to open it and you can use them for testifying too as I have given hundreds of copies for people to use in many churches, the chances of this happening at that moment over a cross no less is astranomical so it is very powerful. my address is all one word….. fortheking2010@aol.com God bless!

  96. But Colton Burpo described Jesus as having red “markers” on the palms of his hands, whereas the image on the Shroud shows blood from wrist wounds. Any thoughts?

    1. Colton was four. It was more than a year before he started to tell his parents what he’d seen. I believe Colton’s story, but I think there some things became fuzzy in his thinking by the time he told his parents about it. He is a preacher’s kid after all, so he was in Sunday School all the time. Maybe some images and memories got a little confused in his mind.

    2. srs, as far as coltons mention of the markers being on his hands or wrist you have to acount to the fact that he was almost 4 years old and the word wrist may not have been embeded in his vocabulary as much as his hands which are the closest part of the body to the wrists short of the arm? maybe the best way he knew how to describe the markers was the hands, but I do think they may have hung people back then through the wrists as they didn’t have to wory about people working there way free by ripping thier hands through or just by their wieght they would fall away from the nails. I dont think with all the other comments colton made that we need to disect a word or two coming from a nearly 4 year old anyway.

    3. Let’s let scripture settle it.
      In the book of John, Chapter 20, we read the account of “Doubting” Thomas, one of the twelve disciples. After Jesus had risen, He appeared to the disciples. But Thomas was not with them at the time. When the other disciples told Thomas “We have seen the Lord”, Thomas replied (verse 25):
      “Unless I see IN HIS HANDS the print of the nails, and put my finger into the print of the nails… I will not believe.” In Verse 27, Jesus tells Thomas, “Reach hither thy finger, and behold MY HANDS…”

      I would never want to argue with the Word of God. Colton’s account lines up with scripture. And most traditional churches teach that the nails went into the palms of Jesus’ hands. Blood would also have run down from the hands onto the wrists. With all the physical brutality that Jesus suffered, I don’t doubt that his wrists were injured, as well.There was nary a part of His body that wasn’t scourged.

      There is so much that we won’t know & understand until we get to Heaven. That is why childlike faith is required. We are to trust & believe, and not attempt to argue our way out of all He has done for us. Remember that it was the serpent who argued with Eve, and caused her to doubt, ultimately leading to her downfall.

      1. It’s important to remember that our English Bible is a translation and some things are lost along the way. For example, the Hebrew language had no word for “Cousin”, I read that somewhere and they seemed to know what they were talking about. So the “brothers and sisters” of Christ might actually have been his cousins. The Catholic theory that Christ was an only child might be right, when we look at the original languages. James, the Lord’s brother, might have been a cousin instead.

        Another thing to consider: the reason why the nails were put through the wrists is because the nails won’t hold if they’re put through the palms of the hands. Think of a skeleton with the long long fingers: there’s nothing but soft tissue that holds our hands and finger bones together. So if nails were put through the palms, they ripped out as the body sagged on the nails. The Romans did put the nails through the wrist, for that reason… so the nails would hold the body up on the cross.

        If we knew more about the original languages, we might learn that hands and wrists were the same word or close enough that it didn’t matter. Or somebody translating Hebrew to Greek got confused and it’s been that way ever since… etc.

        Ultimately, I don’t think it matters much. It would be nice if we could solve some of these discrepancies but how is anyone going to actually prove anything? Jesus Himself would have to appear among us to settle the question.

        1. Annie, I had that very same thought as I was writing last night— that hands and wrists might have been considered part of the same thing.
          The important thing for all of us to bear in mind, is not to get into dissension over trifles.
          I think that most of us are on here because we enjoyed the Burpo’s book.
          There always be those who will try to argue their way out of believing ANYTHING, but those of us who have faith must maintain unity & agreement in the basics, and not allow anything to derail our faith. And the point you made is since Jesus Himself hasn’t appeared among us in November 2011, we should focus on the main things, the ones that DO matter, and the ones that promote unity.

  97. Akiane’s prince of peace is a man who modeled for her. Her story is on the hour of power segment. It will never add up to the Shroud of Turin.

  98. Just finished the book “Heaven is for Real”. Such an amazing story. I’ve always been intrigued by NDE but even more so now. I’m finding myself wanting to pass on from this physical world just to experience the joy of Heaven the way Coltron Burpo did. If God wants me to “come back”, then He is not ready for me. May His will be done.

    However, what bothers me about all the questions about “is God for real?”, “is His son for real?”, etc, etc, etc…. We all know what Jesus said to Thomas,,, so why not be blessed for believing even though one has not seen”. It’s certainly a better alternative. When you do believe (and I do) all thoughts about God,Jesus, Heaven become real in your heart and soul.
    The physical life you lead, when you believe, makes you a better person and one who is trying to do God’s work. The blessings are abundant.

    Although I’m a practicing Catholic, being a Christian and believer comes first. Let’s all love God and our neighbors as we are asked to do by the one who has given us eternal life, just for the asking.

  99. Dearest AnnieCee, oh goodness. I am someone who found this site as I have the two paintings of Jesus by Akiane Kramarik and I also had a near-death experience. Somehow I think we are closer in our love of God than you think. And I truly admire your choice to be a passionate advocate for God :)

    This forum is obviously not optimal for a conversation like this, but just to briefly respond to your latest note in this thread ..

    Personally experiencing God does not result in “interpretation” of Truth as that is not the way of God. God IS faithful, gracious, and unchanging, not misleading or capricious. Although interpreting the words of God in the Bible, or any other text or thought, without direct conversation with God does result in infinite interpretations!

    Also, God is neither passive nor distant as many believe, and spans all of the religions, philosophies, and sciences of this world. The amazing beauty of God is everywhere, yet historically, most of us have been unable to see this. Jesus happened to be one of the few human beings who walked this world as God without any veils.

    While we are “in” this world, we are advised in the Bible to not be “of” this world. Who knows what this really means? I personally had no idea until God began revealing its meaning. And believe me, the reality of God is beyond our wildest dreams. Nothing of this world is what we ‘think’.

    Anyway, you, and others here, may be interested in an infomentary called “The Star of Bethlehem” as well as the accounts documented in this film: http://bit.ly/oz8L1o . They provide further expansions to our notions of God, from the Christian perspective, and I hope they bring further enlightenment, or at minimum, greatly add to the mystery ;)

    My deepest prayer is for all to experience who they really are. Until then, Mark 12:28-34.

    In love and gratitude ♥

    1. Yes, that link is interesting. I know that there were many MANY miraculous events worldwide during a period of time from 1967-68 to 1974-75: a period of approximately 7 years. Personally I have wondered if these events began happening after the 6 Day War in Israel when the Jews gained control of Jerusalem. The 6 Day War was June 5 -10 in 1967. That’s the only significant event I can think of that might explain those 7 years. There were also a lot of miracles that happened during the 6 Day War.

  100. God spans all religions… Not sure what you mean by that. Mostly I’m annoyed that people want to make it out that there’s more than one Savior, and according to Jesus Himself, that’s just not true. Jesus is the only Way. In Colton’s book, the child is so adamant that people must know Jesus before they die! I love that part.

    If we try to figure out ahead of time how God will handle Judgment Day, our frail brains come up with all kinds of strange theories. I think we should leave it alone before we say something silly. We know God will be fair about it.

    God spans all religions… I can agree with this to a degree. Not that God represents or is part of all religions, but rather: that God is ABOVE all religions. And I say that in it’s most ironic sense. He is above it all, beyond it all… so far above and beyond that God has nothing to do with any of them. What God looks at is His Only Son and those who follow Him. Jesus didn’t come to start a Religion: Jesus said over and over that He wanted us to have a relationship with His Father.

    Even Christianity can become a mere “religion” if it’s followers engage in legalism instead of relationship.

  101. I have read “Heaven is For Real”, and was very moved by this testimony. I was equally moved by the testimony in “23 Minutes in Hell”. If you’ve read one, please read the other. The main point of both books is that “GOD LOVES YOU”. After a brain anyerism and a few stroke before I hit 42, I am not afraid of death and I can’t wait to finally “go home” and meet Him myself.

    1. CJ Cinkole :
      I was equally moved by the testimony in “23 Minutes in Hell”.

      That sounds very interesting! I will look it up, thanks. And I agree with you: heaven looks better and better every day! :)

  102. On October 11 of this year, I lost my youngest son. He was 33. I begged God to please let him live, to take me instead. Please Lord just let him come home like he always did. When we got home, I was told to go and lay down and rest. I went to Haven’s room and sat where he always sat on his bed. I cried and I begged God not to take him. Please Lord let him come home. I heard a voice that said “He is home.” I heard the song “Peace in The Valley.” Haven had longed for peace in his life. I saw Jesus on the left side of Haven with his arm around him. They were walking into a bright light. They face each other as they walked. Talking like old friends.Haven patted his right back pocket, a habit of his to make sure he had his wallet. I saw a big smile, a smile of happiness, a smile of peace on his face. I still miss him so much and I love him. I am at peace knowing that he is with our lord.

  103. I had an experience 4 years ago. I wasnt feeling well so i layed down on the sofa. I remember my head spinning, then things went dark, then slowly there was a dim light and it started to grow brighter and brighter. Then i was walking in what seemed like clouds, i looked up and in front of me were these huge gates with scrolled designs all over it. Up in the left corner i saw what looked like a neon sign and it would fade from saying Heaven to fading out, then fade back and saying exit. I still dont understand that. I walked thru the gates and walked in these clouds, as i was walking i noticed more peoplle around me. Then suddenly i was pulled into what i still call a worm hole, i remember going realy fast in all sorts of directions, i could feel the wind on me and even the mist from clouds, and i remember lights flashing as i went thru. It was so awesome!! Then i was let down and standing in a street and there were hundreds of people walking along with me to a town just in front of us. I remember i saw my Grandmothers and Grandfathers and other family members. I remember my mom saying “I saw Judy Goodall, and she is so beautiful now” . (Judy was a friend that had passed away 12 years ago). I remember seeing my dad. And i remember seeing a man in a white robe walking along with us, somehow i knew who he was (Jesus). People were talking but i couldnt realy make out what they were saying. Then we were in a small town. I walked around it looking for my friend Rich, i went into stores, resturants, houses but couldnt find him. I remember sitting in this HUGE library and a big book was open on the table in front of me and i remember seeing names and dates. Then i got up went outside and thats when i realized how quiet it was, no car motors no horns no humming fans, you could hear birds chirping and dogs barking lightly. I walked up a small hill thru a beautiful park, then walked up to an old man operating a jackhammer, but it didnt make any noise. I asked him where i am and he said “Your neither here nor there, your in the land in between” (some how it made sense). I walked a little more just amazed at the unsual quiet and looking at how beautiful it was there. Then i woke up. I was covered in what looked like a light mist and gasping for breath. and i remember i wanted to go back to that place soooo badly.

    1. Wow, that’s quite an experience, Michael. A vision, or a near-death experience? I just have to ask if you went to see your doctor after that and got checked out.

      1. Annie~ My Sister-in-Law wondered the same thing, because of my symptoms for having to lay down. I really believe i went somewhere else.. there is more to my story. There was sooo much more i saw that day, i didn’t know how many words we could write on here to tell of our experiences. To me i had to have left this world, because i never got to meet my Grandmother on my mothers side, she died a year before i was born. But i knew her face, i described her to my mom and mom started crying and told me that yes that was her. I remember there was the most awesome gold color to the sky, yet the clouds were such beautiful shades of blue and white. When i have time i will add more to this life changing experience i had.

  104. Well .. . . I just finished reading the Burpo’s book. I don’t know exactly why I am here right now but I do have a feeling it is God’s doing. I’m not even sure what, exactly, I am wanting or needing to say. I have been close to Jesus in my heart and spirit for a very long time. I am almost 53 years old. I am just so jaded by “Christians” and “church” and the struggles of this world. Becoming like little children without presumptions and prideful thoughts that make folks think they “know” God and have something up on others seems so foreign to many people who call themselves Christians. In fact, I don’t know how some folks think they do really love and know God when they are so far from LOVE. If they could only see how evident it is to a child that they are missing the mark. It makes me want to scream! I just don’t want to be clumped into that sect of people. I have a feeling that some may respond to me that this is the way of the world and the pharisees and hypocrits but somehow (and I don’t know how that is) but somehow, God wants to set the world right on Who He really is and what Love is and that there is a Voice rising up to speak the Truth. The world is just not getting it! God’s love and grace is so profound, so extreme, so magnificent. A child has a humble heart. A child doesn’t think they know it all. Here’s to God bringing us down to that place and to being people who live there, now and forever. Colton talked about the Holy Spirit being real, too, and that His power comes out to us. Lord, that Your people will be humble to ask for it. Peace.

    1. Yes, Jesus did say that “a little child will lead them.” Colton does provide the “basics” in this book… there were some things that he was particularly intent on saying. One thing that was especially important: we MUST know Jesus. Also, that Jesus REALLY loves the children!

      I’m not sure any of us can truly know what love is until we have made an effort to read about and know Jesus Christ. I hear people talking about Love and the need for more Love, but which of us even cracks our Bible open to find out what Jesus had to say about Love?

      1. AnnieCee,
        I think that Love and knowing Jesus is kind of like which came first? The chicken or the egg? Making efforts to do something never brought me closer to God. It was His love that drew me and continues to draw me. Not everyone is going to have a Bible to read but the Word became flesh and so I believe He has a way of making Himself known – even when we are not looking. <3

    2. Yes, I’ve heard of Jesus appearing to Muslims in “closed” countries. I heard about an entire village becoming Christians because one of the elders in the village had a vision that Jesus visited him. This was reported by reputable missionaries, so it’s very exciting.

      I’ve had some problems in churches that I attended too. What happened was completely inexcusable. I left two churches because of bullies. And I’m really sick of the so-called “prophets” too. Jesus wants us to know Him on our own, not rely on words that others think they have for us. And not all their prophecies come true, so what does that tell you?

      The Charismatic renewal started out as a true visitation of God in the late 60’s, and it was precious and it happened worldwide. I think it’s embarrassing that today’s Charismatics are associated with that sweet move of God in any way.

      My folks are elderly and it’s hard for them to get out, so we watch Pastor David Jeremiah’s “In Touch” program on tv now. I highly recommend it. He also has a website. I can’t see anything questionable about that ministry: the teaching is relevant, interesting and completely Bible-based and it’s not weird. We’ve been very grateful to have “real” church right in our home. For fellowship, I get together with Christian friends.

      Of course it’s best if you can find a good church to attend but many people are alienated from church now. Christians can be awful, but we ARE a work in progress and it’s important to think of that and I try not to be bitter about the past. God is always faithful and I’m so grateful for that.

      1. My church supports missionaries in Turkey, and one week we watched a video re-enactment of a true story that occurred in Turkey. Jesus appeared to a leader in a Muslim community, a man who beat his wife and had other vices. Jesus called the man by name, and said “you are mine.” The Lord touched the man’s chest in the area of his heart, and it left a permanent impression of the Jesus’ handprint seared on the man’s chest. Many salvations occurred because of the man’s testimony & changed life! (The handprint played a big role, too, of course!)

        AnnieCee, who hasn’t had problems with churches? Be it because of people who are judgmental, controlling, prideful, jealous, cliquish, cruel, selfish, gossipy, or whatever. Whenever God has a special calling or purpose for someone, guess who Satan jumps in & uses to offend the believer, and cause them to stumble? Other people. It is to your credit that you are still standing with your faith in God intact! NOBODY has the power to snatch you from God’s hand!

        My church is a mess right now— we recently lost 800 people. but I am loyally “staying put” and praying, as God winnows out the chaff & brings revival and renewal amongst those who remain. I supplement my spiritual feedings by listening to Dr. David Jeremiah’s radio program “Turning Point”, and I agree he is really “spot on” in his teachings. What is great about his messages is how easily they are applied to real life.

        You spoke of ppl being alienated from church now. The Bible speaks about a falling away in the last days. And, it IS hard to find a good Bible-based church that teaches truth. I have heard that Internet Church is the next big wave that is starting. As for me, since I am in a “real life” church which is far less than perfect, what works is keeping my eyes on Jesus and not on the people. And, like you, I can’t allow the past to hold me back, if I want to grow & move forward. I could so relate to & identify with all your comments! God bless you & your parents, and I’m glad you found a solution that works for you. God bless David Jeremiah, too!

        them to stumble? Other people.

      2. Leina, thank you for your reply, I appreciate that. And I got the name of David Jeremiah’s ministry wrong: it’s “Turning Point”, thank you for correcting it.

        The “In Touch” ministry is Dr. Charles Stanley and I like him too. Both are good. I’ve been especially impressed with Dr. Jeremiah in the past year.

  105. That is his face I have seen that face to at least twice in a dream but i want to say somthing she Could get stuff from more then god you know rember Satan appears as a angel of light.She and others need to be carful and desern rember there are two sides not just one.I know where all opening up to new things but rember to decern . Rember the garden and the tree and the snake . Dont forget test every Spirit and lesson to the Holy spirit when you dont think somthing is right, please and dont forget your bible. I am saying yes that is him and i agree with the story but rember that there are others we are told to reember that can sneek in if we do not test the spirit and know the truth jesus and his word like the bible says, Please be careful , love in christ your sister<Breyle

  106. He simply wants you to know Him and to know that He loves you. He loves you so much He sent His son to save you.

  107. I have had an interesting life. Not yet turning 40 but feeling like I am 100. My father was killed when I was 8. My mother has been married 7 times. I was molested for years. So bad that it has affected me in my adult life. My mother was addicted to drugs and alcohol. My neighbor insisted that I attend church as a child and that was how I was introduced to religion. I had a car accident at 17 and was pronounced dead during a life flight. To their amazement after several minutes of no oxygen my heart tried to beat. After many hours of heart, abdomen and other areas of surgery I was put on life support. My mother was told that there was no brain activity and that I would not survive. With no insurance they asked if they could take me off the support. My mom begged to leave me on it. Long story short after lots of rehab I walked out of that hospital. I have some problems but brain activity is not one of them. I was in a horrible abusive marriage straight out of high school. I struggled as a single parent once I finally became strong enough to leave. Somehow I always have made it back to church. I can not quote the bible and I am learning something new everyday. I did not have any heavenly experiences while I was “out”. Or atleast that I remember. I really wish that I had so that I would know WHY did he send me back to this earth!!!!??????? Is there a limit as to how much one can be put through?? I believe in God. Even though I have been through so much……more than I have listed……I still believe. I do not know if it is because I pray for a better life or something is just evident to my mind that God is real. I will keep trying to find the reason for my continued existence on this earth………

    1. Oops, my reply ended up in the wrong place. This page is getting confusing!! :)

      I think God is reaching out to you, too, Michelle. That’s why you are so convinced God is real, and He cares about you.

      One of my friends has a similar history, her life is a long series of tragedies and traumas and injuries. Her longing for love got her into several bad relationships, some of which she was lucky to survive. Two years ago she married a man who is very sweet and kind, a good Christian guy with a reputation for being steady and reliable. . I figured God would do this for her eventually because she really needs to know what it’s like to be in a decent family. And by the time she found this man, a lot of the ginger had been knocked out of her so she wasn’t looking for excitement anymore, she just wanted peace.

      I noticed that she didn’t know how to be “normal” because of the bizarre life she’d had. Now she’s very grateful for the peace of being in a quiet, normal relationship.

      When Adam & Eve ate from the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil, the serpent was right about some things. He said they would become like God, knowing good and evil. I believe this is possibly our Quest in Life, the purpose for our existance. You have encountered evil and you know what it is. There is some wisdom in knowing this, especially if God helps to process those horrible experiences so they turn into wisdom.

      You also need to understand what Goodness is… and the word “good” is so much more rich than we realize it is. The Bible says that only God is good. The little bit we know about “goodness” is only the tip of the iceberg you might say: it’s only a teeny glimpse into the immense goodness of God.

      I found this website just now, because I love the book of Hebrews where it talks about how God does everything “Better.” A better Way, a better Covenant etc.

      That’s a messianic Jewish site which is kinda cool. I thought the outline he provided was a good start on reading Hebrews in light of knowing something BETTER. YES, God has a BETTER plan for your life!

      1. Thank you. I feel always drawn to follow God. My now husband was brought up in the Jehovah Witness back ground and his mother disassosiated herself after his teens and it caused conflict for the family. She said she knew that faith was wrong while raising him but couldn’t bring herself to stop. So when I asked him to go to a baptist church he was VERY apprehensive not really believing in anything. After many years he has come to know Christ. I have to think that maybe I was to show him to the path. I have many things to be thankful for but on the other hand I am always wondering why I was put through all that I have. I guess in the end everything will work out. I will stay true to what I feel is the truth. Thank you for the kind words.

        1. I’ve been asking “Why?” a lot, myself, lately. Trying to make sense of a lot of things. I do think that people who have always had it good, always had the best, always been provided for: it seems that such people don’t have as much to offer those who are hurting.

          Jesus can identify with us in all our sorrows, because of the things he suffered. He can weep with those who weep. The cross we bear is possibly preparing us, training us to provide “first aid” for wounded souls too.

          Pain and loss are truly the fires God uses to refine the soul to greater luster. This is how God converts the past into treasure worth having.

          Emily Dickson wrote, “If I can say one word in season, or soothe one pain, or help one fainting robin into its nest again: I have not lived in vain.”

        2. Funny thing…I actually have begun to think that I was put through some things so that I can be sympathetic with others in that situation. I feel that I have helped a few people along the way. I guess the pain has not been in vain. I just wonder what it would be like to be “normal”. If there is such a thing. I know we are to live by faith but I would have loved for my near death experience to come along with a vision or some kind encouraging words. I feel selfish for saying it. I am jealous of the ones that have had some sort of vision.

        3. My Mom said exactly the same thing yesterday. She nearly died when she was 16, in a bad car wreck. It was a prayer group hundreds of miles away that prayed her through. Her parents got saved because of it, they knew the prayer group made all the difference.

          But Mom wishes she had some special vision or something for herself… she’s jealous of those who do. :)

          I heard recently that “normal” is only a setting on the washing machine… !

        4. I feel like your mom. I guess my faith is just being tested. It’s funny….I have never doubted that Jesus is real. It seems it has been instilled in me and something that I can not change. Even when I was away from the church in my early 20s I always had this voice telling me that something was wrong and that I needed to get back into church!

    2. Michelle, I can relate to much of what you describe about your life and had that same thought (why did I come back?). My experiences included disfigurement and impairments from childhood injuries, uninvolved parents, dysfunctional relationships and abusive marriage, and a near-fatal accident resulting in amnesia, brain injury, and long-term cognitive, nervous system, and structural damage. I did have “near-death experiences” with the last injury, yet seeing beyond the physical impairments was very difficult. At 40, I too felt 100 — alone, successful career terminated overnight, extremely frail and weak with little understanding about why I returned and what this (seemingly) crazy life here was even about.

      After seeking healing from nearly every traditional, alternative, and spiritual treatment possible, God graciously began revealing to me what true healing, and life, is about. And suffice to say, what is being revealed is far and away beyond anything I could have ever imagined.

      The best advice I could offer is to continue trusting your truth, and go deeper within yourself for all the answers you seek. Massive shifts in our world and human consciousness have been happening for the past few decades and God is revealing to EVERY one right now. And while many share similarities in experiences and resonate with similar messages, each of our paths to Truth are unique. As you are already sensing, if/when you experience Truth, you will definitely know it beyond any doubt.

      Love .. Thy Will Be Done ♥

      1. Thank you Michele for your story. I am sorry you have experienced all that. I keep trudging forward no matter what. And just like this site that I decided to take part in I have some sort of sign everyday that Jesus is real. Things do not just work out the way that some things have. I learn something one day that becomes knowledge that I will need another day. We will all know our purpose one day. Some I guess are later than others!!

      2. Michelle, my heart SO goes out to you right now. Independent of purpose, the perceptions I held of my former “hard” life story have completely shifted, and I pray that very soon you too will shift from feeling you are “trudging forward” to feeling like you are dancing!

        The great news is, absolutely nothing is “wrong”. We are all being perfectly guided and we have never, ever been alone. While the words in Footprints in the Sand imply there could be two sets of footprints, that is not the case. We are never separate from Love, from when we arrive to when we depart, and perceiving the time in between as a special and unique adventure can be most helpful!

        Love ♥

        1. I can not wait until He returns. Until then I will hold a candle for Him. Thank you for the kind words and I will trudge on. I know that everything happens for a reason…..just I wish I knew what the game plan was!!

        2. Little Colton was particularly adamant about two things in particular: 1. WE NEED TO KNOW JESUS and 2. JESUS LOVES THE CHILDREN

          I think these two things are certainly a good map to start with. The reason why I keep pointing to Jesus, waving people toward Jesus, talking about Jesus… is because everything starts with JESUS.

          Michele mentions all the wonderful things that we begin to understand, realize, the stuff that DAWNS on us, when we have had an encounter with God. It’s not possible to put it into words. Whatever happened to her, she’s STILL floating around on God’s love. Something similar happened to my father when he got saved, and he still can’t find the words to convey what he wants people to understand about God’s love!

          If we could have mystical experiences anytime we want, we’d probably all be camped out in church 24/7 because people want to know that joy all the time, every day.

          But the only real way to know the Joy and Peace is to press ON in knowing Jesus. Just as Colton was relentless in preaching his 2 little messages, so we should be relentless in pursuing what Jesus wants from us. From ME. To be relentless in what Jesus wants of ME.

  108. No doubt that Akiane is very talented, but I do believe that she painted Bruce Marchiano (actor) (www.marchianoministries.com) as Jesus (when he played the role of Jesus in the movie “Gospel according to Matthew”. Search the web for of him!!!

  109. I honetly do not believe that anyone can go to heaven and come back they might see visions or have dreams but they cant go to heaven and then come back because if you listened closely to that testimony he could only see with one eye and if you go to heaven you are perfect because heaven is PERFECT if you really want to know if that is true read the book of Revelation in the Bible

    1. Well, he wasn’t actually completely dead yet so maybe that explains it.

      I try not to dismiss the testimony of others because it is, after all, their own testimony.

      Abraham made it clear to the rich man in hell that the testimony of the prophets was enough, if that didn’t convince the rich man’s brothers then nothing would. My point in mentioning that Bible story is this: Abraham told the rich man that the TESTIMONY of others was all that the Living would get, and it was ENOUGH.

      So I think a testimony is something that should be respected because God gives personal testimonies quite an endorsement in that story.

      Yes, we do need to discern for ourselves what is true or not, and if you’re not comfortable with it then that’s your choice too. And it’s better to err on the safe side I suppose, than be taken in by every con that comes down the pike.

    2. Anything is possible with God, remember Enoch (Genesis 5:24 And Enoch walked with God; and he was not, for God took him.) and Elijah ( 2 Kings 2:11 Then it happened, as they continued on and talked, that suddenly a chariot of fire appeared with horses of fire, and separated the two of them; and Elijah went up by a whirlwind into heaven.) Were these men perfect, probaly not. If it was a vision or they actually went, it’s still amazing.

  110. i loved reading this book and i ask God to bless us all,i can’t wait to see God and i pray that he makes it possible for us all to meet him.God bless u all.

  111. Michael Wilks :
    Annie~ I remember there was the most awesome gold color to the sky, yet the clouds were such beautiful shades of blue and white.

    I’ve been thinking about this, the gold color sky. It sounds so pretty!

    I was looking at clouds in the east yesterday; huge puffy white clouds and tinged with blue, with the sunset in the west making them pink and gold too. I don’t know why there would be clouds in heaven, but they are so beautiful maybe that’s enough reason. :)

    1. But if you remember the old man i talked to, told me i was “Inbetween” so that could easily explain the clouds where i was at. i dont think we go right to heaven when we pass away, that would defy the need for christ coming back for us.. i think we “Wait” in another place til we are all called home. I think to tho that Heaven would have clouds since they are a beautiful creation of God, i think we all have looked at clouds in awe at some point in our lives..

      1. Yes, the Bible isn’t clear how things “work” after we die. Jesus told the thief on the cross that they would be together in Paradise, which is possibly the “holding place” that you mention… A “holding place” that you describe is supported by Scripture and it’s called Paradise.

        Jesus said that the rich man suffered in Torment after he died, whereas Lazarus was comforted at Abraham’s bosom (which some scholars think is the same as Paradise mentioned in other places in the Bible.)

        I also read in Revelation recently that Jesus tells most of the people who are waiting for Jesus to set up his eternal Kingdom that they must wait and REST until the Millenium is over– that’s when everything with the devil will be settled once and for all. Then we will all go with Jesus to wherever we are going. (A vacation of 1000 years in Paradise sounds really good to me.)

        One of the prophets also mentions being caught up to the 7th Heaven, which is apparently the very special place where God the Father is. So heavens has LEVELS? That’s interesting too.

        I think if anybody believes that they can truly figure out what’s happening over there on the other side, they would have to invent or fabricate a lot of it because the Bible is vague about the afterlife. And the Bible doesn’t spell out a clear picture of the End Times either — It can drive you crazy trying to understand what Revelation means. (But the Bible says that we do get a Blessing just for reading Revelation anyway!)

        — Basically, we can look forward to GOOD things if we know Jesus.
        — Basically, we know that hell and punishment and Hades are all very terrible and we want to do what we can to avoid them.
        — Basically: we know that Jesus wins because we’ve read the end of the Story.

        Apparently these are things God wants us to be sure of. The rest of the tidbits are “appetizers.” :)

  112. I absolutely loved reading, “Heaven is for Real.” One of the things that intrigued me was Colton meeting his sister in heaven. My brother, who was 19, died almost 8 years ago from a skiing accident. I have had many dreams of my brother since then, some I believe are from God. One of my most vivid dreams was about a year and half after my brother died. In my dream, I was napping on the couch, and I woke up to see my brother sitting in a chair with two little children sitting on his lap. I asked my brother if they were my new siblings and he said, “yes.” The children looked almost like twins, both with blonde hair and blue eyes, (and fluffy cheeks, I made sure to check for that :) ). I told my mom about my dream about a month after it happened, and she said that she had two miscarriages within 2 years of each other. I knew that my mom had one miscarriage before I had my dream, but I never knew that she had two until she told me. I look forward to seeing my brother again and meeting my two “new siblings” in heaven someday!

    1. That’s an awesome story, Stephanie. Very amazing to think about. What a comfort for your family.

  113. If you like this stuff you should read Dr. Morse, a renowned Pediatrician in the Seattle, Washington area. He has done a 15 year exhaustive study on NDE’s with children only and it’s amazing!!

  114. This site just “found me” and I’m so glad! I read “Heaven Is For Real” and do believe this special child saw and told about his experiences in the way he perceived them. I think adults tend to over-analyze. Yes, I am guilty too. I looked at the picture and felt the man was maybe a little “too handsome” for Jesus. The Bible describes him as being common looking, not someone that would attract people due to his looks, but because of his message. Yet, who am I to say what Colton saw? Two people can see the same thing and describe it differently. To me, it doesn’t matter if there is a picture of Jesus…..or Noah’s Ark is found. We are blessed, because we “believe without seeing.” I really think that if we have faith, we don’t need justification by our five senses…..and for some who do not believe, no amount of physical “proof” will convince them otherwise. About a week before my husband passed away, I felt he was sort of “in-between” this world and heaven. He appeared to be talking to people at times. He said the word “baby” a few times. I was a little confused about that. All of the sudden I felt in my heart, that he was speaking of the “baby” that I miscarried in 1998. When I told my stepdaughter, she also felt he was seeing heaven and that baby ( I was about 3 months pregnant when it happened…like Colton’s mom). He forms us in the womb, right? Little Colton’s description of seeing the baby in Heaven really brought peace to me.

  115. Well ,with all of these testimonies…and I haven’t read them all but what I have read I must admit…are sincere,compelling and believable.WHY ARE THEY BELIEVABLE ?

    Because 40 years ago I was lying in a hospital bed wasted away from too much street drugs and in a very weak state.It was all within the same hour that I was admitted when something happened that changed my life…I was never the same again.

    Shortly after being admitted I was lying in the hospitable bed thinking I was slowly dying…when the fear of death and the unknown was racing through my mind and so I began to call out or pray to God.I was a little delirious but I remember exactly what I said and exactly what happened after wards.

    Earlier before being admitted I really didn’t care if I was dying because I was so terribly disappointed in myself and in my inability to live according to my conscience and according to what I felt was a more decent way to live my life.
    As I began to my prayer or what was then “a cry of desperation”…I said “God give me another chance ,I am not ready to die…I can do better with my life just give me another chance…I know I can do better”.These were the exact words on my lips,spoken slowly and in a weakened state…what happened next was nothing short of miraculous.

    I can give this testimony without fear of being thought of as trying to “standout” in my own personal experience.Because I believe I could be doing much more to share this experience with a greater number of people…and so far I have not.I have shared it…but not in great detail.I have written written poetry and created artwork relating to my “faith” and shared through music my basic Christian faith…but most do not know about how my conversion came about.

    As I was speaking about asking for another chance…I felt a sudden vibration in my heart while in the same motion my arms flung wide open and I was drawn in a sit up position.All the while a bright light was bursting upon me and I was crying aloud in the same breath,”My God it’s true ! It’s true ! Your really there ! You really care”.I never heard of St. Paul’s experience on his Way to Damascus before this…But after wards discovered how similar the experience of a great light from above was.

    The question for me is not whether heaven is real or is there a God anymore…the question is now about accountability before God…and is there more that I can do to share this and later experiences of God’s love.I believe there is…maybe a book…God knows.Please pray about that for me.Thank you and God bless.

    1. That is a wonderful, dramatic testimony of your conversion! I am always interested in the testimony of others, because each of us has our own “proof” from God; it’s a real touch from Him, something that we know within ourselves truly happened. God is real, and He cares.

      This is why Jesus said that the testimony of Believers is all this world is going to get in the way of proof. (That, and nature itself which shouts of God’s glory.) If somebody truly wants proof, God will give it to them. But He ignores the fakers and the blasphemers who don’t mean it.

  116. Okay im a 14 yr old girl who has stopped beliveing in God i struggle with depression self harm and suicidal thoughts and when i saw this painting honestly i felt more afraid then anything so maybe someone can explain that.

    1. Possibly because you’re not ready to die. Are you prepared to meet Jesus? Doesn’t seem as if you are yet.

      The thoughts that you struggle with are Doubts. Doubts about everything, most likely. Even doubts about yourself. This generation is very good at asking doubts, but they don’t know how to find answers. They can dig a hole, but don’t know what to fill it with. So all they’ve got is a hole. That’s what doubts do for us.

      Jesus got annoyed with people who doubted Him. He said many times, “Where is your faith?” He thought it was so easy, all we have to do is believe in Him so why is it so difficult? Jesus did a zillion miracles, but the Bible says that he couldn’t do many miracles when He was in Galilee because the people there didn’t have faith. I think that’s amazing: our faith is sooo important? Apparently it is.

      In the Bible book of Hebrews 11: 6 it says, “And without faith it is impossible to please God, because anyone who comes to him must believe that he exists and that he rewards those who earnestly seek him.”

      If you want to help your mind be more peaceful, I recommend reading the Bible books of Matthew, Mark, Luke and John. These tell the story of Jesus. He was such an awesome person, it’s peaceful just reading about Jesus. And John 3:16 tells us how to be Saved of course. So does Hebrews 11:6 (above).

    2. I want to add that Jesus said He came to give us LIFE and to give it more abundantly. And I encourage you again to read the Bible, especially the New Testament.

      And I hope there is someone in your life you can talk to. Make an effort to find someone or go to a school counselor if you need to. You shouldn’t deal with your depression alone. You have a lot to live for, and life is good.

      This video by Pam Thum is very comforting, perhaps you will like it:

    3. Ronnie,

      God has not stopped believing in you! =) He is passionate in his thoughts of hope, love and a great future – on purpose, just for you. If you have a bible, take a look at Jeremiah 29:11.

      and… I promise (more importantly God promises) that there is HOPE for your future. Lots and lots and lots and lots and lots of and lots of hope for YOUR future.

      I think that depression and low-spirit comes from pushed down anger. Anger can stem from fear, guilt or feelings of lack of self worth or not realizing how you are truly valuable and valued by God. Fear, anger, guilt and condemnation (self contempt??) may come from lying thoughts about how God sees you and thus how you respond to Him.

      God is not angry or disappointed. He is pleased with you and would like you to talk to Him – no matter what condition you are in. Ronnie, He wants a one on one relationship with you. He wants to hang with you, to kick-it with You. the bible says he can’t stop thinking about YOU.

      Regarding the painting: I can see that the expression in the eyes could come across intimidating. Perhaps it is to show you that the root of the depression is from false fear: that is: insecurity (not feeling safe) and inferiority (not feeling valued or valuable). The only “right” fear -is that of respect for God and proper respect for ourselves and rightful authority. Any other kind of fear is to keep us from trusting God’s amazing grace, love and mercy.

      The Bible says perfect love drives out fear and that he who fears is not made perfect in love. It says fear has torment. I think this is related to the fear of punishment.
      Punishment is related to guilt for wrong-doing – but when we place our trust in the fact that Jesus took the punishment for our wrong-doing — we have peace with God.

      Jesus took all of the punishment for us – so that God could lavish upon us ALL of is love. This is love, not that we love God, but that he loved us and gave Jesus (his son) to be the atoning sacrifice for all our wrong-doing.

      For God so loved the world that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosever believes on Him should not perish, but have eternal life. John 3:16

      God did not send his Son into the world to condemn the world, but that the world through Him might be saved. John 3:17

      Please ask Him to help you trust Him – and he will. kindest regards.

    4. I will pray for you, that you will understand that God loves you ,and that he is with you and always will be.

  117. If Jesus Christ really existed then why is there so little written about him. A few paragraphs by Josephus. This would be akin to future generations looking up JFK and finding only a few paragraphs written about him. I am a born again Christian not because I believe that Jesus Christ existed but because the meaning behind the allegory of the New Testament is a thousand times more powerful than the literal translation.And the original Christians knew the true meaning within the New Testament. How else could they allow themselves to be fed to the lions. Certainly not because of the cute story we find in the literal translation. They knew and were changed by that deeper meaning.

    1. I’ve a question for you, how can you be a christian and not belive that God loved you so much that he enough to send his one and only Son to die for you? Why would they write the whole New Testament is smbolics? And how is Jesus dieing a brutal death a ‘cute story’?

      1. LOL… cute story indeed. I’d like to suggest that Mr. Ginn read the New Testament again. When we make up our own religion based on our own ideas, we can end up in left field. If we read the Bible often (a few verses every day, at least), it helps us stay more balanced. I like the ONE YEAR BIBLE because it lays out a daily reading of approximately 1 or 2 pages and is just right. In fact, the ONE YEAR BIBLE is a Facebook app now and I really like it:

      2. There is simply no proof that a person named Jesus Christ ever existed. Only by realizing that the word Christ actually means the soul can one make sense of the many mysterious passages in the New Testament. We must read the New Testament with an open mind and not pre conceived mindsets. We must apply reason and that is why Christianity is referred to as the religion of the logos or reason and discourse. If you cannot see the allegory for Christ on the cross and his rising from the dead then just go ahead and keep believing what you want.

      3. I’ve never heard of someone who claimed to be a Christian and yet did not believe in Jesus Christ at all. You don’t seem to know much about the New Testament either. This is nonsense. You can’t believe in the Bible without believing in Jesus: he’s the main Subject from beginning to end, starting with the Fall of Man and the need for a Savior – to His return in Glory. And it’s not an allegory with hidden meaning. Jesus was real, his death was real (that’s what this Blog about the Shroud is partly all about.)

      4. Then you also believe that the story of Adam and Eve(another allegory) is real that it really happened that way. If you believe one part of the Bible is factual then you must beleive all of it is factual.And what has believing in a real Jesus Christ have to do with being Christian. There is far more to Christianity than simply worshipping a person whose existence has never been proven. If that is all you hang your Christianity on then you are certainly on shakey ground.

      5. “Think not that I am come to send peace on earth: I came not to send peace, but a sword. For I am come to set a man at variance against his father, and the daughter against her mother, and the daughter in law against her mother in law.” Mathew 10:34

        When you can explain this verse you will understand what I am talking about. But you dont understand it… do you ?

        1. James Ginn :
          “Think not that I am come to send peace on earth: I came not to send peace, but a sword. For I am come to set a man at variance against his father, and the daughter against her mother, and the daughter in law against her mother in law.” Mathew 10:34
          When you can explain this verse you will understand what I am talking about. But you dont understand it… do you ?

          Actually, I do understand it. Being a Christian tends to separate to sheep from the goats, especially if a person is committed to walking a selfless life then I think they encounter even more opposition from surprisingly disappointing persons. The devil will stop at nothing to hinder a true believer, including turning family against family. But this is happening in the world too. I read about a child recently who killed his grandmother because she wouldn’t let him play his video game. Or a son who killed his parents because his cell phone was confiscated for punishment. These things are happening, it is good vs. evil. The same conflict that began in the Garden of Eden.

          Your claim that there is no proof Jesus Christ existed is baffling. He was not a world leader and yet one of the ancient historians mentioned him. Jesus, a mere carpenter from a small village in a small country of slaves, a man who died as a common criminal among other nameless criminals… this man Jesus Christ attracted the attention of Josephus. It is quite remarkable that he is mentioned at all. And yet, our years and our calendars revolve around his birth.

          I think you’re making up your religion as you go along, I’ve never heard anything like it.

        2. He was the man whom Christianity is based upon. He performed miracles. Yet no one wrote about him. Highly unlikely.
          And as for that verse yes you are right it has to do with the great battle between those who live in their egos with all their emotions and those who are selfless and dwell more in their spiritual selves.It is amazing when you put these two types of people together one with a big ego and the other more neutral and with little ego. And hence the verse “And you shall be hated of all men for my name’s sake: ..”
          Yes it boils down to our egos versus the pure innocent neutral soul that we were born with.
          But I will never believe that Jesus Christ existed. There is simply no proof.

        3. James Ginn :
          He was the man whom Christianity is based upon. He performed miracles. Yet no one wrote about him. Highly unlikely.
          Um… I just told you that a secular historian, Josephus, mentioned him. Plus, you have the eyewitnesses of Matthew, Mark, Luke and John who wrote about Jesus’ life and death. There’s a lot that’s known about the life of Jesus Christ.

          Why do you have a problem with Him? I think that’s what you need to ask. You seem to be afraid of Jesus, and yet you’re drawn to Him. You don’t need to be afraid. Just get down on your knees and introduce yourself. Confess your need for Him as your Savior. I think you’re possibly very close to salvation. I will pray that you can overcome whatever it is that’s holding you back from knowing Jesus personally.

    2. James, If you go to the stream tv on line and go to a program called quick study they talk about the facts of the bible and I recall that there was at least 500 other books that talked about Jesus so I’m not sure where you heard there was only the one reference. I am glad that you are a born again Christian and your faith is a journey I hope you continue to look for the truth.
      Blessings James!

  118. We of so little fate.

    God said unto thee
    I love thee, I love but thee
    with a love that shall not die
    Till the moon turns old
    Till the stars turn cold
    Till the leaves in the judgement
    book unfold.

  119. This is all ridiculous, you are all claiming that Jesus and Christianity is something real. Unlike “faith”, belief in something without evidence. Just think about it, If Christianity was real, that would mean all others are false. Try to tell a Muslim that Allah had a son!!
    That would mean that you just happened to pick the “right” religion, which in this case most of the people posting, it is the one your parents raised you… In perhaps the most Christian country in the world – The USA.
    Just ask yourself the question… If this kid came back and said that Vishnu told him that Hinduism was the way and Jesus is a false god, would you switch religions??
    CT Atheist.

    1. No Christianity is not false. The New Testament is an allegory and its true meaning applies to every person ever born into this world. Its true meaning is exclusive of no one.

      1. For me, one of the main things that proves Christianity is different from all the rest is the music. No other religion has so much music, countless songs, choruses, anthems, always new music in every generation! Music that is joyful and full of celebration. Music that is full of worship and praise for God who is like none other. Worship that is full of Victory and Awe for what Christ accomplished while He was on earth. Music that is just plain fun and happy. Music for the children. Music for those who are sad and need comfort. Music, lots of it, pouring out of people who love to sing praise to the God they LOVE.

        The music alone sets Christianity far FAR apart. No religion on the planet takes even a remote second when it comes to the music. I don’t think anybody can explain away this phenomenon; why MUSIC just pours out of this religion in abundance. Maybe it’s because there is something very VERY special about Jesus Christ!

    2. So sorry for you. The only thing I can do is pray for you so you will, one day see the face of Jesus. My heart aches for for you…

      1. You’re kinder than I am able to be, Jeannie. I’m so tired of these atheists popping up everywhere to insult and bully. They are a minority, a small minority, but they’re loud, aggressive and they have very bad manners IMO. They’re also turning up the heat on their own future torment, and for that I really do feel very bad for them but it doesn’t seem as if there’s anyway to talk to them, to reach them. They have deliberately hardened their hearts against God.

    3. anteyetheist :

      Just ask yourself the question… If this kid came back and said that Vishnu told him that Hinduism was the way and Jesus is a false god, would you switch religions??
      CT Atheist.

      That Will happen but it won’t be Jesus. Revelations tells us that the anti-christ will come back to life after 3 days under the power of the Father-of-lies and will proclaim himself as Jesus. And yes, there will be false christians that will fall for it.

      1. I’m sorry, as the Messiah. Which is deceptive in itself because Christians only see Jesus as the Messiah and will assume he means Jesus. Muslims have their own Messiah that is not Jesus, and Jews don’t believe that Jesus is the Messiah either.

  120. I just finished reading Heaven is for Real and I was truly inspired and touched. It compelled me to share a story about my father. He was diagnosed with cancer at the age of 53. One week before he died, he was on constant oxygen and could barely speak without taking a few seconds in between words. He could speak one word and then had to have a deep breath to speak another word. Also during the last week of his life, he was in and out of reality. Sometimes he was lucid and sometimes he was not. Some days he recognized us and, in his labored speech, talked competely rational. On the last day of his life, all of our family was in the hospital room with him. His brother and sister were there too. He and his brother were very very close. Most of that day, he was not “with us”. EXCEPT when he looked at his brother. Although it was difficult for him to say, he kept telling him that Jesus was coming at 6 o’clock. Throughout the entire day, he would tell his brother, and only him, that Jesus was coming. We didn’t know if he was in his right mind or not. Just minutes before 6 o’clock on that Saturday afternoon, he got a “look” in his eyes. He sat himself up in the bed, with strength he hadn’t had in weeks, and said the 23rd Psalm from start to finish without taking a breath in between. He spoke as easily as you or I can. After he said the 23rd Psalm, he began to sing. Again, with no effort and his words flowed a beautiful tune. In the middle of the hymn, he died. Although I was devistated at losing him and still to this day cry over losing him so young, what a wonder thing to leave us with. Jesus did come, at 6:o’clock and carried him to heaven. After reading this book, I am even more excited to see him again. To see him well, without pain and sickness. Thank you to Colton and his family for sharing this beautiful message.

    1. What an incredibly amazing story, Jeannie. A precious memory for all your family, and now for us as well. Thank you.

      1. anteyetheist :

        Just ask yourself the question… If this kid came back and said that Vishnu told him that Hinduism was the way and Jesus is a false god, would you switch religions??
        CT Atheist.

        That Will happen but it won’t be Jesus. Revelations tells us that the anti-christ will come back to life after 3 days under the power of the Father-of-lies and will proclaim himself as Jesus. And yes, there will be false christians that will fall for it.

  121. Sorry AnnieCee! I meant to reply to something else!
    Jeanne, that is an amazing story, what a Blessing!!!

  122. I often have allergic attacks and sometimes on the brink of death due to this. One time, in 2007, i “got out” of this earthly realm. Im going to share in details that during my time in that other dimension, I heard souls’ voices, they speak in low voices. Somehow, i did not question my being there. I was closing my eyes and felt like i was lying. Suddenly, a wind blew, the voices stop and someone said the word “Jesus”. The voice was so clear. Since then, i became believer. I love Jesus.

  123. I loved reading “Heaven is for Real.” In the past few years my fear of sickness and dying began to increase. I have always been afraid of death but recently more so than ever before. I suppose I have come to realize how precious life is and how it can be lost in the blink of an eye and its frightening to think about. And although I was raised Roman Catholic I am sorry to admit that at times I have questioned if this is all for real. I don’t remember how I came to hear about this book but I’m glad that I did. I downloaded it on my Kindle and am so glad that I did because this book has changed my life in a positive way. It has deepened my faith in God and has encouraged me to build a better relationship with Him. I have always wanted to read the Bible but never could get past Genesis. My first step in building my relationship with God is to read the Bible all the way through. After reading this book I downloaded the Bible and am currently on Second Kings (Farther than I have ever gotten!). I feel my relationship with God grow stronger as I get through each book and I can’t wait to finally get into the New Testament to learn more about Jesus. I talk to Jesus all the time now and share my feelings about anything that comes to mind. Even though he doesn’t “talk back” I know that He is listening. I have recommended this book to friends and family because I believe every word. I know that there’s is nothing to be afraid of when you die because there is a paradise where we will be forever young and beautiful surrounded by God and all of our loved ones who we cherish so much on Earth.

  124. Something for the atheists to ponder: If you were to die tomorrow, are you sure about the end of your story? Is that the end? Are we just born to die? Why bother living then? What is the point?
    You have only two choices. You either accept Jesus Christ as your Lord and Savior, or you don’t! Those are the only two options. Non negotiable! You can only sit on the fence for so long!
    You may die and there is nothing after death. You just turn to dust. Accepting Jesus as your Lord and Savior wont change anything! You have nothing to lose.
    However…. When you die and you are standing before the King of King’s without accepting Him…. you lose EVERYTHING!!!
    I KNOW the end of my story!

  125. John 21

    Breakfast by the Sea

    4 But when the morning had now come, Jesus stood on the shore; yet the disciples did not know that it was Jesus. 5 Then Jesus said to them, “Children, have you any food?”

    They answered Him, “No.”

    6 And He said to them, “Cast the net on the right side of the boat, and you will find some.” So they cast, and now they were not able to draw it in because of the multitude of fish.

    7 Therefore that disciple whom Jesus loved said to Peter, “It is the Lord!” Now when Simon Peter heard that it was the Lord, he put on his outer garment (for he had removed it), and plunged into the sea. 8 But the other disciples came in the little boat (for they were not far from land, but about two hundred cubits), dragging the net with fish. 9 Then, as soon as they had come to land, they saw a fire of coals there, and fish laid on it, and bread. 10 Jesus said to them, “Bring some of the fish which you have just caught.”

    11 Simon Peter went up and dragged the net to land, full of large fish, one hundred and fifty-three; and although there were so many, the net was not broken. 12 Jesus said to them, “Come and eat breakfast.” Yet none of the disciples dared ask Him, “Who are You?”—knowing that it was the Lord. 13 Jesus then came and took the bread and gave it to them, and likewise the fish.
    14 This is now the third time Jesus showed Himself to His disciples after He was raised from the dead.

    Dear Brothers and Sisters,

    Jesus comes to you at the most opportune times. The fishermen in John 21 were most likely about to give up, it was their livelyhood to fish , a very tough but rewarding life. They were most likely up before dawn, set the sails and went out to the sea to catch fish so that they could sell them and feed their families. Jesus had already been crucified and the disciples were back out fishing for fish……On this fine morning they were not catching anything and most likely at the point of giving up….

    Have you ever been in the position that you were about to give up, feeling that you were on the wrong side….or most likely on the good side and not seeing the fruits of your labor? Either at work or in your personal life? Giving up may be the easy route to go, but remember that Jesus is always there for you, listen to Him and he will guide you through…

    Well, Jesus instructed the Disciples, they listened.

    He instructs you, He is always there for you,you just have to listen…

    Jesus was there for the Disciples, instructed them because He know’s best, He knows where the Fish are…He is the best Fishfinder….

    He knows what is right for you, He knows you, so listen to Him so that you end up on the Right Side Of A Good Thing.

    Your Brother in Christ,

    Fisherman Al

  126. In August of 2010, I lost my job of 20 years. I trust in God, and always pray that His will be done, no matter the cost, so when this catastrophe happened, I took a deep breath, walked out of the conference room, and out my good Wall St. job. Trusting God while in a storm can still be frightful so one night soon after, while in pining over what happened, and how would I financially take care of my family, I decided to meditate on the goodness of God and to praise Him in this storm, of which I went into a dreamlike state and Jesus appeared. He walked down a graduating black Onyx staircase where a thrown sat upon. He was dressed in a radiant white robe type of loose clothing, and reached out His hand to me. We then began to dance a dance I do not know of, like when a couple dancing their first dance at their wedding. He lead the dance, and I followed. The floor was made of crystal like glass. What was different this time when I saw Jesus, then other visions I’ve had of Him, was this time I saw His face. His face, skin color, hair type and body type appear like they do in this picture. He’s so beautiful and He is such a graceful dancer; words cannot describe… When I look at this picture the only thing I can think of is how much I love Him, my true husband, and the husband of us all. I can’t wait to be with Him again and dance that dance.

    1. That’s very beautiful, thank you. Especially for those of us who are single women and know what it’s like to depend on Jesus completely to pay the bills and even help with the daily frustrations of life. I had a situation today that was driving me crazy. I went out on errands and when I got home, it was all resolved as if Jesus Himself had stepped in and done it for me. (Which I kinda think he did.) I too had a lovely dream of Jesus, that helps me through the rough spots… so I appreciate yours. I know what it means to you.

  127. Maria, Praise is the perfect weapon because it brings God right down into our midst. Remember that God inhabits the praises of his people. He comes down and solves what is troubling you. Your testimony proves that. Wild praise in every circumstance, good and bad, brings the King of Kings down to help you right where you are. Awesome!

  128. When I was 19 I had the most incredibly vivid dream I have ever had. In the dream I woke up, got up from bed, got dressed, drove to my church I used to attend when I was a kid and noticed several cars parked around the main entrance. The entire dream was in real time, including the drive to the church. I remember feeling the cold of the aluminum metal on the door, the spring breeze on my skin, the smell of the old carpeting in the lobby. I walked down the front stairs to the basement of the old building where my sunday school classes had been. There were new double doors with a small vertical window above each handle. I can’t explain why I did everyting I did in the dream- I just did it. But I leaned over to look through the little window in the door. I saw all my extended family at folding tables arranged like a big “T” with the top of the T furthest from the door- my eyes were instantly drawn to the center of the top of the T where I saw Jesus sitting and looking straight at me with a smile. I never stopped to wonder who He was= I knew the split second I saw Him that He was Jesus, no doubt whatsover.
    I yanked my head back and gasped and grabbed my face and was touching my eyes to feel that they were open, almost in shock, and saying to myself outloud
    ” oh my word, it’s REALLY HIM, I’M REALLY HERE, I’M AWAKE, AND THIS ISN’T A DREAM!!!” I was SURE I was NOT dreaming.
    I moved into the room and looked up and he was still looking right at me, as if no one else were in the room. I kept touching my face and even feeling my eyes to know that I was awake and not dreaming, and every time I looked up at Him I gasped and started to hyperventilate- I could not keep staring at Him because I felt as if I was really going to faint with joy and being overwhelmed. I could feel His love as if it were a tangible thing going right into me- and touching every part of me from the inside- I felt amazing, but at the same time like I could fall to pieces from so much joy that I have never experienced on earth, and it was the same each time I looked slowly up at Him “OH MY WORD! IT’S REALLY HIM, I’M REALLY HERE, THIS IS NOT A DREAM.”
    I had to get close to Him. I just wanted to be near Him- He saw through me but loved me so profoundly that I didn’t care about anything ever except being close to Him. I remember my aunt’s gossip, and my big uncle pushed back from the table- hearing all their conversations, but I only wanted to and absolutely HAD TO be close to Him. When I got to Him I collapsed at His feet- looking down at His feet I wept such tears that as I tried to open my eyes it was like looking down from the top of running fawcettes- I never wept like that before- I was just so indescribably glad to finally see Him in person, who my heart had longed for all my life- to finally see Him for real there.
    I wanted to ask Him the only thing that mattered to me at the moment but couldn’t speak because of my sobbing, so I naturally just thought to Him, “am I gonna be with You forever?” knowing He heard my thoughts. And He leaned down, took my chin in His hand and gently brought my face up to His and said ” Ooooh yeaaaaaah” in the most loving and heart felt way. Then I woke up and it was morning for real, and I realized it was a dream, but my pillow was soaked with tears. I have shared this dream/ vision with a lot of people and always said there is not a picture that exists that comes close to portraying the immense love and joy in the face that I saw. But when I saw the painting by Akiane, it really stunned me how it looked like Jesus . In my dream there was so much radiance in His face and eyes that it was as if sunlight was coming from Him instead of to Him, and His eyes looked like they were full of sunlight- dazzlingly gorgeous, like flecks of gold sparkling in them- even though we were in a dull room with flourescent lighting. I’m 44 and I still remember all the details as if it happened this morning. But my faith is in Jesus, not a dream. I do believe I saw Him in person that night though. I believe that we will all recognize Him the instant we see Him, even if it’s across a vast room full of people. I believe that everyone who longs for Him will have the most immeasurable joy to see face to face for the first time the lover of their soul. For now we see dimly, but then we will see Him face to face.

  129. I just read Heaven Is for real and looked at the Prince of peace: the resurection and I am Just 11 and Jesus’s eyes are SO BEAUTIFUL And THE COLOR IS NOT FROM EARTH THAT I CAN CLEARLY SAY!

  130. I had a near death experience also. I was in a car accident at 75 mph. I knew the Lord was with me..”but nothing happened until I said JESUS.” A light came into my car and it was so bright I couldn’t see out of the windshield. I was at total peace. I didn’t here the CD playing and I wasn’t scared. HE spoke to me. He told me ” I allowed you to think you were driving, but I was driving all along. Be yea anxious for nothing.” The car spun out of control across 3 lanes, went up an enbankment and hit a cement block that held up an exit sign causing the windows to blow out and the two front tires to blow. The car stood “90 degrees” up in the air spinning,then landed on the guard rail, sliding about 25 yards on top of it. Then it rolled off and landed on its side. When the car landed, I came back to my body. It was like a video going backwards or something (hard to explain it). Then I heard the cd playing, car running, and people yelling call 911. I climbed out the driver window(which had been blown out) raised my hands in the air and said, “Don’t worry the Lord was with me.” Their jaws dropped. I didn’t have a bump, bruise, or even a headache! I KNOW HE’s REAL! I SAW death looking at me. It was sitting on the hood of my car as a shadow silhouette, waiting for a response of fear, but God had put a partition between us. PRAISE THE LORD!!! Hallelujah!!! He saved me! HIS Love, grace and mercy. LOVE did it for me and will do it for you too. All you have to do is call on HIM, JESUS!!!!

    1. Glory to God Lee, what a testimony! My mother always told me, if you can’t think of what to pray when you are in a situation, just say His Name, “Jesus”. When I was a girl, I was visited and harassed by demons. Probably because when I was ten years old my friends and I for a short time played with a wigi board, and I made friends with a new girl in the neighborhood whose mother was a witch. At that time, no one knew what to do about the situation. At last, when I was about 14 my other was going to talk to the priest in my parish. However, one night while having one of these visits, I was able to get the Lord’s name out of my mouth, and at the speed of thought the demon vanished. That’s when I learned about the power in His Name… that beautiful Name. Last week a believer friend and I got together for an after Holiday get together. We talked about all the things God is doing, and has done in our lives. She told me that recently, her brother who is a Psychiatrist (non-believer) and his wife; a lawyer (and believer) were in a would be mortal car accident in their Lexis car. After they left my friend’s home that night something came over my friend to pray for them for their long car ride back home from New Jersey to Philadelphia. Their car was struck, and flipped onto its top, completely flattening and crushing it. While they were still inside, they heard the police, paramedics and fire company talking among themselves about cutting the car open with the jaws of life, and preparing themselves for what would be inside. Once they cut the car apart, they were completely shocked to find the two of the alive and untouched. My friend’s brother gave the credit to the Lexis, but his wife and my friend knew it was God. Sad for him, grand for his wife and my friend.

      1. I really enjoy the personal stories on this blog; of miraculous intervention and divine encouragement. Jesus said, “My sheep hear my voice and know me.”

        I feel very sorry for those who don’t experience the personal touch of Jesus in their lives. It’s also very sad and frustrating when someone (like that unsaved brother) refuses to acknowledge God’s mercy in his life.

      2. Maria, a friend of mine had a similar experiences when she was a child. She learned to pray to Jesus and the demons would leave. Her family didn’t believe her, that she was seeing these things in her bedroom but Jesus helped her. She learned later that witches had lived on that property before her family did. Her father also apologized to her many years later for not believing her.

  131. The book has been translated in Finnish. I read it Yesterday. It was and is so wonderful. Thank you so much. My husband doesnt want to hear of these kind of stories at all. He said that they are not true. I am so sorry for him. Please pray for him. He is like the one Colton was asking did he know Jesus. Well I love the book, Holy Spirit came in to my life in 1994 so I know what Colton is talking about, everything is in Bible and Colton saw so much! God bless all the readers. Thank you for writing this book!

    1. Seija, I knew that the book was a #1 New York Times Bestseller, but I had no idea it had been translated into Finnish! It was only first published in 2010, and this is only the first month of 2012! Well, God is at work, speedily blessing many with the opportunity to read this inspiring, faith-building book! It is amazing to hear how far-reaching the blessing of this book is becoming! I am praying that God will use this blog to get many prayers going for your husband to recognize the truth, and come to know Jesus, too.

  132. I just read the Heaven is for Real story. I couldn’t put it down. I am a self taught artist who testifies God is at the end of my paintbrush. I know not what I do except he is with me every stroke I take. Clouds are my favorite image to paint.
    After reading this book I am even more convinced God is painting right alongside me. Paintforgod kim

  133. I read the book ..Heaven if for is for real…. i lost a son at 21/2… hit by truck…… this book helped me so much…..just some questions if god loves kids… why make so many suffer… i was lucky my son died right away… but he died with smile on face……guess i will leave god to answer that when i get there…God Bless everyone

    1. Your son died with a smile on his face? His angels must have been there to help him so he wouldn’t be frightened. He must have seen something truly wonderful.

      Jesus pulled a small child into his lap and told his disciples, “In order to enter the Kingdom of Heaven, we must be like these little ones.” And, “Their angels in heaven always have access to the Father.” Those are such wonderful verses: they give us a little insight into heaven and God the Father. God really loves the children!!

      1. Hi AnnieCee. You are a very special person as I find you giving support to a lot of these testimonials. God bless you and everyone on this blog.

        AnnieCee, I tried to get into your website, but encountered technical problems. Can you fix it? thanks.

  134. i know i went though same thing as father did…… i blamed god for taking my son.. and didn’t believe in him…. but then was told i had a very special son… and god needed him more… and i truley believe that……….

  135. Thank you all for sharing your stories………i do believe… but more so now.. Forgive me God not enough faith………..I HAVE IT NOW

  136. Linda I’m writing to you at 6 am EST by the spirit of God. I’m Maria, who wrote on this blog for the first time on January 13. This is new for me, as I don’t usually blog with strangers. However, even though I’m tired, I believe God wants me to share my story with you. Only a few people know it, because it is hard for me sometimes to share this particular story.

    Thirty years ago when I was 21, I had an audible encounter with Father God that forever changed me. About a year later, I had a vision-dream where I went to Heaven. There is much to this vision, but there is one part of the vision I think will continue to help you on your faith journey.

    At one point in my vision, angels were asked to take me and all of the hundreds, maybe thousands of people at my banquet table on a trip around Heaven. The angels came by in wagons, pulled by horses, and driven by angels. They took us around, and I saw the three Heavens, mansions, mountains, and a pond type grotto surrounded by snow (of which was not cold, just beautiful). As we were driven around, we asked the angels questions and were just enjoying the trip. During the ride I saw a building compound which looks like an Ivy League campus. The sound of young children’s voices singing was coming out of this building, so I asked one of the angels what that building was and what was going on inside. The angel said to me, “It’s where the boys live who died, but never lived, they sing before the Throne of God both day and night”.

    When I came out of this dream vision, I didn’t know what the angel meant, so I prayed about it and asked God. He told me it was where the boys who died went, and that there were babies there being raised who were sent to earth, but for one reason or another had died before they had a chance to live. At the time, I enjoyed the vision, received insight to many things that happened on that trip, but the part about the boys and where they lived didn’t make personal sense to me, because I was young and didn’t know of any babies that died.

    I got married at 30, and had my first child at 31 after a troublesome pregnancy. My husband and I tried to add to our little family for six years after my daughter was born, and then finally became pregnant. This pregnancy was far worse than the first. I was hospitalized, bed ridden, had in-home nurse care, had an in-home feeding IV and catheters dispensing medicine into my thigh 24 hours a day. I lost 48 pounds in 4 months and was close to death. The doctors decided to artificially make an opening so they could insert a feeding tube. The tube was to go in on a Tuesday, the day after Martin Luther King Day, but in morning of the Sunday before the procedure, my water broke. I was only 21 weeks along.

    Daniel was born that morning, and lived only four minutes.

    About 10:30 pm one night, about eight months after before going to sleep I decided to read a Psalm. After reading the Psalm, I closed the Bible, and asked God, what exactly was that whole event about and what possible could be the reason He allowed it to happen. Well, I didn’t get an answer, and so I shut the light and was drifting off to sleep when my daughter who had been asleep from about 8:30 pm was calling me to come in her room. She was calling mommy, mommmyyyy, mommmyyyy. Her voice was soft, and not frightened, or urgent. I got up and went inside to ask her what was the matter. She said that Jesus was standing in front of her with two angels, of which she said, my angel was there and his name was John, and He wants to tell you something. I ran and got my Bible because I was scared. I decided to test her so I asked her to ask Jesus what He wanted. She said Jesus said to her, “Let your mother know that Daniel is where the boys are, who died, but never lived…and that he sings before the Throne of God both day and night”. I stood there in the most reverent fear and trembling, because I knew that my daughter did not know my story of the vision I had so many years ago, and I knew that she really was seeing Jesus and talking with Him. In my mind, I was saying who takes care of these boys…silly thoughts that only an earthly mom would think. But Jesus knew what I was thinking and also added the following, he said, “tell your mother that Daniel is being raised by an angel named Marla.

    I must admit, even though Jesus comforted me in such a huge dramatic way, humanly, the loss of Daniel still hurts when we think about it, and I’d rather have been the one to raise him, and not Marla. However, God’s plans are perfect, and one day I will meet my son, and understand the things that I do not understand now. I’m also glad that I can at least say that I definitely know of one person who is in Heaven, my boy Daniel…and now your son.

    1. Maria that is truely AMAZING…. I think that God lets us see things when we really need to have peace. I know how hard that must have been for you to tell your story. But Jesus gave you comfort when you most needed it, and now hopefully you were able to give some other mother who is hurting some kind of peace as well..

  137. New evidence points to the Turin Shroud as a source of inspiration for Edward Elgar’s ‘Enigma’ Variations. A music cipher in Variation XIII spells ‘TURIN S’, the same movement secretly dedicated to Elgar’s hidden friend – Jesus. Elgar began work on the Variations in October 1898, five months after Secondo Pia’s famous photographic negative of the Turin Shroud became an international sensation. The timeline is credible. To learn more, visit http://enigmathemeunmasked.blogspot.com/2011/06/links-between-enigma-variations-and.html?m=1

  138. These Stories are fantastic. This painting is fantastic. I am amazed and joyfilled with tears. Each of these stories I have started crying because it makes my belifs grow stronger than I imagined possible.

  139. I just read “Heaven is for Real” and was deeply moved.
    I copied the picture of Jesus and have it on my desk !
    I plan to send the book to my son and family who are also catholic
    but never or seldom go to church . I hope the parents and the
    2 daughters will read it.(they all a ferocious readers)

    1. After reading this must read book…knowing I couldn’t put it down. I too wanted to share it. I lay down with both my teenagers to tell them. They are not big readers so I was thankful they listened. Their Nana passed away in 2008 so we were able to recall her face as she was taken up tone with the Lord. She had a huge smile on her face

  140. So let me get this straight (and I’m surprised I’m the only skeptic). Jesus was born in Israel, and his skin was dark enough that he was able to hide in Egypt, but in pictures he’s a white man with light eyes and blonde highlights? This is such typical American pious crap. And yes I do love Jesus.

    1. The Egyptians aren’t very dark. In fact many of them are very light.

      I don’t understand the problems that people have with Jesus’ skin color. We know what his nationality was. And probably every last one of ’em was tanned to a dark brown, only the rich people had pale skin I suspect. Jesus spent a lot of time outdoors, ministering to people.

      I do think it’s laughable when Jesus and Mary are portrayed as BLONDE, I don’t like it. Even though I’m blonde. I just think people should try to be accurate, and blonde isn’t very likely.

      1. Yeshua/Jesus, son of Mary. Mary was descendant of Levi, who was son of Leah. Leah was blue-eyed (or green, light anyway) (that´s why nobody wanted to marry her for her tender eyes. that was ugly in a dessert land, cause it was not practical)…
        Also, David, desendant of Juda, son of Levi..was blond and blueeyed.
        (you see this easyer when you read the bible in the original, hebrew)
        There are still now blond and blue-eyd jews, that is they are not only jews, but levites (jewsa re, correclty speaking only Juda tribe…)

    1. April 2010 I woke up very tenderly and dind´nt understand what woke me. I smelled this wonderful smell: soft as vanilla, fresh like dew, sweet like springflowers….while I, stunned, drew in my breath and smelled in wonder, I heard this very distinct voice in me: “Now I´m coming”…I looked at the watch and it was precisely midnight!!! The ten virgins, oil in the lamps…only five had oil and could come along!!!

      1. I’ve smelled that flower like scent too, and love it when it happens. Recently, shortly after retiring to sleep, I turned on my side, and had that lovely scent in front of me. I knew instantly who was standing there, and just started to praise Him. Anything I had planned to pray and meditate on just vanished, and all I could do was praise Him. I’ve also smelled the scent of Frankincense, even once as I was waited on a train platform in New York City, and everyone knows what that smells like. At the time, I belonged to a non-denominational weekly mid-day prayer meeting at St. Patrick’s Cathedral. I met with one of the priests to ask him what this meant. He said that the scent of Frankincense is associated with deliverance… either for yourself, or for someone you were praying for. So, whenever I smell Frankincense, it’s like an Angel gets its wings on “It’s a Wonderful Life”. When I smell the flowery scent, I just stop whatever I’m doing and take a lot of long deep breaths to enjoy the Lord’s presence.

        1. I Have jsut smelled it once, the night I described above. Why I wrote about it, is that I felt Jeshua wanted me to tell everbody…about His coming soon…
          But grace to you, who can smell his lovely smell more often, blessed!

        2. Rebecca, yes it is wonderful when these things happen, however, with me, I think perhaps, it’s because I constantly need the encouragement.

          It concerns me that I’m not strong enough to say that I pray to one day have faith like Mother Theresa, who walked a life of trust even though she walked it in the dark throughout her life, she still faithfully kept on even though she didn’t see, hear, or smell anything. But whatever it takes, I am grateful for “my” walk”.

          Anyway, thank you for sharing your experience, it did make me remember those special times, and how much I love when things like that happen to me. Glad that it happened to you to.

        3. Dearest, you know I think it is because you are humble enough…you know that you are weak, that you are needy. Jesus/Yeshua loves this! And also, when he finds pople who are humble enough to know about their dependance, He can give them (you) grace, love, gifts…because He knows it won´t make them proud, so its safe.
          I think He wants to give us so much more than He can, because of the danger of us becoming proud and self.sufficient..and turn away. But He longs for being able to pur out His love, that is the biggest satisfaction for him, as it is for the loving…

          So, be blessed: He loves you much and He has His pleasure in you!

  141. Exactly marymargar… it doesn’t matter what He looks like… just people Be Ready Be Ready Be Ready!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  142. I read the book too and I believe these two children were gifted by such an event I don’t know about you but on my part, I haven’t seen my God in person, but I know he exist because when I need him most he responds to me, I don’t doubt not a bit that these two wonderful children got there blessing, may God Bless them always. I can say when i was 14 he blessed me when I begged him for help, and ever since he has been there in good and bad I can’t ask for someone better to stand by me. I am proud to call myself a Christian.

    1. Yes, Richard, I know what you mean: He has been there in good and bad. There’s no doubt of it. He is the “One who sticks closer than a brother.”

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    1. Clear images of… what?? This sounds hinky, in my opinion. He doesn’t even say what he’s selling. Unpublished originals? And buy now or… what? Why is he in such a hurry.

      This has all the red flags. I wish somebody would remove it.

      1. Annie for months I have been trying to put a comment on here and finally it will let me? anyway if you or anyone else wants to see 6 genuine pictures I took of an 8′ cross and 2′ crown of thorns I took in the middle of the night I would be glad to send them, what happened is at 11pm at night after reading my bible I raised my hands and said, Lord I would like to bring some more souls into your kingdom but you have to give me the words or tell me what to say because nobody is listening to me, 4 hours later at around 3am I awoke and could not go back to sleep so got up to make coffee and looked outside and there was a full moon with all the stars out and the area was lit up nice with no smoke, clouds, fog or anything out, something told me go take pictures of your cross with the full moon, so I ran down to the barn with my camera and took the cross outside and started to snap the photos, 6 in a row about 15 seconds apart or as long as it takes to recharge the flash and the first was perfectly clear and the next 3 a glory cloud “the holy spirit of God desending upon the earth in the form of a cloud” the fod swirled around the cross and then in the fifth photo it formed into a pillar of cloud coming up from behind the cross and over heading towards Heaven and its perfect, its a true sign from God that he is with us and approves of what his son did for us on the cross, and suddenly in the sixth photo it was totally gone again, I went up to the house and poured a cup of coffee and started to go back and forth through the photos and realized what I had, you see I didn’t see any fog with my naked eyes out there and it just kept coming up on my camera, I was stunned, God sent me the pictures to show people and if a picture is worth a thousand words these are worth 6 thousand words, he gave me the words to testify as now it is so easy to just lay out the pictures and say look what happened whaen I took these photos of a cross I built…what do you think of that..and the conversation about Jesus must ensue, lol, he is so wise, anyway anyone that would like me to send them to you just write me at fortheking2010@aol.com and I will send them FREE lol I don’t know what that other guy is selling but lookes awefully suspitious, God bless everyons and I am glad to finally get through here I have been reading all your letters and wanted to say so much but it just wouldnt go through right.with

  145. I love to watch the series I survived beyond & back these kind of stories bring me closer to GOD

  146. If you enjoyed “Heaven is for Real”, you should check out a book that is touching the Midwest. It’s a true bundle of hope and inspiration. “A Mother’s Journey of Love, Loss & Life Beyond” by Jennifer Scalise. http://www.jenniferscaliseauthor.com You walk away with an amazing strength and this book is sure to touch the world!

  147. My friend was told to read this book because it may give her a sense of peace. they didn’t say why or anything but she figured it was because she just lost her beloved horse. It talked about the animals and the horses and it helped reassure her that Special had made it to Heaven. She told her sister to read it. Her is my best friend. She is not a big reader but read this book. In July of 2011, she miscarried triplets. She told me that she cried the hardest she has cried in a long time when she read about the little girl being in Heaven. It also gave her comfort that her horse who had died Christmas 2010 was safe. I was told by both of them to read this book. I did. It makes me tear up even thinking about certain parts of this novel. It is so touching and reassuring to know that my loved ones lost are safe and flying with the wings of angels. Strangely, when I say the “prince of Peace” portrait, I had an intense feeling of joy/sadness/and a large mixture of other emotions all at once. I believe this is true and will continue to spread the word to read this.

    1. Dear Sara M: Hi and welcome to this blog. I’m Maria and I just joined this blog on 1/10/2012, and I’m writing to you to let you know that I’ve seen heaven and there are horses there. When people argue that there aren’t animals in heaven, I just say to myself that they must not have read their Bible. The Book of Revelation tells of Jesus’ return while riding on a horse to the battle of Armageddon. If God doesn’t love animals, then why would He have created them in the Garden of Eden in the first place…He even created them before creating Eve! And why would it be so important for Him to instruct Noah to build an enormous arc to save so many of them? Why not just have Noah save himself and his family? Animals are very important to Him.
      While in Heaven, I came upon a compound like building that hosted and housed boys being raised by Angels, who were learning music and they were singing. My blog entry on 1/24/12 tells more about the boys in Heaven. Now, I am sure that many many people would say that this is just a story, or a hallucination or something like that, well all I have to say is that I had the vision in or around 1982 at the age of 22, and everyone knows that it is not cool for a 22 years old to be telling a story of a vision of Heaven, it was not something at the time I was desiring for myself. I’m an everyday Italian girl from Brooklyn, now a wife and mother, living in a bedroom community in New Jersey, who loves God and loves His beautiful Son, and is humbly grateful for His Holy Spirit. I hope to have blessed you more about animals and children being in Heaven. Bless you and thank you for sharing your story.

    2. It says in the bible about animals: don´t take the egs out of a nest, dont cook an animal in the mothers milk (that would be cruel), and it says claerly somewhere that God cares ablout both humans and animals…

  148. Young Colton Burpo and Akiane Kramarik have been blessed by G-d with their visions thus making it possible for us to see special insights into the realm beyond the curtain of death. The Prince of Peace is so real with the message that Jesus really loves the children! Thanks be to G-d for his love. Thanks to Colton and Akiane for sharing with the world their visions.

  149. Colton Burpo is similar to what happen to my Daughter 3/04/1993 she had a vision when she had a fight with a classmate she went to say sorry to the girl and after that it happen there’s a pole that she hold on all of a sudden she went to trance and she cant open her eyes.the vision starts she was on the cross looking down and sees all the people beneath the cross they were wearing long white clothes and wearing sandals.brought her to the bear cave thats what she called and lay her on the rock bed. she saw 2 angels and told her to raise her hands she was raising up(sorry about my grammar english is second language but i will try my best to recall what she told me she was 10yrs old back then).when they are near heaven she said that heaven is so bright that she forgot her sunglasses. when she entered heaven the angel shout who can open the book.the book was sealed she said me she did and her face became red to wash the redness she went the pond and redness came out she said behind the throne there’ rainbow and the ponds have a lot of different fishes to it.and God show her how the earth was made she was looking for the map of Florida back then florida did not exist yet.family used to leave in florida.This events lasted about 40 days during lent she is 29 yrs old now. when this happen to my daughter brougt her to the priest told me i need to take my daughter to a psychiatrist. so I do not say anything to anybody even my husband my daughter is not his.She described heaven that all dead people go to a small tunnel going up and when you are not accepted the angel shove them. And she told me about hell she said it is on a bottom pit smokey and she met the devil and put his hand to her shoulder she got burn she said devil color is red and finger nails are long and have tail.she witness a boy got shot with a gun went to hell but he got send back kids innocent.evrybody that is in hell are smoking.She told me that anyone enter heaven become young again she mention the tree when you pluck the leaves it will grow again the path are made of gold.When she is on earth the angel bring her to heaven to eat supper she hear the bells ring.she described the table is very long and when they start to eat god pray he call himself the Almighty. the harp instrument give nice music.she told me about the fisherman that almost drown and rescued, the small girl that have a severe fever,when jesus went to the dessert walk no drinking and eating when my daughter wake up from sleep she was very thirsty.She said everything is like on a 3-d videos 10 mins is like forever.My daughter likes to draw she was in the marines for 4yrs and now she is in national guard spend a year in Iraque now still in national guard taking some classes communication just got done fire fighting classes which her real father retired fireman in the philippines.she was made in the fire department, i call her my fire baby.my husband work in realstate office keeping up computers and i work at fast food as a gm.I hope this gives somebody an eye opener to anyone that do not believe and believe that God is very real.

  150. I read the book of Colton’s experiences and I’m a firm believer of God, the son and the holy spirit. I looked at Akiane’s picture out of curiosity. I don’t dispute what she or Colton saw when in heaven. My question is did Jesus have any color in skin? Jesus is always depicted as a white man. Given the region where he was born, lived,traveled and died, is there a possibility that he was not white?

    1. Look at my earlier comment. Jesus was from Juda tribe, Juda was Leahs son and Leah was blue or greeneyed. It us often translated her having feeble, tender, week or beautiful eyes..but the word in hebrew can be translated blue. There are jees with light complexion, mainly from the tribe of Judah and Levi, Leahs descendant. On mothers side Jesus/yeshua was a levite, I think, his cousin John the baptist was anyway

    2. Actually, we don’t know. He could have been just about any skincolor shade. There are dark jews and light ones, as Rebecca explained. And because he was outside a lot he was probably dark anyway. Just about anything is POSSIBLE, because the Bible doesn’t provide a description of him. Not even his haircolor, whether he was tall or short: NOTHING. And I think that’s deliberate, so no matter who we are, we can identify with WHO Jesus is rather than what he looked like. God doesn’t want it to be a hangup, so He skipped that part when He wrote the 4 Gospels. That’s my opinion. :)

      Michael the great archangel is bronze: what a skincolor that must be! In heaven we won’t be married, it won’t matter if we’re male or female, it won’t matter what color we are and we won’t care.

      I love Colton’s book but I’m careful to avoid accepting it completely because the story was told by a very young child. Perhaps heaven was presented to Colton in ways that his baby-mind could accept and remember. So everything is most likely over-simplified. I believe most or all of what Colton reported is true, it doesn’t conflict with the Bible at any rate. But it’s coming from a baby, none the less.

      And the Bible warns against adding to scripture, in fact there’s a curse for those who try to do that. So Colton’s book cannot and does not carry the same authority as the Bible does. But it sure is fun to read!! And very encouraging, for many reasons.

      1. King David, tribe of Judah, was blond, lighteyed and had a fair complexion. My own grandfather also, we are Levites…

    3. I have 6 pictures of a 8 foot cross with a 2 foot crown of thorns I built and the Lord called me out in the middle of the night to take photos of the cross with a full moon and a glory cloud settled down on it and formed a pillar of cloud behind it, anyone that would like to see the photos just write me at fortheking2010@aol.com as far as the color of his skin” Jesus” I really don’t care if he is purplle, last week I showed the photos to a 25 year old African american man in the middle of the food court at targfet and he asked Jesus into his life right there in front of everyone as the Lord asked us to do “if you will not acknowledge me in front of other me I will not acknowledge you in front of my father: so the way I look at o it one more wonderful soul for the kingdom. again anyone that want to see a real sign from God in the form of a glory cloud behind a 8 foot cross write me and I will send it…….God bless, John the Baptist

    4. I think you’re missing the point of the question, Rebecca. Some people can’t identify with blonde and blue-eyes… for very difficult reasons and it’s very understandable.

      And since the Bible does not SAY what Jesus looked like, we REALLY do not know. Jesus was only half Levite at the very most; the other half could have been any color that God picked out of a hat. The archangel Michael is bronze in color, God could have picked that if He’d wanted to.

      People make a mistake when they try to fit something into the Bible that isn’t there. Most of the time it’s not there for a reason.

      People all around the world need to identify with Christ, and if his appearance makes it harder for some people to identify with Him: then God simply didn’t tell us. He left it out. Akiane’s painting is not a photograph of God.

      Even Christ said, “The flesh is meaningless, it is the Spirit that gives life.” We need to seek Christ in Spirit and in Truth most of all. That is our common ground.

  151. Yes, the spirit gives life..but I think it is also important that Jesus/Yeshua was a human…that is what disturbs people, because they think he must have been dark…my point ist that he didn´t need be, since Levi adn Judah tribe where light…descendants of Leah (also of Jacob of course, and he, I guess was darker).
    I think he got his human appearance from his mother, since God doesnt have one…Jesus was no angel, he had human flesh…but was the word itself, from God, his son…that is the fascinating thing.
    Of course Akianes painting is not a photograph of God, since he has no human appearance, a body…but J had actually. Noone in NT i described, are they…do we know how the apostles lokked lika or Mary or Pilate? So it´s not therefore J is not descriebed.
    But there are this really white and blond, german looking Jesuses pictures everywhere in the west…and it seems that this picture describes him most…so I know from people who met him, have seen him…

  152. I mean this picture of Akiane, not the milky-white…
    None in NT are described…what they looked like…(made some spelling-faults above)

    1. Rebecca, first of all… hi and Shalom! On January 10th I wrote my first blog about the time I had a vision where Jesus let me see His face. I just wanted to add that the time I saw Jesus when we danced, He did look like the man in the Shroud, which also looks like the picture of Akiane. What was different about His appearance though is when I saw Him, His hair was all dark, I would say black, and very shiny, without highlights, but the room we were dancing in was also dark… we were surrounded by a smooth shiny Onyx type of stone with some type slight sparkle to it, and His skin was definitely olive, and the arm He reached out to me had some noticeable black hair on it, not too woolly though, just enough to notice that it was not without hair. His eyes did look like those in the picture… they were dark brown with very little hazel color to them, the color is indescribable though because when He looks at you, you aren’t looking at the color, instead you are pierced to the core of yourself and it’s as though they are telling you of things about yourself, the world you came from, the world you are in now, eternity… love… everything all at once, at the speed of sight… it is too hard to explain. The only word that comes to mind is rapture, and the closest thing is like when two people are in love where it takes their breath away, and when they are together they feel as though everything is right with the world and themselves, without concern or fear. All I can say is that His eyes spiritually pierce you to the core of all you are, were, and ever will be. In the first vision of Jesus I ever had, I did not see His face, but I did see His body and hair from the back and side, and it did look like it does in the picture. What was different that time was that the room was brighter and lighter, perhaps the reason why the picture Jesus with highlights is maybe the boy saw Him in a lighter atmosphere.

      1. Shalom ,Maria, and thank you for sharing…your wnderful story
        I have “almost” seen him…several times, I couldn´t tell the colour of either hair nor eyes…but he looked very much like Akianes picture, but I agree…the eyes are the most important…and of course a llive person is different.
        I know somebody who saw him, and thought she had seen Jeshua/Jesus..but he looked different shich made her unsure. First when I showed her Akianes picture, she knew…
        I think that A`s picture is the closest of the pictures we know…

        Oh, I think we are so near…to His coming!!!!

        1. Rebecca, when I read the last words of your message, without me doing anything, the Holy Spirit started to rest on me, and even now as I am writing this to you, right now as I am writing this to you, I am witnessing that beautiful rapture kind of chill type of feeling. All I could say is Yes, I believe you are so very right, the time is so very near for His return. Wow, finally… Come Lord Jesus Come.

        2. I Corinthians 13, “For now we see through a glass darkly, but then we shall see face to face.”

          Be careful about enforcing your ideas… if it’s important to you to see him as blonde and blue eyed, then for YOU perhaps he is. But it’s equally as important to other people to be able to identify with Christ from their own perspective. Your eyes are faulty, so are mine, so are we all. That verse in I Corinthians 13 says we all need corrective lenses! Anything we might see here is going to be dull and different from what it’s like when we are with him.

          People who rely on visions or knowledge apart from Scripture are likely to get into error or at least off the beaten track. That’s one thing I liked about Colton’s book, they laid it out but allow the reader to decide for themselves. The story is told very gently, very kindly. If there’s truth in it, the Holy Spirit can use it.

          I have my own special little things that Jesus has given me for comfort and communion, but I don’t share it. It’s for me. Sometimes that’s the way these visions are meant: something personal between me and God, which makes it all the more precious.

          And I agree with you, the sooner the better when Christ returns! “John the Baptist” is out there telling people, warning people. He asked God for a witnessing tool, and God gave him a humdinger of a witnessing tool!!

  153. I heard about this on the News and just bought it on Amazon for my 2 daughters and I to read. For all of you that have read it, my oldest daughter just had 2 of her friends within 2 days of each other take their own lives. The boys were both 15 years old. Without going into a long story since I have not read it yet ( just bought it 15 minutes ago) would this book be something I could get for their mothers. I can not wait for my girls and I to read this book. Thank you Jesus!!

  154. There is a vivid description of Jeshua in revelations, John sees him: har and face shining white.
    That is a description of him in the heavenlys…what concerns the descrition of his humanly vody; noone in the NT is described: neither the apostles, Pilate or whosoever…
    I am not saying that I know he looks the one way or other, but there were people above in the blog who have a hard time imagining him beeing light and I explained that that is possible, since he is through his mother from Levi tribe…and Leah was faireyde, king David etc…I am describing FROM scriptures that this is possible…

    1. Hi Rebecca, Yes I think your research is interesting. I like the explanation about Leah’s eyes. Although I’m not sure why blue eyes would be offensive, unless, like you say, it’s because they’re too sensitive in the arid desert regions. I have blue eyes and I’ve wondered what the ancients did without sunglasses. Or, if Leah was nearsighted I’m sure that would be detrimental too since they didn’t have corrective lenses back then. Our modern things sure do make life better for a lot of people.

      You’re right, it’s also possible Jesus was fair. But some people really have a problem with “white” Jesus. Here’s my collection of the Face of Jesus. There’s a lot of variety. Many like to portray him with very red hair:

  155. Thanks Rebecca, for your study. John may have seen Jesus’ face shining white because in that instance, He was being revealed as God.

    1. yes, that is exactly what I think..and I wrote it in reply to someone up there who said that there are no descritptions of Jesus so we can imagine him..as we nee..but there is…one..Him as God…both God and human…in His power..for us He shows himself more like He was as on earth…John fell down like dead…He doesn´t want to frighten us, wants to helo, be our friend…and of course, Master…since He is the One…

  156. I have seen this book advertised on Crossings and thought about buying it. I love most of the comments written here. I had polio when I was almost 10 yrs. old and saw an angel when I was alone in a hospital school and felt abandoned. Just after I came strongly to the Lord, I was reading my Bible and closed my eyes to pray when I got a vision of Jesus carrying a little girl. I realized it was Jesus saying He had never abandoned me. Later my youngest daughter sent me a picture via email of Jesus carrying a 10 yr. old little girl. I saved it as it was what I had seen in my vision. God has given me songs to write and over 1400 poems at 3 AM which are now being published on Amazon.com in books of 100 poems with the profits going to different charitable organizations. I have also written a children’s book entitled “A to Z Animal Stories” with sketches, Bible verses and morals. The author of the poems are God the Father, Jesus the Son and the Holy Spirit. God asked that my name not be put on them as He is the author…I was only the vessel He used. I have seen healings of my friends through prayer and know that God exists. I can’t wait to see Him and family, friends and lives I hope God has touched through my actions. I am grateful that I had polio as it made me appreciate all that I do have. I am blessed by God and I wish blessings on all who believe that Jesus is the only way. I pray for those who don’t know Him yet. God loves them too and so do I. Thank you Jesus that You came and found this little lost sheep! I too liked the picture Akiane drew of Jesus. I’m curious about the movie Mathrew-want to see it.

  157. Today i sent a picture of akianes prince of peace painting to a good friend of mine. Later that day i recieved what is the most amazing text reply i have and will ever recieve. One of his coworkers sons had also met jesus at the age of 4. The boys name was Adden, his mom had brought him into work later that day so my friend could show him the picture. Addens remarkable reply was…Hey! How do you have a picture of jesus?! Thinking he had somehow taken a photograph of him. My friend was so blown away he asked 3 more times until Adden told him to knock it off and that that picture was 100% Jesus. May the lord be with you all. Amen.

    1. Khanh, what an amazing story. I’ve already told other people who read that book. As the Bible says, “Out of the mouth of babes… ” Matthew 21:16. This is really FUN stuff, eh? And very encouraging.

  158. I am not a child-artist but I had a vision in 2005, which I painted quickly and then wrote about. God came to me and told me about healing broken hearts. I saw Jesus binding one up with white gauze.
    He told me my message is a blessing to get many peoples’ hearts healed all over the world. I am writing books for use with different ages and cultures. As they are done we are putting a link to them on the site: http://www.healingheartbook.com

    If you get healed, or someone you know does – please share the site with as many people as you can.

    Some bad people have copied my website name and put evil stuff on their site. They put “my” in front of Healingheartbook. Please ignore them as they are spiritists. Thank you, Mary

  159. I just finished reading “Heaven is for Real.” Being Catholic I believe there is a wonderful and better life waiting for me, but this book really brought it home. I was completely mesmerized by Akiane’s painting of the Prince of Peace, even more so after seeing it in color. A dear friend of mine is near death as I write this, but as sad as it is to think about I know she has a wonderful journey ahead of her. I await that wonderful journey myself some day.

  160. When I lost my last baby I was really unhappy – I knew in my heart there would be no more . I had miscarried at just over three months. Grief is an awful feeling and it can lead to a kind of delerium when the pain of sorrow is really bad.

    I was parking my car at the local shops and was just wracked with grief. I was sobbing so hard I was lost in it really – it was hile I was in this starte I had a sense of blood falling on my hands. I looked up to see where it was coming from and Jesus was hanging on his cross dripping his blood on me and smiling at me.

    I asked him how come he was smiling. He said – when I first came up here I hoped you would come. I then asked him what it was like for him and he invited me to come up and see. I went inside his body on the cross and streatched myself into his shape so I was hanging on the cross inside him looking out his eyes so I could see what he saw.

    My whole sense of it was this most flowing love that could see all of eternity in view – there was no anger inside him just gratitude that we had helped him do the work he came to do. I felt I could hang there as long as possible the pain was so much less than the love flowing though him and out his eyes I forgot about it. I had such a good time there.

    I looked at the man who nailed Jesus to the cross and I could feel how grateful Jesus was for what the man had done for him. Jesus could not nail himself to his cross – he needed our help to be crucified. He needs our help to heal us too – he needs us to give him our pain so he can tranform it with his love. Thats how he heals us all.

    For more than six months after this I could see what Jesus saw every time I blinked and it was such a comfort.

    I now believe God gives us all gifts that heal our souls and helps us to work with him to heal the heartache of the whole world. He does the heling but needs us to help him by sharing the light he gives us with others. He wants to cover us all with his radiance because he loves us so much he can’t help it.

    This vision was transforming for me and has been a comfort for more that 30 years. I never fell pregnant again so I only have one live child – I lost 6 altogether.

    I now believe Jesus meets us all at a time and place that makes sense to each of us – even the non believers. When I encounter disbelief I know they havn’t met Jesus yet and leave it at that. Then I pray and ask God to make straight to way of the Lord. Thats what I do now – I watch wait an pray knowing God reveles Jesus to each of us at the right time. Its a nice way to live in peace.

    Thankyou everyone here for being as honest as you can be no matter what you shared. I have been blessed by you all.

    1. Diane, that’s an amazing vision. Quite a revelation… a comfort for people who have experienced extreme loss.

      The disciples expected Jesus to set up a Kingdom, which he certainly could have done with the power that he had. Instead, Christ deliberately challenged his disciples with words they couldn’t understand until only 12 were left. And then he deliberately gave himself over to the religious authorities who wanted to kill him. Why was “loss” and “failure” the path he chose? Why was the Cross such a gift for the Father? Why was blood necessary? And, where was the Love in such a hideous death?

      Your vision touches on a mystery that we can barely understand. Most of us just take it on faith because we don’t get it. You’ve had a very rare gift.

      1. many of your questions can be answered by studying the OT..the covenants…Christians (though in a covenant) generally don´t know about covenant-making, covenant- keeping…and what happens if we don´t (death…and no way of coming back…Jesus/Yeshua took it upon Him to suffer the death penalty for the covenant we, that is Israel, broke, …the new covenant is promised in Jeremia 31…with Israel and Juda..to be able to come back…only possible through death, (that is what Paul explains in for instance 1. Korinthians 7:39…with us and our worldly marriage..).Christians don´t understand either in general, that all is about marriage..once you know you see it everywhre in the bible, Gods marriage with us, and we beeing unfaithfull..that is Israel, through which God saves the whole world (salvation comes throgh the jews, that is, Gods acting through them..the chosen peolpe.) Since they were unfaithful,, with other Gods and not obeying..and the sentence for beeing unfaithful also is death…He died for us, to win back his wife, humanity, the only way that she wouldn´t be sentenced herself).and for Christians to be pruned in…the tree (Israel).

        Many mysteries are clear as the sun when you study things like this…because the OT is a picture book…to our learning, education…as Paul says in 2. Thim 3:16…but pity, the church has abandoned the roots and despised..as Paul warned not to do in Rom 11…and so doesn´t understand…

      2. There’s another kind of “understanding” that comes from brutal experience. Loss and failure are a very hard road, especially when there’s loss after loss and failure after failure. With 6 miscarriages, Dianne has known very deep grief. As a result, she can offer comfort for very deep wounds.

    2. Joni’s devotional this week says, “Like these saints, we experience the biting reality of suffering; but we also remember the enormously high price Jesus placed on a soul – suffering is bad, but a soul lost is worse (Matthew 16:26). We realize God is permitting something he hates (pain and persecution) so that something he prizes (more souls salvaged) could be achieved.

    3. WOW!!! That just blows me away how JESUS is ALWAYS there for us when we need him the most..Thank you so much for sharing your story I feel very BLESSED by you sharing…

  161. Many years ago I was trying to end a tumultuous relationship with a dangerous man. I did not know when entering into that relationship that he was a dangerous criminal with a long record. I found out in a rather scary and traumatic way, when we were actually engaged to be married. (I wont go into that part.) I will tell you that “ending it” provoked stalking in him. He followed me wherever I moved. He would leave a rose at the door step, a voice recording telling me how he couldn’t live without me-many other things over a two year period of time. After about two years of dealing with frequent moves and the terrifying stalking I finally thought I had gotten him to leave me alone and things were pretty good for me. I had a new boyfriend who I really liked, a new place to live, and a great job..

    One evening as my new boyfriend and I were watching a movie I heard a tapping at the window behind me. When I turned to look I saw my ex (the stalkers) face in the darkness practically pressed up into the glass. He was so angry and had a weird grin on his face and he just kept tapping the window. Apparently my room mate came home and he walked around to the front of the house, he explained to her that he was an old friend of mine and asked if she could let him in. She did. Not a good thing. He was a forth degree black belt and he had my new boyfriend by the neck in two seconds flat. He asked him if we had “been romantic” to put it nicely. He said if we had been romantic he was going to kill him right then. I ran, he chased me..you get the idea it wasn’t pretty. And sadly, the stalking didn’t end on this day….but something miraculous DID happen on this day after he left.

    I was very tired, and traumatized and went into my room to cry and lay down. I fell asleep….., apparently into a very deep sleep because a couple people had been trying to call me and I didn’t even hear the phone ring. Weird considering the phone was right next to my head on the bed side table. i found myself in a place (all white light) I was initially confused…and I thought to myself “Wait a minute where am I?” Just as I thought where am I-, my thought was answered telepathically. I felt warmth, love, (so much love all around me) I felt souls around me in back of me but didn’t see them (or myself actually.) I was sort of just floating there in the light “talking” telepathically with someone. I remember feeling like maybe it isn’t my time, but enjoyed the feeling so much I didn’t want to leave.(It really feels so joyful and peaceful nothing can compare here on earth, not even the birth of a child, a marriage or other precious blessings.) I think I was shown my life how it “would be” and how a husband and kids would be part of it. I believe I felt my love for them before I even knew them in a physical sense. I remember choosing to leave so I could meet them and go on with my life, I heard telepathically (But clearer and sharper than words on earth) It isn’t your time…you were brought here because you needed to know everything will be okay, it will turn out Okay.”
    I woke with such peace…peace beyond what a dream could bring. I “knew” everything would be okay…someone told me in heaven. And guess what? The stalking stopped (I should be dead.) And I have been happily very happily married for 16 years February 18th, to a true sweetheart of a man, with four great kids together. Everything turned out better than okay. I will never forget that experience…I don’t know what happened that day, but I believe the trauma triggered an NDE. I would be interested to know what others opinions are on that…

    1. If that’s what happened to you, to reassure you… I really wondered what happened to the stalker that night to make him stop completely. (I wonder what kind of NDE he might have had…)

      1. Hi Annie,
        The stalker didn’t actually leave me alone after that day, I think it was nearly a year before he finally did, but thankfully he did. I am curious about the type of NDE he would have too!
        He was a scary person, and I was pretty young and naive. Thank you for your response. :-)

    2. Hi Kristin – I call the white light THE BLISS. I was asleep one night and I was awoken by gentle waves of bright light that was so full of intense love I could hardly bear it. The waves of love started on the left side of my head and eventually filled my whole body till only my right foot was out of it. I asked God to leave my foot in this world because there would be no way I would want to come back if I was totally immersed in it.

      I call them waves of the living light of God that were conscious so I could relate to your post.

      I don’t believe you had an NDE so much as God blessed you by filling you with his love to combat the harm done to you. He filled you with his hope for the new life he promised you personally when Jesus died on the cross. Gods will is to heal our world and our lives by giving us his own incorruptible life. He was just making a deposit of it in you so you started to get a sense of it and a chance get used to it.

      God is pretty scary up close and in person – I know if he asked me to die for him I would do it because HE asked me. I know in my whole being he restrains himself to letting us know him as gently as he can because his love is so intense when he reveals his presence we never want to leave it.

      I am sure you have found this experience in your life has guided your decisions since that time. Thanks for sharing your story.


      1. Hi Dianne,

        Thank you for sharing your beautiful experience,You have have named the light perfectly. Bliss is a perfect word to describe it. Thank you for your perspective on my experience, and yes, that experience did influence my decisions and life a great deal. I am internally calm and quite content. The day I met my husband I had a very warm, loving feeling come over me suddenly. I heard a voice say “You are going to meet the man you are going to marry today.” He walked in 5 minutes after that voice popped in my head. It seems angels and God are never far away, they whisper and guide you all through this life. And it is possible to feel and hear them on occasion!

    3. Maybe my experience will help you understand?
      My ex-husband, divorcing me but not letting go…one day we talked o the phone, he bbeing wery rude…demanding to see the kids more often, but since he didn´t care about them while they were with him and they allways were in a terrible state when they came back…I refused. When he didn´t stop, i said if you don´t stop, I hang up, he dind´t, i hung up. Next thing I know he ist standing in my dorrway, I had not locked the ddor. Me sitting with the children beside me, called out: Jesus, help me…and I have no idea what happened..but: the yelling stopped at once, I felt like in a…peace, witdth, unconcious allmost, I forgot time…nextt thing that happens,,,that is that I know if, is me going to the kitchen, and seeing my wx in the hallway, wondering: What is he doing there? next thing, I sit in the kitchen beside the stove and my ex puts his hand om my knee asking, “Are you depressed?” and me…What is he doing here? Next thing, him beeing at the door, saying, calm: “I go then!” Me, “Yes, bye”, wondering: Wht is he doing there+ (I forgot completley about him in between, it seems i bacame “concsieous” only when he so to say “plunged in”.)
      Later I asked the children what they remebered, the only thing they do is me calling out: Jesus, help…
      I think a big angel came and folded us under his wings and put a halt to my ex-husband…his wing over his mouth?? :-))

      1. Hi Rebecca,

        Thank you so much for sharing your amazing story with me. It sounds as if you were protected on that day and Jesus listened to you when you called for him. I wonder, did your ex husband also change his ways permanently after this happened? How are you and your children doing now? Thank you again for sharing..:)

      2. Your ex must have been so confused. What an amazing story of divine protection. It’s a wonder that you didn’t find a few fluffy feathers lying around the house…

        One time when I was traveling alone on a business trip, a car pulled out in front of me on a wet rainy road. There was no place to go or even time to think about it. Not even time to pray but my mind said, “Jesus!” and then the steering wheel kind of jerked hard and the car slid over one lane and squeezed in between two cars… and it was all ok.

        I was in so much shock I thought I needed to call the police or something BUT then I realized that nothing had happened. Everybody was ok, there was no accident. I’ve always been convinced that an angel grabbed the wheel. And wet roads in Florida are like driving on ice: the heat brings out the oil in the road so when it rains, it’s like ice and very slippery. There’s always accidents when it rains. So that sudden maneuver on the wet road, in my opinion that was impossible.

        I had been afraid to travel alone so much, but after that I knew I wasn’t really alone.

        1. Wow Annie,

          You must really have a purpose here on earth. That is a incredible story! It seems people who have a story of divine intervention, usually have many-don’t you think? I also have many other times that were intervened upon in my life. Including one where I was attacked in a parking lot when I was 19….of course things turned out OK. It is very interesting to hear everyone’s stories and it affirms my faith in Jesus and his Angels!

        2. Yes, so many stories of God entering in and helping and people don´t talk about it in general. Yes, I think it was an angel…thanks for sharing. I have another story of an angel…in human form: ( a bit silly also). Things were happening around me and I was feeling very lonely and pressured, which made me a bit hypo…when that happens I glow somehow…I was walking the street, sad and at the same time…hypo, a bit…thinking: here I walk and are pretty and nobody sees me. Just as I thought that silly thought an elderly man came on a bike, stopped in front of me, looked at me and said: You are so beautiful, jumped onto the bike…and … disapeared!
          And I felt so comforted! It was a man, but I think it was an angel…God sent him to comfort me, and to show me, that He saw the need that was hiding behind my silly wish…(I dind´nt even realize I was wishing…even less: praying)
          But on another occasion I was the angel. I bought a bouguet of tulips, I love them in the springtime…for myself…also a little: oh, nobody buys one, I got to get one myself. I jumped onto the tram, looked around to find a place, saw an old man, and heard a voice: Go sit down beside him.. I did, and the voice (a whisper inside me): give him the flowers! I hesitated for a second (What, my flowers?)…but then I gave it to him: They are for you….he: oh, what, why? I: God told me….and you know, we chatted a little and it was his birthday that day and he was so sad, because his children didn´t contact him end he was divorced…
          I can tell you I was glader giving away the flowers and seeing Gods care for this old man..then when I had them myself…

  162. Oh, whether you had an actual NDE? No, I suspect it was more like a vision. A spiritual experience, showing you the future that God had planned for you.

    We think the spiritual realm is a long ways away, but stop to think about it: the Bible says that to be absent from the Body is to be present with the Lord. So when Christians die we are immediately in the presence of God. That doesn’t sound like a far-off place, to me!

    And we know that angels pop in and out all the time. Seen and unseen. The Bible says that we see through a glass darkly, but then we will see face to face… sometimes we can almost see what’s on the other side of that veil or darkened glass.

    When Jesus returns, the sky will be peeled back like a scroll… or you might say: like a piece of paper it will be ripped and thrown aside.

    Wow, we when think of ALL the Bible verses and ALL the spiritual experiences people have had the things we’ve seen… eternity is only a breath away. It’s all around us, it’s already here. EARTH is what’s temporary and fragile: the life to come is the one that’s REAL, which is why we should be INVESTING in that life.

    Also, the concept of Time is different in Eternity. In that place, Jesus already rules and reigns. He is already King of kings and Lord of all. It’s very comforting to know that Jesus is already in charge. It’s not a future event, it’s already a fact.

    Somehow, Jesus took care of your situation for you that night. And He also took the time to minister profound peace when you really needed it. Yours is a beautiful story and I would like to share it with a friend of mine who is dealing with a similar problem.

    1. Hi Annie

      This is how my father saw it too (from your perspective almost exactly.) Thank you for your perspective, and everything you said rings true to me. Your words are beautifully written, and touched me. You most certainly should share my story with a friend if you think it will help her. Poor thing, I hope it isn’t too bad and I hope she can get out of it-, heal and have a good life.

    2. Hello Annie,
      my mail has been flooded with comments on here lately so I thought maybe there are a few new people that would like to see the Glory cloud that setteled down behing my 8′ cross in the middle of the night into a pillar of cloud in a time lapsed 15 seconds apart 6 photo series, to see them you would have to e-mail me at fortheking2010@aol.com and put Glory cloud as the headliner for me to open it and send you the pictures, God blees everyone. John, AKA Randy John….long story, lol.

  163. I have been asked to read the books many times. I ran across it many times but never picked it up. I have a 3 yr old son who was diagnosed with leukemia Dec. 2 2009. I am always busy and stay in the hospital for periods at a time. I dont know if it seemed to hit too close to home or what the case was but i didnt run to buy the book. I decided to buy the book recently. I sat to read it while my 3 children ran around playing and being loud. I was able to finish the book and had different thoughts about it. I was wanting to believe it and love it , but I also thought this boy seems to share all his fathers literal thoughts in his visions. My son, Evan , who had turned 3 yrs old only 2 weeks before ran by just then. I laughed at my own thought , thinking haha, yeah i should show him the picture of the Prince of Peace. Evan ran by again , his sisters chasing him , he laughed. I grabbed his hand and said, hey baby come here. He slowed down , I held the book out opened to the picture. He looked at the page of the picture of PRince of Peace and then at the other that had a few pictures of family members of Colton. I looked at him , looked at his eyes to see a reaction. His eyes gazed back at the picture and said thats GOD AND MARY. I felt numb. I said , what baby …what did you say… He said, dats God … Mary … dats God mom. And just like that he ran offf. Now , i do happen to be Catholic and I pray often to our Blessed Mother. For my son to associate God and Mary seems to be for my benefit or my comfort, but i know i did not coach him or bait him. Matter of fact i asked thinking…. what the h… why not ask, and even laughed. My 3 yr old son could have said anything , anyone…or just ran off but he said GOD and Mary.

    1. Hi Kristin, welcome to this very special blog. Back in January, I wrote for the first time on this blog, telling of a time when I had a dream like vision of Heaven and of the boys that were there among other things. Your above story is so full of the Love of God, and is just beautiful. I to are from a Catholic background, and was baptized in the fire of the Holy Spirit during a Mass, while on a retreat. As the Priest was getting ready to serve the Eucharist, Father God started to audibly speak to me and after that, I remained in the Church for roughly 45 minutes after the Mass had ended, but neither the people, priest or I realized what had happened. It was as if I was there with Father God alone. Over the past 30 years, I’ve noticed the Church constantly directing focus on Jesus as the only One who should be worshiped because He alone is Savior, and that Mary’s place is to be admired, appreciated and adored, just as Jesus admired, appreciated and adored her. But, from one Catholic to another, and from one Jewish Son to His Jewish mother, I am sure Jesus has a very high and honorable place in heaven for Mary, and I’m sure He will want us to know her. Blessings to you and your children. Peace.

      1. In Colton’s story, the little boy did see Mary in heaven. Colton’s parents wanted to know what she was like. He said that she acts like a Mom. (His descriptions are so little-boy CUTE.) I love his description of the Holy Spirit: well, he’s kinda… BLUE. (I love it!)

        Colton did say that Mary was right by the throne of Jesus, so she does have a very honored place in heaven.

      2. Of course Mary is in heaven and Jesus(God) himself will continue taking care of her as he does for all his disciples. Jesus’s book…”the Bible”…tells us there are other throwns around his thrown for those who he puts there according to his own pleasure. But remember Jesus is not a mere human, he is God as well (as the son), the bible says that God is a jealous God and all worship must only go to him that he will not share his glory with another. We can admire anyone from the bible such as Moses, Abraham, David, Mary, John, Paul, Elijah, etc, but adoration of them is not in line with Jesus’s (God’s) will. There are many other heaven encounters which Jesus has given to many believers, which he reveals some awesome things. One of them showed Mary was there and she was crying because so many people focus on her, and even pray to her, she said to look toward Jesus only. Mary has been blessed by God by being the human conduit for him to be birthed naturally to earth to fulfill what he wanted to fulfill. We all should pray and believe the way she did, that is to submit ourselves wholly to Jesus and only focus, adore, and pray to him. We should not pray or “adore” no one except God himself through Jesus who is the only way to God the Father. Don’t worry about Mary, you can always have a conversation with her when you get to heaven and she will be the first one to tell you all this!

        1. Yes, that is maybe part of her heart being stung through by a sword?
          That goes for all thrue saint also, they themselves knew exactly allt theris faults, since the had so mych of Holy Spirit (and if not, they weren´t saints, because it Gods holyness…that makes us holy)…they would have screamde knowing anybodys would worship them and cried, because they knew that only Elohim and his son Yeshua are worthy…that is what the angesl in heaven sing in revelation to Elohim and his lamb: Holy, holy, holy…you alone are worthy etc…no Mary, no saints..

  164. Quando eu tinha 18 anos. Eu engravidei de um namorado, e minha mae disse: “voce so continuara morando comigo, se abortar essa crianca!”.
    Tentei de tudo para que isso nao acontecesse, mas era impossivel, pois minha familia me maltratava. chegando a inclusive me agredir fisicamente por causa da gravidez.
    Minha mae entao me levou a uma mulher que fazia abortos. e ela ja havia me preparado para o procedimento, quando eu me levantei da cama e disse que nao faria.
    Chegando em casa, fui agredida fisicamente e verbalmente novamente.
    Eu pensava que quanto mais tempo eu permanecesse gravida, mais facil seria para que ela desistisse da ideia, ja que eu correria risco de vida, se abortasse com mais meses de gravidez.
    No entanto nada a fazia mudar de ideia. Para minha surpresa, ja tinha 4 meses de gravidez, quando ela voltou a me levar a um medico que fazia aborto. Esse medico nos falou, que nao praticava abortos com mais de 4 meses de gestacao, e que nesse caso eu precisaria de uma micro cesariana. e isso so poderia ser feito nas cidades maiores.
    Minha mae levou-me entao para uma grande cidade. Foram horas e horas de viagem.
    Meu coracao estava conturbado. Eu nao queria de maneira alguma fazer o aborto, mas estava fraca, muito fraca. Nao tinha ninguem para me ajudar. Sequer o pai da crianca, que havia sido transferido para outra cidade a trabalho, e nao tinha mais contato com ele.
    Minha irma , junto a minha mae, praticavam atrocidades comigo, com a intencao que eu abortasse. Me batiam, me xingavam, e me proibiam de comer.
    Eu nao tinha saida, e nem forcas.
    Chegando na capital, nos hospedamos, e minha mae foi a clinica que nos enviaram, conversar sobre o procedimento. La ela pagou a metade do servico, e a outra metade seria paga no dia seguinte, dia em que faria o aborto.
    A clinica era muito longe de onde nos hospedamos, por isso teriamos que acordar muito cedo. Pela madrugada. e as 7 da manha ja teriamos que estar la.
    Naquela noite entao, eu nao dormi. Deitada em minha cama, apenas chorava, com o espirito muito conturbado.
    Eu chorava e chorava, e quando fechei meus olhos para enxugar as lagrimas e os abri novamente, vi um homem em pe perto de minha cama. Era um homem alto, que vestia branco, na cintura um grande cinturao preto, e a sua voz tinha extrema autoridade.
    Em nenhum momento ele me “pediu”. Ele mandava. e jamais esquecerei-me de suas palavras.
    Ao levantar os meus olhos, ele levantou o seu braco esquerdo, apontou o dedo em minha direcao e ordenou: ” VOCE NAO VAI FAZER ISSO!ESSA CRIANCA NAO TE PERTENCE! PERTENCE A MIM! FUI EU QUEM ENVIEI ESSA CRIANCA NA TERRA! E EU PRECISO DELA AQUI!”.
    Junto a essa visao, me veio tambem uma forca excomunal. Um poder de decisao que ate entao eu nao tinha.
    Junto a visao, senti um poder de ir e vir, ciente que Deus estava comigo.
    Entao, era por volta de 5 da manha. Quando logo ja iriamos partir em direcao a clinica. quando me levantei dizendo com firmeza na voz: ” Mae, levante-se, nos vamos voltar para casa!”.
    Minha mae, reagiu. xingou, contestou, mas eu estava firme.
    Eu sabia que nada iria fazer eu mudar de ideia. e ela percebeu isso.
    Reclamando muito, ela me seguia, porque decidamente eu estava voltando para casa e nada me faria mudar de ideia. O Espirito Santo tomou conta de mim naquela decisao de maneira tao grande, que uma muralha nao impediria que eu voltasse atras.
    Voltamos para nossa cidade, e la fui tocada de casa. Passei a dormir dos 4 aos 9 meses de gravidez, na casa de ferramentas do quintal. NO chao, mas eu sabia que Deus estava comigo.
    Nao podia entrar dentro da casa para comer. e se o fizesse era espancada. Tenho uma cicatriz grande em minha testa, porque com fome, aos 7 meses de gravidez, entrei na casa para pedir comida.
    Minha irma quebrou um prato de vidro em meu rosto, a mando de minha mae.
    Precisei de 13 pontos para fechar o ferimento.
    Na volta do hospital, voltei para casa de ferramentas.
    Me alimentava das plantas que tinha por la. ate mato comi.
    Passava a noite acordada, com medo da escuridao. dos ratos, das aranhas e largatixas.
    Tinha apenas um lencol para me deitar. Nao havia travesseiros, ou um colchao sequer…mas eu sabia que Deus estava comigo. Ele havia me dito isso pessoalmente.
    Quando senti as dores de parto. nao havia ninguem para me ajudar.
    No hospital nao recebi nenhuma visita de minha familia, e quando recebi alta nao havia ninguem me esperando.
    Recebi alta as 7 da manha, e 11 horas da noite, ninguem havia ido me buscar. Ja nao tinha leito para mim. O leito em que eu estava foi ocupado por outra mae. e eu aguardei por longas horas, com meu filho no colo, sentada num banco no corredor do hospital.
    11 horas da noite, um vizinho foi me buscar. Ao chegar a casa de minha mae, verifiquei que todos haviam viajado. a casa estava trancada. a energia desligada, e nao haviam trancado a agua, mas eu so tinha ali para ficar.
    Consegui abrir a porta, e la eu fiquei no escuro, e com fome…muita fome…
    Meu filho foi crescendo e crescendo. Consegui, com o tempo e depois de muito choro, conquistar minha independencia.
    Meu filho hoje, tem 25 anos de idade. E e a pessoa com a alma mais pura que conheco. Um excelente filho, honesto, estudioso e trabalhador. alem de que e o meu maior e melhor amigo terreno.
    Minha mae, que ja tem 80 anos, a muitos anos mora conosco, em minha casa. E justamente esse filho, quem cuida dela, quem compra seus remedios, suas bengalas. e faz todos os seus gostos.

    1. Thank you for your life story, Lu. It is a blessing to read your words.
      HERE is a translation (using Google translator, and I clarified some of the phrases that Google didn’t do very well with.)
      When I was 18. I got pregnant from a boyfriend, and my mother said, “so you will continue living with me, to abort this child.” I tried everything to make this not happen, but it was impossible, because my family mistreated me. reaching even physically attack me because of pregnancy. My mom then took me to a woman who did abortions. and she had already prepared me for the procedure, when I stood up and said she would not do. Arriving home, I was physically and verbally assaulted again. I thought the longer I stay pregnant, it would be easier for her to give up the idea, since I risking my life, if I aborted with more months of pregnancy. However did nothing to change his mind. To my surprise, since he was 4 months pregnant when she came to take me to a doctor who did abortions. This doctor told us, who performed abortions with no more than 4 months of gestation, and in that case I would need a micro cesarean. and this could only be done in larger cities.

      My mom then took me to a big city. There were hours and hours of travel. My heart was troubled. I do not want in any way to have an abortion, but was weak, very weak. There was nobody to help me. Even the father of the child, who had been transferred to another city to work, and had no further contact with him. My sister, with my mother, atrocities practiced with me, with the intention that I would miscarry. Beat me, called me names, and forbade me to eat. I had no outlet, and not forces.

      Arriving in the capital, we stayed, and my mother was the clinic that sent us, talk about the procedure. She paid her half of the service, and the other half would be paid the next day, the day he would do the abortion. The clinic was too far from where we stayed, so we would have to wake up very early. By dawn. and 7 am would have to already be there. That night then, I do not sleep. Lying in my bed, just crying, with the very troubled spirit.

      I cried and cried, and when I closed my eyes to wipe away the tears and opened them again, I saw a man standing near my bed. He was a tall man, dressed in white, a large waist belt black, and his voice had extreme authority. At no time did he “borrowed”. He ordered. and I will never forget his words. While raising my eyes, he raised his left arm, pointed his finger in my direction and ordered: “YOU WILL NOT DO IT! CHILD THAT YOU DO NOT BELONG! BELONG TO ME! I WENT ABOUT THIS CHILD ON EARTH sent! AND I NEED HER HERE. ”

      Along with this vision, I also came to a gallows excomunal. A power of decision that I had not until then. Along with vision, I felt a power come and go, knowing that God was with me. So, it was around 5 am. When we would go in right direction already the clinic. when I stood firmly in his voice saying: “Mother, get up, we go back home.” My mother reacted. swore, challenged, but I was firm. I knew that nothing would make me change my mind. and she knew it. Complaining a lot, she followed me, because I was decidedly back home and nothing would make me change my mind.

      The Holy Spirit came over me in that decision so so great that a wall does not prevent me back ago. We returned to our city, and it was played at home. I sleep from 4 to 9 months of pregnancy, in toolshed in the backyard. NO ground, but I knew God was with me. Could not get inside the house to eat and was beaten if I did. I have a large scar on my forehead, because hungry at 7 months pregnant, walked into the house to ask for food. My sister broke a plate of glass in my face, at the behest of my mother. It took 13 stitches to close the wound. Back from the hospital, returned home toolshed. I fed the plants that had for her. I spent the night awake, afraid of darkness, rats, spiders and lizards. There was only a blanket to lie. There was no pillow or a mattress … but even I knew God was with me. He had told me this personally.

      When I felt the pain of childbirth. there was not anyone to help me. At the hospital did not receive any visits from my family, and when I got high was not anyone waiting for me. Was discharged at 7 AM and 11 o’clock at night, no one had gone to fetch me. Ja had no bed for me. The bed where I was was occupied by another mother. and I waited for long hours with my son on my lap, sitting on a bench in the hospital corridor. 11 hours of the night, a neighbor picked me up. When you get home from my mother, I found that all had traveled. The house was locked. The power was off, and had not locked the water, but I just had to stay there. I managed to open the door, and I got it in the dark, and hungry … very hungry …

      My son was growing and growing. Could, with time and after much crying, I did gain my independence. My son now has 25 years of age. He is a person with the purest soul I know. A great son, honest, and hardworking student. Beyond that, and my biggest and best earthly friend. My mother, who already has 80 years, lives with us for many years in my house. And it is this child, who takes care of it, who buys their medications, their canes. And this son takes care of everything.

      1. God has used you to give many gifts to the world. You, yourself, you son, and your testimony. You are such a true, honest, and loyal person to God and to his kingdom. He has something so special for you both here on earth and also in heavan once you finally arrive there some day. He is building you both a mansion there now. This earth is not our home. Heaven is our home. And he is waiting there to welcome you some day. He has a plan for your son. A plan that you don’t know yet but it is so great and some day soon we will all know what that plan is. I commend you so greatly for what you went throught to have him born into this world. It was so hard for you. I don’t know another woman that would have gone through all of that. I am truly grateful for you. You are so awesoem and I can’t wait to meet you someday in heaven!

    1. No need to apologize Lu, I’m Portuguese/Canadian and I can’t read or write Portuguese! …Absolutely touching testemony…You just made my day :-)

      God bless you.


      1. Sorry spelling error, should read as “testimony”, apparently my english writing is not that great either, LOL.


  165. I’m Convinced

    I researched The Shroud of Turin up one side and down the other. Even bought a Pontius Pilate Lepton dated [CE 30] on the antiquities market to see if such a coin could have been used to close the eyes of the man on the shroud as some suggest. IMHO it is WAY to small.

    In addition, I became aware of an apparently surreptitious C14 test that caused a bit of a stir. The institute in question had their lawyers write up a letter explaining the individual in question was not a C-14 specialist, and the institution never owned the mass spectrometer mentioned.

    So I researched the institution and the model of the mass spectrometer. I am convinced the C-14 test was done, as the individual confirms, but he will not discuss it. The institution has long standing experience with mass spectrometers, and even donated one from about 1968 to a local museum or some such.

    The model listed was available on the market at about the time in question, and had at least one update. Lawyer talk. Perhaps. If they didn’t own it, perhaps it was leased. Perhaps the model had received the update and was no longer referred to by its original designation.

    So when I read Heaven Is Real I decided to see if Kiane’s Jesus resembled the image on the Shroud.


  166. I think it’s amazing that God apparently took a “photograph” of Jesus in the tomb, as if it was forensic “proof”, and left it laying around for 2000 years until photography was invented and the true worth of the Shroud was discovered. And somehow it escaped the craze for relics, so it was never diced and sold in little pieces. That, too, is remarkable.

    This is a blasphemous and skeptical generation that loves to embrace their doubts. But doubts are grievous to God who has supplied us with abundant proof of His love and care over this earth. Someone said that the Shroud is the “Sign of Jonah” for this generation and I really like that comparison: that seems to be exactly right! (The quote is in this blog somewhere, if you want to look it up.)

  167. After reading the book Heaven is Real, I don’t think anyone can look upon Akiane’s portrait of Jesus without being absolutely awestruck! I truly feel I am looking upon Christ Himself and it greatly humbles me. Do not let the bitterness of your life experiences taint what God is trying to show you!

  168. i searched for unusual images of Jesus and your image of Him came up. My experience was of His image similar to yours but with two slight differences. The first was His hair and beard which were more substantial, thick and dark. His hair was not “done” for lack of a better word. His hair was more messy but very neat and extremely thick. The second difference was his face which was slightly more square in shape but also very strong as belonging to a very strong body. This image of yours is the closest to what i experienced.

  169. I just read the book “Heaven is For Real”… this is how i found this blog, i am touched by many testimonies shared by people especially by Joe! I am raised as Catholic and a believer of Jesus. My mother (a big believer and a Catholic devotee) passed away almost 2 months ago ( one day before I gave birth to my daughter )… yes so much pain … and so much joy!!!!
    When my Mother died unexpectedly (high blood + heart failure), i somehow question God and His power, and somehow losing my faith!!!!! I was talking to my mother at Sunday morning and that was it., she left after going to church!!!! No goodbyes! Nothing!!!! I was mad at myself for I wasn’t able to call back!… we did not see each other for 5 years (she lives in the Philippines) but i’d call her every other day! We are very close! I am a Mama’s girl… But then we grew big and we left our parents house and have our own lives!!!! Though I talked to her a lot and say I love you, i still have lots of unexpress love for her!!! Our last conversation was about raising kids and about the Holy Spirit the Divine Mercy! i told her that I do believe and pray to the Holy Spirit everyday, and she said that she is very happy that I do so…. And gave me her motherly advise on how to raise my kids!!!
    After reading the book, it makes my faith more stronger…. I know where my mother now!!! and I know that i’ll see her again… Before i was scared of dying!!! But now, death doesn’t scare me anymore!!! I know i’ll be with Jesus and i’ll see my mother, my baby brother, and my grandmothers!:)
    Praying hard helps me go through this!!! I still have my ups and downs, and a bit of meltdowns, but i can feel the Holy Spirit right there….

    love and peace to everyone!!!!

  170. on the morning of july 31 1997 3:am I was driveing a gas tanker,n.of denver colo. a car was driving on the wrong side,of I-25 I never seen the car. until we hit head on. the accident happen so fast. I do remmrber that I came to sudden stop. a medic. was dranging me out of the truck. ” BUT AT MOMENT THERE WAS THIS LONG BLACK TUNNEL.I KNEW I WAS DEAD BUT THERE WAS THIS “BEING” THERE AND SAID IT IS NOT YOUR TIME YET! TRUE STORY.R.T.COFFMAN

    1. Hi Robert, that is a remarkable testimony! Wow, the world needs to hear more stories like yours. I believe more and more of these types of events are happening to people and God is allowing them so that people like you can share these stories to the unbelieving world. There is a show on FIOS TV here on the east cost called “Beyond and Back” where people tell their life after death stories. This day we are living in is so amazing, and I feel that a lot is going on in the heavens that we are not aware of… like the anticipation of a wedding! Although the news tells of horrors and sadness, and of desperate times, God is sending His message of Life! Hallelujah!

    1. To know more about Jesus, it is good to read the Bible. But do not start at the beginning of the Bible: the part about Jesus begins in the sections of Matthew, Mark, Luke and John.

      And you can pray to Jesus. The Bible says that if you seek Jesus, you will find Him: but you must do it with all your heart. You must be serious about it.

    2. Dearest Ashwini, pray for the Holy Spirit to come upon, and “in” you, He leads us into all truths about Jesus, and to know and understand everything about Him. The Book of John is a great place to begin reading the Good News. Pray for the Holy Spirit to bring you wisdom, and knowledge of Jesus Christ, He will do it, it’s His job :)

  171. i was looking for picture of our lord and it bring me here it for something i been very sick and we’ll like to get better it been four year with this illness

  172. i was looking for picture of our lord and it bring me here it for something i been very sick and we’ll like to get better it been four year with this illness

  173. in 2000 i was in a head on collision car accident .. i dont remember anything from that time , i was in a coma for 5 days , broke my hip , fractured my pelvis and i was 4 months pregnant with my daughter Destiny , neither of us were expected to make it !! when i came out of my coma , i still couldnt talk for a bit but i didnt know who anyone was , i had an 8 month old son already that i didnt remember or my parents or anything ,.. my uncle passed away when i was 15 .. i was 19 in the accident …. when i was able to talk , my mom said i told her my other uncle (who is still living) and i were driving and we seen uncle john , he told me to go home , its not my time ..!! .. he was my godfather too … i dont know if that made a difference … but even tho i dont remember , or even remember , remembering that , i still believe with my whole heart and soal that i was being watched ….. the one thing i do wish is that i could remember that !!

  174. So many blessings and thanks with a greatful heart. I pray that people will continue to inspire by all these wonderful messages most especially to Akiane and Colton for their inspiring story and to their family too for bringing out both the picture and the experience about Heaven, Jesus they’ve heard from their child.

    In many way you’ve already safed many souls and change the life of the others. I’ve read the story entitled “Heaven is for Real” it was a quite story that gives me hope and encourage my life at the same time as a Seminarian. I am very devoted Roman Catholicism. I will continue to pray for your family that will continue ot live with many blessings and continue to spread the Gospel throughout the whole World. Jesus will never leaves us as it said in Hebrew 13:8 “Jesus is today, tomorrow and forever”.

    God bless you and the commenters.

    1. I am happy that you are a Seminarian. God has chosen you especially for this very wonderful and arduous job. May God be always with you and may you spread of the Word to many.

  175. Akiane paint one thing good, the eyes of Jesus are beautiful and are light green/blue
    Ray downing painted the eyes brown. Perhabs he things all jewish people has brown eyes?
    That is not true. allot of them have green/bleu eyes and even read hair.

    Kiane well done also Ray downing great work
    The schroud of Turin is for real.

  176. My good friend took a photograph of the clouds in fairly rare a snowstorm in southern NM. We both loved the picture but didn’t know why until a child pointed to the picture and said “I see Jesus!” As we turned to look where the child pointed, His face was revealed to us.

    I believe that the purity of children allows them to see and be open to truths we can become closed off to as we become adults.

    The photograph is at http://aliapinedo.com/artwork/1358605_the_Son_in_a_sky_of_snow.html

    Some people see Him, others don’t, but it’s there if you wish to look and see for yourselves. I haven’t read Colton’s book, simply because I don’t need to – I already know in my heart it is true. Jeshua is the true Light, and He shows himself to us in countless ways every day.

    1. Yes, I can see a crown of thorns. But the picture is too grainy to see a dove. It looks more like a fish to me. :)

      It’s a cool photo and yet frustrating too, just like the grainy shadowy image on the Shroud of Turin. It makes me want to see MORE.

      I would like to link to your picture if I may. From my blog, which is on hold at the moment as I’ve been finishing a huge project. But I’m going to get back to writing soon… I love to see unusual things like this. What fun! And for those of us who believe, it’s like a kiss from the heavens.

        1. Still it make’s me think for a few days, what better then use a child to keep us all from Jesus away? Many would come in his name and allot follow. While Jesus warned us all don’t believe it because its not me. Of cause this is a beautifull story, but that is how satan works.
          Talks smoot and in a mean while believers are mislead. Follow the scriptures.

        2. Sue, I don’t know if Annie cee told you about the 6 photos of a glory cloud that decended on my 8′ cross in the middle of the night but if you would like to see them it is awesome, it desended and swirled around the cross and formed into a v shaped pillar of cloud behind the cross, unmistakable act of God, or if anyone wants to see them write me via e-mail and I will send them to you under the heading “the cross and the glory cloud” I just put the pillar picture on my gravitar account for my icon picture but I don’t know if it took, the e-mail is fortheking2010@aol.com God bless

        3. Sue I have an 8′ cross with a 2′ crown of thorns I took 6 pictures of and a glory cloud desended from Heaven onto the cross to form a v shaped pillar of cloud, deffenition of a glory cloud ” the holy spirit of God desending upon the earth in the form of a cloud ” annie cee has seen it and I think she will testify that it is no fluke or accident, truly the Holy Spirit of God was present, if you would like to see the time lapsed photos that are around 15 seconds apart write me and use the headliner ” the cross and the glory cloud” and I will send you the pictures, my e-mail is fortheking2010@aol.com or anyone else that would like to see them, I have sent these photos to people on this blog before but it has been awhile.

          God bless, John

    2. I feel this forum is a good place for me to tell you all (believers, skeptics, those who still yearn for the Truth to be revealed) of a book that tells of my personal journey and my friend Alia’s personal journey of finding the Creator and Jeshua. It tells of how she photographed Jeshua in the clouds, how both our lives were changed…. I don’t intend for this to be a self-promotion type of thing – we just want to share our story with others to spread hope and faith.

      You can find it as an ebook at http://www.amazon.com/Jesus-Seven-Angels-ebook/dp/B004VWLE9O#_ It’s titled ‘Jesus and the Seven Angels’ it’s at Barnes & Noble as well, just search by title if you’re interested.

      There’s another piece that Alia and I collaborated on – we each had a photograph that we liked but didn’t feel was complete. We brought them into one piece. It’s at http://studiowestwind.com/artwork/1518758_Ascent_Collaboration_with_Alia_Pinedo.html. Similar to Alia’s photograph of Jeshua in the clouds, this was piece turned out to be more than we originally thought. Seen from up close it is one thing, but viewed from a short distance it shows the profile of Jeshua standing, with the dove ascending above his head, its wings touching together behind its body, tail fanned out.

      Before an accident I was in about 5 1/2 years ago, I was basically an atheist. I had justified that belief from terrible past experiences, but I can see now that it was fear that held me back. The accident changed pretty much everything in my life. I’m a photographer, and about 3 years ago I was able to photograph some rediscovered and restored Tiffany stained glass windows of the Angels of Revelation. It was an experience that changed me forever, and I am so thankful for it.

      Many people struggle, as I did, with the doctrines of religion and how they relate to the Creator and to Jeshua. While the Bible is the book of passages and mysteries, it by no means tells the whole story. There is Truth in the words, and people who read it will find help with the answers they are searching for. The downside is the Bible as it is today doesn’t even contain all of the books that were written – countless have been lost or simply edited out by the church to suit their needs. While I have total belief in the Creator, Jeshua and the Angels, I do not support the idea of religion, per se. Religion is a man-made thing – which is why it is rife with the sins of man – greed, hate, manipulation in addition to the positive aspects. My ‘religion’ if you will, is love. Ask yourself this – what religion was Jeshua? Do you really believe that the Creator separated us by Muslim or Christian or Buddhist, etc? Those differences were defined by man and enforced by man under the auspices of divine or other authority. It is the same as how man defines borders of countries for their own gain and power. Jeshua is of pure love, for all – beings, creatures, fowl and foliage. All that is of life.That love is not limited by anything – borders, titles, buildings or man. Jeshua told us to look at your neighbor and see yourself – to have compassion and forgiveness.

      Even his name, Jeshua ben Joseph, was changed by the church and authorities to Jesus. How do I know this? Because Jeshua told me so in a dream, and how he wishes it were not so. The book title uses Jesus because that is what he is popularly known as, but it not his true name.

      We all have guidance given to us all the time, though you must learn how to listen with your heart and trust what it is telling you. I’m not saying it’s easy, but it is possible.

      1. Thanks for your story… I feel that you are an “enlightened” Christian which what I am trying to be. I am developing a reading list for this winter, and your book will be one of them, if it’s in our library. God bless.

      2. thank you, although I’m not sure how enlightened I am! lol Just trying everyday to be a better person. The book is only available online right now – if you need a hardcopy, please let me know.

  177. I am 57. All my life up until age 53 I questioned whether there was a God, I tried to make sense of Adam and Eve and Noah and Moses and miracles and even prayed at 15 if God existed, to make a ripple in a bowl of water I set before me one day..Nothing Happened. Most of my life was filled with sex and drugs, anger and a huge void that I thought the sex and drugs would fill. I would cuss the very God that I doubted. We never cuss Satan do we?
    At 53, my life in shambles, one night I went to my computer and typed in…Does God exist?
    Funny,it brought up about Jesus. Then it hit me. IF Jesus was the answer, I did not need to figure out the stories of the Old Testament that had once made God seem like Santa Claus, I needed to figure out if there was a Jesus, because I did know through family and people talking that Christ said he was the only way. First I had to see if there was historical evidence and was excited when I read there was, then I turned to the bible and read articles about Jesus and his diciples and it hit me in the face…The actions of his followers. Why did they go from cowards to bold after the man had died. What would do that, and what would cause them to live out thier lives for him long after he was gone. It could only be The Ressurection!!! Thats all that made sense. I was over joyed, I went to my bed, got on my knees and poured out my heart to God and begged for his forgiveness. I promised I woud go anywhere and do anything for him. I just wanted peace in my life. Minutes later I felt what surely was the Holy Spirit enter my life, I felt the biggest high I ever felt, I felt my feet were barely touching the ground. It gets better!! I was smoking Black N Mild cigars to the tune of what would have been about 3-4 packs of cigarettes a day,my addiction wasa out of control. Before I went to bed on the fourth night after being saved, I asked God to help me, that I was going to try as hard as I could to quit because I felt they were killing me. I swear what I am about to say here is the honest truth, I awoke the next day and was up for about 4 hours when I realized that I was holding strong and had not wanted yet for nicotine, hours went by and I waited for the urge, that urge to begin my battle, and it never came. I never had a withdrawel symptom, even after eating when the urge is so strong as smokers well know. I was afraid to tell anyone until midnight because I just knew it would break the magic spell if I did, but it was really gone. I never, not for one split second wanted for a smoke again.
    So funny, it hit me the next day…..The water rippled in the bowl!!!!!!! When I came to God unconditionally, he did more more for me than make a ripple in a bowl of water, a ripple that could have been explained away as something that fell from the ceiling, he took away a habit that I could not control with no effort of my own, I lay no claim to do anything, but trusting him. I never thought it would just go away, I thought I would at least have to prove I would try and fight, but what I did was believed that he loved me and knew it was bad for me and he showed me that all those times that I doubted him, that he was always there waiting for me. I got even more than living by faith alone, he took away an addiction that I know in my heart I could not have quit without at least withdraw symptoms. When the devil comes to test my faith, I have even more ammunition to believe. God was so good to me. I will never doubt his existence, and I asked in the name of Jesus, if Jesus was not the answer, God would have misled me by allowing the addiction to just go away. That is why I know that Christ is the answer and the only way to Heaven.

    1. Dear Michael, welcome to the family of God! We never forget the hour when we first believed, as a matter of fact, that moment when you knew God was real will take you throughout the rest of your life. You will reflect back upon it when the going gets rough, as well as when the going is great. You will always remember that day and that hour you first believed. Hallelujah!

    2. That’s a beautiful testimony, Michael. God has really touched you. My mother was miraculously delivered from cigarettes when she got saved, too. Not everyone who gets saved is blessed with such a sign.

      And I agree, the lives of the disciples speak volumes. I’ve only recently learned what happened to Thomas and it’s very exciting. The “doubting apostle” was actually known for amazing signs and miracles. He traveled more than Paul did, and went further. There’s an article on the National Geographic website (of all places) that tells about him. Here is a paragraph from that article:

      “Thomas is said to have raised the first cross in India and performed one of his earliest miracles: When he encountered a group of Brahmans throwing water into the air as part of a ritual, he asked why the water fell back to Earth if it was pleasing to their deity. My God, Thomas said, would accept such an offering. He then flung a great spray into the air, and the droplets hung there in the form of glistening white blossoms. Most onlookers converted on the spot; the rest fled.”

      Here’s the link to the entire article, but I loved that particular paragraph.

      I also learned, just today, that when a Catholic monk/missionary arrived in India in the 1600’s he found a well established Christian community that claimed to have been founded by Thomas. That’s 1600 years later!! I think that certainly speaks of the power of God, because only the Holy Spirit could have kept them on track for 1600 years. If it was only a man-made religion, those remote Christians would have evolved into something entirely different and unique by that time and it would not have resembled the rest of Christianity at all.

      God bless you! It’s wonderful to hear of how Jesus has touched your life. :)

  178. I read Heaven is for Real last week and was compelled to follow it with Akiane’s two books after googling her painting of Jesus and there is no doubt in my mind that God has given this girl a gift. I have not stopped thinking about Jesus since I read her book and Colton’s story, so my googling led me to this page. I read over 150 comments here and I”m so moved by them all. It is so nice to know that there are others in this world who feel the same, since for me it’s been so long I’ve felt that anyone in my life is connected with God. It seems to me that my faith was so strong when I was a child, so much so that after my mother stopped taking me to church, I continued to do so on my own and even attended a religious camp as a pioneer girl. I’m 40 now and although I never doubted my faith in God or Jesus, I stopped thinking about Him, even hardly prayed out of guilt for becoming a sinner. A few days after reading Heaven is for Real, I watched my 2 1/2 year old son skip through a swarm of flying bugs, waving his arms up and down while laughing. It amazed me how this was so new to him and I realized how innocent he was at that moment when I thought to myself, wow, I was about to yell to him to stop because I didn’t want him to get bit or to swallow one. He was having so much fun, nothing mattered to him. He did not get bit and if he swallowed one, he never complained, so I just sat and watched him play through the bugs recalling a time in my life where I used to let ants crawl over me, catch lady bugs, chase butterflys, jump in rain puddles, roll down hills and these memories made me smile. In response to Ariel’s comment #39 where she said, “I belive God has put these children on Earth to remind us to have faith as a little child, as Jesus said, ‘Let the little children come to Me, and do not forbid them; for of such is the kingdom of God. Assuredly, I say to you, whoever does not receive the kingdom of God as a little child will by no means enter it.’ Mark 10:13-16,” ….this is what I think he also may have had in mind. For us to be at peace with others, but especially ourselves, like our children. I, at the age of 40 with some painful parts of my past, have become, I guess you could say a little “worn and worried,” where my 2 year old has the world ahead of him and is full of happiness and eager to learn and explore. It’s no wonder why Jesus LOVES all children, because they are pure and honest and happy. I must admit that after reading about Colton and Akiane’s experiences, my eyes have been re-opened and I’m feeling more peaceful and reconnected with God. I BELIEVE!!!

    1. I believe that when God gets hold of a child, He does not let go but watches until He can bring that person back to Himself again later in life. Your love for Him was precious to Jesus, and still is.

      You can teach your child to learn to love Jesus now, and I think it will help your faith as well.

      My best friend was concerned that her grandchildren would be raised without Christ in their lives so she has been their babysitter for several years, since they were born almost. Her greatest joy is to hear them pray, and their prayers are so sincere and honest and caring. She has tried to teach them to love Jesus. She wasn’t able to do this for her own kids when they were small, because she was so very lost herself.

  179. Wow! all these testimonies of seeing Jesus and how accurate the painting is is just mind blowing! Joe- your testimony really just is amazing and so encouraging. It shows how much faith that you have in Jesus. WOW!

      1. Maria, its crisis all over the world and people do need the money. Also allot of people want Jesus to come back. And yes by that time, the whole world will see him. For Free Maria!!!
        Jesus his words, ar for Free, but as you know allot of people want to make money out of Jesus his name his face, everything. While the word is already in you, and the bible to read in.
        The rest Jesus will tell us by that time.

  180. I made a copy of Akiane’s Prince of Peace and put it in a nice picture frame and now He sits on the nightstand by our bed…. I love it!

    1. I’m not only sceptical but I don’t believe it eather, cause you see also the apostles didn’t even saw that it was Jehoshua Messhiach. I still believe in God and Jehoshua, but not in a world showing. Children are easy mislead by the devils tricks..Sorry that’s me..the shroud of Turin I can believe…still I remember what Jesus told us..some should say I am here or there, but don’t believe it, cause its not me. Ans those are not my words, but the words of Jehoshua.
      And his words I believe 100% !!!!

      1. One should always be skeptical, but in a good testing way, but never ever under estimate the power of our Heavenly Father, Jesus and the Holy Spirit…I can tell you that He is very real, as I too have had a very personal encounter with His blissful presence for over 10 minutes…although I did not visually see him..He touched me while beaming His Love down upon me while talking to me…Satan has no way of imitating what He did to me on that day after my prayer of salvation, on 27 Feb 2010…so even though very few of us are allowed to see through the Vail…never under estimate what He is capable of doing to reach those many down here in this dimension! Todd Burpo and Akaine’s path’s crossed for a very good reason…validation of their stories to those doubters!

        Keep the Faith…from a close friend of Jesus and Fisher of Men

      2. Hi Angel, by that logic we could say that every vision since the time of Christ is false, including Paul on the Damascus Road. The Bible does say that in the end times there would be an increase in dreams and visions, so I think it’s OK.

        The reason for these things is to encourage unbelievers. Usually they are a sign for the unbeliever. Such as Paul: that vision knocked some sense into him on the Damascus road.

        I don’t think of Akiane’s painting as a photograph of Jesus. It’s more of an “appetizer” for what’s to come. I collect hundreds of images of Jesus and actually, I see a similarity in all of them. But what’s amusing is, each image is painted with the hairstyle of that age and sometimes the clothing too. This is a very modernized image of Jesus and perhaps THIS generation needs a more relevant image to relate to. We don’t worship the image of course.

        Here is a painting done by Harry Anderson around 1950, and I think it looks a lot like Akiane’s painting. This is one of my favorites:
        Jesus Christ Returns 06

        That’s my collection on Flickr. Here are more pictures of Jesus, lots more:

        And this is my huge collection of THE PASSION, if anybody needs Easter images right now there are more than 700 pictures:

        I want people to share them and enjoy them. Use ’em on websites and church overheads too.

      3. It is a little misleading when alot of people claim the apostles didn’t recognize Jesus (at first). My recollection is that, that happened in only two instances. Magdelane at the tomb and two apostles on the road. During the lords many other visits mentioned, especially the two main ones immediatley after the crucifixion, in the “locked room”, he was recognized immediately. So I wouldn’t put too much into this as so many do. “Children are easy to mislead”, maybe but I think they also may have an easier time of recognizing the Lord then any of us would and less likely to be ‘tricked’ by the devil as thier hearts are also closer to the Lords.

        I don’t know if that makes sense but it’s what I feel.


      4. It makes sense to me. Jesus did say “Of such is the Kingdom of Heaven.” And, “Blessed are the Pure in Heart, for they shall see God.”

        Maybe that’s why the testimony from these little ones is Extra Special, at least to me anyway.

  181. My moment of doubt while reading the book (which I loved, by the way) was when Colton explained where Jesus’ “markers” were located. His dad says that he pointed to the palms of his hands as well as the tops of his feet. That’s when I thought, OK, they’ve fed him all this stuff, maybe without even realizing it. The shroud shows the wounds to be on the wrists, which is the forensically correct position. If Colton really claimed to have seen the wounds on the palms of Jesus’ hands then we have a problem.

    1. He was a baby, so I don’t get hung up on the little things. His memory might have been affected by being in Sunday School AFTER he had a visit in heaven. In other words, the things he learned SINCE his near-death experience may have tainted his memory of it. But one thing that did impress on him strongly was the fact that Jesus DID have “markers” and he saw them and he knew it was really important, which it certainly is. Those scars are wounds of honor and proof of Jesus’ love for us.

      Anyway, I love the book so much and I think it’s doing a lot of good in the midst of a very unbelieving generation, so I figure whatever faults are there can probably be explained by Colton’s young age in some way. Children who have these experiences gradually lose the sharp memory of it as they get older. He didn’t even mention ANY of it until a year after it happened. Maybe he was too traumatized to want to talk about his time in the hospital – so he shut it all out until he felt secure enough to talk about any of it. And then he only talked about it as bits and pieces came back to him.

      And, I wonder how much he remembers now that he’s a young teenager.

      1. I agree with everything you say. As I said, I loved the book. It was just an intense reaction I had immediately at that point in the narrative, and from reading other comments lots of people did. However, like you, I told myself that he probably even just pointed in the general area where he saw the “markers” as really little children are prone to doing without giving much thought to the exact place because… why would he? It was just… I don’t know. I wish that this “error” wasn’t in the book or that they had corrected it, or written some sort of disclaimer, because as it is it looks like a mistake. It’s surmountable for me, after really thinking about it. It may not be for some people, especially those who come at it from a place of scepticism to begin with.

      2. Well, when I think about it, it’s kind of like a warning to the reader that we can’t get TOO deeply involved in it. Some people would set up a statue of Colton and begin to worship it, you know what I mean?

        And, all Bible prophecies or visions leave stuff out or put something in that doesn’t make sense. The book of Revelation is so frustrating to read. So you just have to read it and take it for what it is. The Bible says we get a blessing just for reading the book of Revelation, and maybe God had to say that so we wouldn’t give up on it.

        Dreams and visions are like that: we want MORE, we want the ENTIRE picture! But it’s only a taste, not the entire meal.

        This book is so nearly perfect, maybe God had to throw in one thing just to remind us not to go overboard, but to enjoy it for what it is. And I do think the book, Colton’s story, is a gift from God. We live in a generation where it’s more difficult than ever to believe in what’s supernatural, and we are mocked for doing it. Colton’s astounding 3-minute vision is a very comforting reinforcement that we are not crazy to believe in Jesus. All we desire is truly just a breath away. Heaven is for real.

  182. This is for Cody:
    I had a vision where an angel came (in the form of man) and he said that we needed to go someplace and for me to hold onto his arm. I did, and we slowly started upward. I am afraid of heights, and he must have sensed it because he then said, “Do not be afraid.” Up was high up through the clouds. We arrived at our destination. The colors of the grass were so bright, like emerald green. We then went into a room with a lot of people sitting around a giant table, and we attended a conference, and I was told that I would not remember what we spoke of on this day. That vision happened when I was 28 years old. I am now 70. Since you ‘forgot’ what was in the letter, maybe you were not supposed to remember , but somewhere inside you know what it is about. That is what I feel the message was. I feel I had things I needed to work on and work out in this life. Maybe I wasn’t fulfilling my ‘contract’. I think I did receive guidance. The angel then took me back down, and he told me he would come for me when the time was near for me to cross over. I never saw him again.

    1. That is absolutely beautiful. It feels like you can see your vision as clearly now as when you were 28! The angel will come for you when it is time – no doubt about it. It is a wonderful gift you were given.

  183. I could never forget it, Sue, if I live to be 100. He didn’t have wings like you think angels should have, but instead was a soldier dressed in World War II uniform. He was all beat up and had sort of reddish hair. He also told me that he came to me now so I wouldn’t be afraid to go with him when the time came. That was smart, because I might be afraid to go with someone that looked like him! I have seen angels before, and they all had wings!

    1. I too once met an angel, he was dressed as an old bag man. When I was in my 20s I was attending drafting school and was absolutely broke. One day, before class began, I was going into a coffee shop across the street from the school for a small coffee and do-nut because all I had was one dollar and 55 cents for something to eat that night. This man stood outside to the left of the door opening of the shop and asked for money. My mind had one of those angel devil debates saying, give him money, and the devil side saying, no, he’s probably going to buy liquor with it. I continued to enter the shop and the Lord spoke to me saying, “he is my child too, and what happens to him and what he does is my business… what if he did buy alcohol with the money, but this was his last day alive, you would have made him happy and that is what I ask of my children, to love and make each other happy, their lives are up to me”. So, reluctantly I obeyed the Spirit and just bought a small coffee and gave the man one dollar on my way out. This time when I looked at his face, it was young, his skin was bright, smooth and glowing as did his bright childlike brilliant baby blue eyes… his hair under his old hooded coat was bright white. I kind of was baffled somewhat by what just happened, but had to get to class so I crossed the street and went on my way. Two weeks later I received a check in the mail from the tax department for $1,000+ and didn’t know why, so I called them to find out and they said that a mistake was made, that too much money had been taken all year, and I was to be issued this refund. I was sitting on my bed when the man’s face came to me and the Lord told me that he had been an angel. The Lord also told me that we are to treat people with love and kindness always, because we never know when we are entertaining angels unaware. So to this day, when I hear stories like your, or mine, I tell the person that it probably was an angel… unaware :) Blessings to you, stay passionate! Best regards, Maria

  184. Have you tried asking him what they look like or what they say to him? I had this issue too with my daughter and I posted my story up above. I was scared at first too until my daughter described them to me and told me what they say to her. Only good things. One thing that my daughter told me was that my Grandpa lives in the sky and that she missed him. I never told her that he passed but she already knew from her “friends”. She was 3 at the time also and still to this day talks and plays with them. :)

  185. my heart feels peace whenever i look at this photo….beautiful…beautiful eyes…

  186. March 25th is my birthday and I recieved ” Heaven is for real” book from my daughter gaas a bithrday gift going all through the story of Colton Purbo is amazing amazing story about heaven.I do believe him. I also visit and print out the Prince of Peace ‘The Resurrection” photo by Akiane’s had it in my wallet.
    Thanks you all for sharing this miraculous story I will pass it on to my families and friends.

  187. I never post on these sites but feel that I should this time. I read heaven is for real in the spring of 2011. I must confess, although I am a Christian, I typically choose not to read these type of books, but felt drawn this this one. I honestly believe that Jesus drew me to this book to prepare for what was about to come. Not long after reading, my oldest started complaining of headaches and vomiting. We spent the summer going to numerous doctors who diagnosed him with sinus problems, server allergies, etc. Still his symptoms continued. Long story short, he was found to have a brain tumor and had surgery to remove it. The entire experience was and continues to be very traumatic. We were so blessed that the tumor was benign. One night while he was in the intensive care unit I was sitting at his bedside and physically felt Jesus presence with his hands on my shoulders and whispering to me that he loved me and to trust him. He is still teaching me to trust Him on a daily basis. My son has always been very reserved and a child of few words, but he had such a reassurance before his surgery that everything would be okay. About two months ago we decided to talk about this experience as a family because we realized that we had really not even begun to process. My younger son began to cry stating how scared he was. My husband asked our oldest son how he knew that everything was going to be okay. He replied that a week before his surgery, he had a “vision” and that the vision told him that he was going to have surgery, but he was going to live and that he would be better than before. Again, he is a child of few words and would not say much more. I plan on asking him more, but don’t want to push him or put ideas in his head. I am going to wait for the right opportunity.

  188. I was raised by my Grandmother whose greatest gift to me is the faith in a loving and merciful God, who is perfect. I have never seen Jesus and rarely felt His presence, but I know He is here all the time. My aunt died at 91 in 2006. She raised me with my grandmother. I know she believed in God and I know she was also afraid to die. She also knew that I have the same faith in God that her mother, my grandmother had. When her body was ready to stop and her soul was ready to go to heaven she opened her eyes and looked at me. I said “Don’t be afraid, hold my hand and close your eyes. I am going to put your hand in the hand of Jesus. He will take you to His Father in heaven.” I did not not make this up, the words came out of my mouth completely unrehearsed. While I said them their was a hand on each of my shoulders. This is real. I never saw Jesus, but He stood behind me and took her hand as she passed from this life to the next. This is the holiest place I have ever been: in the Hospice room, with my Aunt Betty, Jesus, and my faith. I haven’t heard from Him since in this way, but I know there is a God and there is definitely a risen Christ. I am not crazy either.

  189. It’s Easter Eve and I’m reading everyone entries, and crying … crying not sad tears, but happy tears — tears for Christ. And my old standby comes to my mind … there is not ONE thing I can do to make Him love me more, there is not ONE thing I can do to make Him love me less. What a Savior we have in Christ! Thank God Almighty for Easter, thank God Almighty for our Risen Christ!

    For those of you who God revealed Himself to in a “physical” way, what a beautful blessing. I can only imagine what a treasure that is for you. Don’t ever let it fade, hold fast to it until you meet Him in Heaven.


  190. That is really cool. It’s like your face to face with Jesus. I am very interested in that painting. I love it!!!:) Bella

  191. hey, i want to share why i am having a hard time with god. as a small child i was hurt in many ways from my mother and father beaten with hangers kicked and locked in closets burt with cigerets kicked had to stay out of school so no one saw my bruses held under water and beaten every friday or saterday when my mom and dad drank or were pissed at each other. i prayed to jesuse cuz i was told to do so when my grandma took me to church and i asked please make it stop help me. it never did i am now grown up i have scars on my flesh and bad feelings and a broken life. i must tell you what ended my dad was me when i turned 15 i hurt him and he never hurt me agian. for the first time i felt strong no god no prayer yet now seenig the world and seeing what kids alll over the world are sufering i now am having second thoughts, please can some one help me under stand how if all i learn from my frieands about god and heaven then how i can truly belive even though i am angery abought my child hood?

    1. James, my husband, who is in heaven now, had to live something similar. Still, he had so much faith and believed in Jesus as his Savior. I couldn’t understand how parents can be so cruel to their children, it broke my heart knowing that the person I loved had to suffer so much during his childhood. I wish I would’ve been there for him when he was little as well as for you. Like Mary said, pray the Lord to heal your spiritual and emotional wounds. There is a very special place for you in heaven. Your suffering on earth would be compensated when the time comes. Hang in there, open your heart to the Lord, maybe, if you listen carefully to Him, He will tell you the purpose of your suffering, maybe He will guide you to make good use of your experiences. I will keep you in my prayers. Blessings to you. IROMUSA

  192. James, invite Jesus into your heart. Ask Him to help you understand, but on His terms, not your own. God and everything He is, is a mystery, one we may never come to understand. Ask Him to give you a heart of love and forgiveness for what your parents did to you, physically and emotionally. Pray for this every day, and be patient. God will answer you on His terms, not yours. This is OK, there is a time for everything, and God is in control of everything.

    I will pray for you James.

    God Bless,

    1. Very well stated…Mary! And to James I say to you right now, in your own words, just kneel down before your bed one night…or anywhere you feel comfortable, when you are ready and pray to our Heavenly Father that you are hurting in your heart and ask for Him to come into your life (only if you are sincere and this must come from your heart) that you can no longer take this pain and suffering…and that you want to turn your self over to Him and how you want and need Him into your life now…and that you know that you are ready to except Jesus Christ as your Savior! It’s that simple and that’s all you need to do…if sincere and you are truly ready for your life to be changed and except His healing…then your Guardian Angels will be rejoicing and dancing above you…our Heavenly Father will send His No.1 and only begotten son; Jesus Christ…and you will know it…you may not immediately experience some of the physical encounters or the Blissful Love Euphoria beam that was cast upon me for 10 minutes…but you will notice that all the sudden you are relieved…and not alone…and His heal-lings have begun…and you will suddenly be more aware of Love…loving everyone around you more…and best of all (in your case) Forgiveness…you will forgive your parents and want to let them know that you Love them…this is the key to resurrect and rekindle compassion and trust…It’s God’s Love…you will be over joyed…but praise Him in all His Glory…it is His Grace that sets you free…don’t be afraid, just do it and start looking forward to the day that the rest of your life on His Earth, will be preparing you for His place in Heaven…I too am praying for you James, right now…Just let God into your life and you will be healed!

      He is and has been waiting for you…James, all you have to do is ask for Him to come into your life…right now! What a time to pray for your Salvation…on the anniversary of the Pass Over and resurrection of Jesus Christ…Amen!

      God Loves You So Very Much,


  193. God could not have given us a better book to read! I agree we did not just stumble upon this book it was God’s will.

  194. Some say the book is false, others believe it, I don’t know, and honestly, I don’t trust everything, and I don’t worship an image, so the looks of Jesus doesn’t matter to me. Any way, when I see him in heaven one day, I’ll truly know, I probably won’t care because I’ll be thanking and worshiping god,

  195. Go into all the world and preach the Good News to everyone.
    Anyone who believes and is baptized will be saved . But anyone who refuses to believe will be condemned.
    these miraculous signs will accompany those who believe: They will cast out demons in my name, and they will speak in new languages.*
    They will be able to handle snakes with safety, and if they drink anything poisonous, it won’t
    hurt them. They will be able to place their hands on the sick, and they will be healed.”
    Mark 16:15:18
    Hello , I am Andy Hobelaid, M.Photog.Cr.APPO.MPA.HLM.and so on, hahaha.
    I am a Commercial Studio Photography, 1977-?.
    In May 13, 2001, Mother’s Day at 7:00 a.m. London University Hospital, I relay on bad news.
    I was 45 year young. Four days without sleep; yawn? 96 hours I spent time in Sarnia, On.
    that where I was born, to finish the three jobs that we’re do; you guess it; on May 12, 2001.
    A 2100 sq. ft. Studio, (really, 5,000 sq. ft. that was crowd, 70 ft. x 210 ft,) it was on the drawing board, (I built two homes, the first one, 2,100 sq. ft. and the next, 4,500 sq.ft.)
    I was using that 2,400 sq.ft for living space.
    Finish that three jobs, nap time. Oh, I forgot to tell you; I lost my speech two days in?
    No problems, I go to bed and I awake voice and all.
    Two hours bed? I was awake and I never had this feeling be for?
    London is the place for me. May 13, 1:00 a.m. The Nurse,blood pressure reading;
    160 / 100? The Doctor, nice man, (physic wards?) 4:00 a.m. morphine high,
    (drugs, don’t use them.) 7:00 A.M. (I WAS STARING OUT OF A NICE DREAM!)
    Andy (” HOBI “) I got some bad new. You had a Major Stoke. “Is that all, hahaha.)
    O.K. (I said to myself?) Grad my pant and skirt; eh, (a Canadian term, I don’t use it,hahaha,)
    my right arm; excuse me but I walk in with it, DID I NOT? My left arm working fine?
    It was five minutes, (morphine high,) mmm, my work here is finish!
    8 years I could not talk.
    I look at the Computer, (1991-2001,) spell cat. qzw, cat?
    Please excuse the writing spelling word?
    Day by day. 11 years, May 13, 2001.

    When the LORD Jesus had finished talking with them, he was taken up into heaven and sat down in the place of honor at God’s right hand.
    And the disciples went everywhere and preached, and the LORD worked through them, confirming what they said by many miraculous signs.
    Mark 16:19:20

    God Bless.
    Andy Hobelaid

  196. I have a friend who is not flaky in anyway. Her 6 year old son has been having dreams about the end times. The visions are right out of Revelation and the child has never heard the book. His Sunday school is typical Noah’s ark cartooon level. He saw the Akiane Jesus painting without being prodded at all and said that was the Jesus in his dream. I am a true skeptic when it comes to these things but I know this family and God is using this child. There just isn’t enough room here to share all of his dreams. He says these things happen when he’s old like daddy and that mommy is not wrinkly yet He told mommy that she won’t like what happens but that it would be ok because God’s sword is the strongest ever and kills all evil but he had to get it under the tee. We think the tee is the cross. His agnostic father gave his life to the Lord in December because his son’s dreams were undeniable. Acts tells us in the last days that the young will see visions and the old will dream dreams. I absolutly believe God is in this and he is raising up children who will serve him in this generation

  197. Adam :
    I grew up in a very mixed up confused home to say the least but my parents always pushed me into church and my dad insisted on keeping me in a Christian school ..I hated church from an early age and I really couldn’t stand the school either . I got kicked out twice the second time for selling drugs .. Always kept in mind my whole life for some odd reason I would use this Jesus /God if I was ever in a bind .. /911 . When I was 21 iwas at a party with about 50 people I didn’t know a lot of bad people . Got into a fight at least ten of them . They beat me to the point I said under my breath Jesus please have mercy on me don’t let me die cause they wont have mercy on me. I ended up with 4 stab wounds and 1 was an eighth of an inch from my lung. I’m going on 27 .. Now the fool says in his heart there is no God

  198. I was fortunate enough to have my married granddaughter buy a copy of the children’s version for my great grandson Grady. I read it while babysitting for him and then read the adult version also. I am Catholic and have been all of my life. I never really was exposed to the Bible as much as the Catechism…..this book really gave me a new look at the Bible and brought it more to life for me. I loved reading everything and seeing it through a child’s innocent eyes. Heaven is for Real has been a real heart warming expierience for me…thank you so much!

  199. I did not have a nde myself but met some others that have. I was a Registered respiratory therapist at a major hospital. We had a man brought in the E.R. in cardiac arrest. I worked on him by pumping air into his airways using an “ambu” bag. We were successful and he was sent up to the coronary care unit. A few days later, I was heading to the elevator and I saw a man sitting by the window. When I got closer he said “I know you, when they were working on me I looked down and saw you working at my head on me.” He told me he was floating above his body and could see us resuscitating him. This was so interesting to me. It made me feel so good that he had survived. Another man said he could see his father reaching to him through flames. I told him “You have been given a second chance. You can see where you are headed so you have a chance to turn your life around and ask Gods forgiveness and work to go to heaven instead.

  200. I have read “Heaven is For Real”, and also have shared several books with friends and family. I will forever be grateful to Colton and his dad for sharing this with us. It is as if someone opened a curtain to allow us a glimpse of heaven. I also appreciate their sharing Akiane’s “Prince of Peace”. This painting is priceless. We are the first generation in 2000 years to know what Christ looked like!

    I found this site about 4 hours ago and am still reading. However, I needed to skip to the bottom to address something that is disturbing a number of writers: Akiane’s apparent drifting from the Christian faith. We need to remember that she was only 8 years old when she painted this picture, and God was allowing this innocent child to see visions of heaven that most of us will not see until we die. She is now a teenager, and has been subjected to all the notoriety of the rich and famous. Being famous changes most people, as does growing up. She may no longer be having visions of heaven; she is probably having visions of huge bank accounts, noting how much her original art and the prints are selling for. In this realm, she will probably paint what she thinks the public at large wants and will buy. The general public will no doubt be willing to pay far more for her non- religious art than most Christians will pay for her religious art. At this time in her life it appears that worldly things have over powered spiritual things. We need to pray for her.

    Regarding The Shroud of Turin”: the one thing that bothers me is where the front top of the head meets the top back of the head. There is no evidence showing where the TOP of the head should be. It shows a round front LINE touching a round back LINE. If this piece of cloth wrapped over the top of anyone’s head, there should be an area about 5″ long by 3″ – 4″ wide between the front of the head and the back. The ‘picture’ should flow smoothly from front to back. There would not be a distinct line outlining the face and another outlining the back of the head. It would have a faded, irregular edge as the cloth over the face and head would have laid in folds over the rounded head. (Lay a cloth over a ball to see what I am referring to.) Until someone can explain why there is no top of Jesus’ head on this cloth, I will not believe this cloth ever touched Jesus’ body. Also, the ‘picture’ of the face should not appear to have been drawn on a flat surface as it appears on this shroud. It should have irregularities as it would have laid in folds (as over a ball). The whole ‘picture ‘ appears to have been drawn on a flat surface rather than on a 3 dimensional surface. I am not a scientist, but I am an artist, and this picture has no 3rd dimension to it that I can see.

    1. Hi Ginger, actually the front and back heads do not meet. There is an empty gap between them. I can’t remember how many inches exactly but it is somewhere around 5 to 6 inches. Any lines you see in that area are water stains basically in the shape of a diamond. You can see similar stains on other parts of the Shroud aswell, as the Shroud was folded when these stains occurred. Also according to a couple of the scientists the image formation seemed to have happened in a vertical or 90% angle to the sheet, that is why no side images appear. Also according to several scientists there are 3d aspects to the image and distortions (slight however) most likely caused by the draping of the cloth. What you see on the Shroud is not a picture it is actually an encoding so it may appear at first to be drawn on a flat surface but with further examination it definately was not. Hope that helps, I’m not that good at putting my thoughts in writing. If you really would like to learn more; a good book I’d suggest you read would be- ‘The Resurrection of the Shroud’ by Mark Antonacci, it covers quite well the scientific, medical and archeological aspects of the Shroud plus many other things.


  201. God have mercy on “non-believers” and people who need a sign to believe in you. Please bless all the children of the violent world we live in and protect and maintain their innocence. Reading “Hevean is for REAL” is a confirmation for “believers” that Jesus is with us through our painful moments. Jesus always protect my family and I and guide our footsteps in the direction you Will us to go. Thank you for all the wonderful blessings in my life.

  202. I have been going through some rough times over the past 2 years regarding a child support case. My current Wife was on the verge of leaving me a couple of times over the situation. The child I have is from a girlfriend from 14 years ago. Long story short, the mother of the child keeps coming after me, even though I pay child support and health insurance and daycare expense. The attorney fees are through the roof and I am awaiting my next court date to see if I will have to pay for part of her attorney’s fees, which total 53k, not to mention my own attorney fees. Anyway, I wanted to share my story of struggle and how it has drawn me closer to God. I do believe this tough situation has happened to me to wake me up and seek Jesus.
    My Mother is the one who introduced to the book “Heaven is for real”. I believe she was trying to help comfort me during this tough time in my life. I began to read the book, over the next couple of months I started to see things more clearly. When I saw the picture of Jesus in the book, it was breath-taking, what an amazing picture. It’s beyond words.
    It made me want to pursue God even more. I found a church in my area and started to go by myself at first, now my Wife and two children go as well. I started to read the Bible at least once a week and bought a childrens Bible for my children.
    I really do believe that Jesus is right beside us as we go through the very tough times. Regardless of how difficult this past two years have been, I now know Jesus has been there holding me up the entire time. God bless all of you!

    1. Kevin, sounds like you need a new attorney to tell you the truth. I understand the pain your going thru, do you get to see your daughter atleast?


  203. Had an experience myself since I am going thru what I understand is a process with a purpose. Always believed in god but this year something different happened to me making me feel closer to God. I decided to see for first time The Passion of the Christ by Mel Gibson and actor Jim caviezel on good Friday, short after I decided to read the book “Heaven is for real “and then looking for videos and songs thru the net was when I realized how exactly this actor representing Jesus looks exactly like “the Prince of Peace- Jesus” by Akiane.. It felt like if the movie was directed by Jesus himself.

  204. The photo, the book is amazing. I have been so torn the last month. My ex..the father of my daughter committed suicide a month ago. He could not take the pain anymore. I have had a lot of questions on if people do go to Heaven, or are they just dead and unaware until Christ returns. Is there really a Heaven? I have been able to find much comfort in this picture and book. I know my ex has his Angel wings and is watching over our daughter.

  205. My father was hit in the head with a baseball bat in an unfortunate accident when he was nine years old. He was in a coma for nine weeks and doctors told my grandmother je would never live. About six weeks I to the coma my grandmother was at his side and he was mumbling about swimming with Jesus in a waterfall. And that his cousin Jimmy was there with him. He came out if the coma several weeks later. His cousin Jimmy who was an infant at the time died of SIDS… Sudden infant death sydrome weeks later. My grandmother had told her sister about my dads dream and his mumbling and that her son was with him. My grandma said her sister wouldn’t talk to her for a year because she said Giod took her son and have hers back. Heaven is real… Jesus is real… And God is real… And I feel so sorry for those that don’t believe.

    1. Moses…that’s an awesome story…your father was spared and shown the truth of Jesus for good reason, our Heavenly Father sends His son to touch those of us that are the chosen, we have a greater purpose than most, as we are to continue growing His seed of Faith to as many as possible who cross our paths. I know, at 19 I was thrown through a windshield in a horrific automobile crash that left my best friend temporarily paralyzed. When the first trucker on highway I-95 got to me first, he found me in a praying position unconscious…the minute he touched my back to tell me not to move, I awoken and will always remember at the instant my head hit the glass, which knocked me out cold…I saw what I thought was a tunnel of light beaming down upon me…but it was though I was sitting by my self in a movie theater, and someone had just rewound my life on the movie screen…I was shown my mother giving birth to me and then my entire life story played in front of me, from birth, right up to that moment at the crash! Then as the trucker was trying to calm me, not to move…there was no one else at the seen of the accident…my best friend and college mate; Andy Ryan, was still down in the mangled van that had rolled end over end 5 or 6 times down a 75′ embankment, and he was trapped and couldn’t move from the waist down! Andy later told me on the gurney, being loaded into the ambulance, as I tried to tell Andy how sorry I was, for falling asleep at the wheel, he said; “George, it was the strangest thing, I couldn’t move and I was just waiting for the van to explode in the leaking fuel, that was running everywhere, and it was like God all the sudden opened the two side cargo doors and just lifted me outside where I was safe! The truck driver that had stopped was the only one at the scene of the accident for the first 10 minutes, and when he left me to run down to check on my friend after I told him my best friend, Andy was down there inside the van…he found Andy already laying outside the van! When I went to the police impound area to see the van after I was released from the hospital, to try and collect any of our remaining belongings, inside the van, we noticed the van was rolled into a ball of metal…there was no way any human could have opened the side doors, they were crushed inward and wouldn’t open unless you had a jaws of life! We were too young at the time to realize what had really happened that night on August 16, 1977…either Jesus Christ our Lord and Savior was physically present in Spiritual body at that crash, or our Guardian Angels were quickly pressed into action, to perform His calling. They saved our lives and God planted an image of my entire life before me, in order to show me, that I was not ready for His Paradise…He had more important tasks for me to perform on His Earth. I finally found God at the age of 51 in prison and received my Salvation and baptism by the Holy Spirit in person on 27 Feb, 2010…Jesus spent 10 minutes with me! I could not physically see him, but he came to me in the middle of the night and beamed His Love down upon me. What transpired is completely undescribable for human words to try to properly explain…but as I was floating in His intense beam of Love, He talked to me and purified my soul with the Comforter, it felt like the Sun was literally setting on the roof of the building I was in, it was that intense! The very next day, early that morning, when I got out of my rack, I was completely healed and forgiven, all my regret-fulness and sorrow was gone…and I just Loved everyone around me and lost all desires to even swear or talk down to any fellow prisoners…all I could radiate was His Love to others. Then it all came together for me..the purpose of my life..the meaning of life…why we should love our enemy…and give forgiveness to heal…for those of us that are literally touched by Jesus “Joshua” Christ, and healed, have an incredible fulfillment to become His Ambassador on Earth, until He returns…your father like myself, were chosen for a good reason! We have so many souls to show His righteousness to. So we honor your Dad and give many great thanks to our Heavenly Father for saving us, to continue to do His good work on the earth…and we are our Lord’s watchman….we are ready to spring into action and help those in need and sow His seed of Faith…and for that, I am deeply honored to serve my Christ Jesus…Amen, and Thank You Father, Thank You, Jesus for your Holy Spirit! Bless all of you that get His message and understand it…help and pray for those that are lost on this Earth, like me, Satan and greed stole my heart…but Jesus returned it to the rightful owner and poured His Love into me to share with others…Amen!

  206. When I was 7 years old, I was waiting in a sunday school room by myself for my brother to be released from the church’s youth meeting. It was dark in the room….and had an electrical feel to it…kinda like you feel when you get goose bumps. I was reading (and looking at pictures in the “Bible Story” book….with my back facing the door…..and I felt and overwhelming urge to look over my shoulder at the door….like someone was there watching. I turned towards the door and the very dark room became lighter and at the threshold of the door I saw a person with, what I described later to my mom, a ‘bright white cloak and Jesus sandals’. I remember thinking to myself that it must have been Jesus visiting even though I never saw his face….., but I knew it was a man of great presence and peaceful demeanor. What is funny is I know it was a man b/c his legs where bony, yet broad, and very hairy! I am mesmarized that this picture depicts how I have always envisioned what his face looked like. It is so good to know that Lord, and to have had such a confirming experience.

  207. When I was around 7 years old, we lived in a farm house in Illinois. We were surrounded by corn fields and the only neighbors we could hear were the Ligers and Tigons that a man bred a few miles down the road. They would roar and we could hear them faintly.

    One night my parents let me stay up late to play ,Mario on nintendo, because my brother had the game all day and I didn’t get a turn. It must have been a weekend because there was no school the next day.
    Well I was on the couch in the living room, to my right was the front door and beside it a window, behind me was a large window and to my left a bed sheet my mom had hung to keep the cool air in one room.The house was drafty and there was a big archway in between our living and dining area.
    As I was playing this fear came over me as I saw something out of the corner of my eye to my right. I slowly turned my head to see what was there and in the window was a face. I cannot describe it because just as I saw it it moved.
    I froze and thought about screaming out for my mom or dad but I was locked in such fear. I was sure that whoever was outside must be behind me now looking at me through the window. I pretended to keep playing thinking that if whoever was out there didn’t think I’d seen them they’d go away.
    I thought that if I made any movement they would come bursting in after me. I began to cry I was so petrified.

    Suddenly, I saw a bright light to my left. It got brighter and filled the room. I looked over to my left and on the other side of the sheet that hung in the archway, was what appeared to be a man. He was dressed in a long robe that came to the floor, I could only see his feet when he stepped forward. His feet were, at the time I could only describe as “very tan”. His hair was shoulder length and bright blond and seemingly glowing. As he stepped forward his arms stretched out to either side and the robe went front his wrists to the ground and I thought to myself “This must be an angel and I bet when others see him they think that his robe is wings, because the way they flowed and draped it resembled wings. There was a golden sash that formed a v on his chest and the whiteness of the robe was unlike any white I’d ever seen. Any other white, be it snow or any other is dull in comparison. Not only did this bright light fill the room, this absolute joy radiated around and I was so happy. I stood and once the man hit the sheet he faded out of my sight. I could still feel the joy and there was still brightness about the room. I said “Where are you, I want to see you again.” and I heard in an almost audible voice, “Go to bed.” I turned off the tv and game, went straight up stairs and to my room and got into bed without turning on any lights, without running (as I usually did, to my older sister’s room). I told my parents the very next morning when I came down stairs.

    I said “Guess what I saw last night!? I saw an angel!” They smiled, gave eachother a smirk and told me I was ‘probably just tired’.

    Well years and years later, as I was in my apartment as my husband was at work, I remember an old youth pastor said, “Do not read Revelation alone, because it may scare you.” I was recently thinking back to that night in the old farm house. I always questioned weather or not I really did see this “angel” or was I just dreaming or did I make it up and just start believing it on down the line. I couldn’t, however, get past that I didn’t just see this, I felt it. That joy was undeniable! I went from being scared to tears, to calmly and joyfully going up to bed. Well I decided to crack open the Bible and something told me to go to Revelation. I went to the beginning and started to read. Then I got to this part…

    “And I turned to see the voice that was speaking with me. And having turned, I saw seven golden lampstands; and in the middle of the lampstands one like the Son of Man, clothed in a robe reaching to the feet, and girded across His breast with a golden girdle. And His head and His hair were white like wool, like snow; and His eyes were like a flame of fire; and His feet were like burnished bronze, when it had been caused to glow in a furnace, and His voice was like the sound of many waters. And in His right hand He held seven stars, and out of His mouth came a sharp two-edged sword; and His face was like the sun shining in its strength. And when I saw Him, I fell at His feet as a dead man. And He laid His right hand upon me, saying, ‘Do not be afraid; I am the first and the last, and the living One; and I was dead, and behold, I am alive forevermore, and I have the keys of death and of Hades.” (Revelation 1:12-18).

    ‘clothed in a robe reaching to the feet and girded across His breast with a golden girdle. And His head and His hair were white like wool, like snow; and His feet were like burnished bronze’

    Very tan those feet!

    As I read this, what I saw that night all came flooding back to memory in detail! I had no doubt that I did see this! Only now, I don’t think it was an angel.
    I didn’t see his face though, I saw everything from the other side of a bed sheet that hung between me and Him. While the light penetrated and enveloped the rooms I could not make out His facial features.

  208. Hello. Over the last 10 years I have been in the field of healing arts. I have experienced the healing power of Christ working in and through people’s lives, not to mention the feelings and experiences I have with Yeshua. I feel that he is real and very authentic.

    As you can see from the postings, a lot happens to people. You can grow bitter and full of grief, shame, guilt, etc. and this feels like a seperation from God. God doesn’t ever throw us out, we choose to walk out. Many times I have questioned why things happen to people. I feel most of it is getting us to feel so uncomfortable in what ever we are in that we will eventually choose a different way. We move from those obstacles that are keeping us trapped. We grow out of the muck and mire. We uncover ourselves and may not acknowledge that God is right there helping us shovel off the composte pile of traumas, pain and societal conditioning. It is a continual process of allowing love to reighn over fear. After the storms clear and you can see forever…you can see the true self within, knowing that was an experience of growth. It’s over…these dark things too pass away. Christ’s light then shines into and through your vessel. This human body that allows our spirit to have a physical experience. Thank you for your sharing of these heart-felt reinactments of your past moments in time. It is wonderful to hear the faith and truth in each one.

    I show the youtube video Akaine made when she was 10 to clients. Her innocent and loving ways always brighten their spirit and they know that God is very real. Sometimes we need reminders. She truly has been given many talent gifts to express God’s everlasting and unconditional love.

    There has been so much contraversy over the Shoud of Turin and no one has come to any conclusions that we all can agree on at this time. It is often dilluted into something less by people’s belief systems. Confusion has been a social engineering staple in spinning things until no one really knows what to believe. Christ’s dedicated shroud is etched into everyone’s heart through his sacrifice of love. We can integrate that love into our daily lives or we can leave it there untapped as if it is fraudulant. Either way I feel it is there for each of us. I like your comment earlier poster: “It’s an appetizer for what is to come.”

    Have a beautiful life in love and light.

    1. Awesome post Julie…how eloquently spoken…Keep the Faith, somehow I know and fell that I will be seeing you in Heaven…God Blesses you for that post!

  209. 13 years ago I tried committing suicide. A man appeared to me and I remember His beautiful eyes. He said the following to me “You belong to me, the enemy will not claim your life” – when I saw this picture I started crying, those eyes, it was familiar! Could it have been Jesus Himself who saved me that day. Today I am whole again and living a life of influence. Jesus saves.

  210. A few years back, I either had a dream. I was standing in a stair landing in a large city looking down onto a street. A gentleman dressed in a suit walked past me and looked at me. I thought I had seen an angel. Then the shroud program came on the History Channel. The man I saw in my dream was the same but the one I saw was clean shaven. The reason I can tell you this is that when the dream happened, I wrote it down in my diary as I have each time something happens that I believe may be godly.

  211. When I had started High School I had been beaten black and blue most days, and after a couple of years I turned to suicidal tendancies. The last time i tried i heard a voice tell me “This is not the plan I have for you my child” (Those EXACT WORDS). As I looked up I saw Him… I saw Jesus Christ. And Today I saw this picture and this is with every detail the saem Jesus I saw. And I saw Him again at my parent’s funeral this year, I felt his hand on my should and INSTANTLY I was calmed.

    Now days I help run the Youth side of my Church while studying my Advanced Diploma at Bible College. I now know the plans HE has for me, I am in need of this book. Please email me if I am able to get a few copies at:

    Thank you and many blessings to you all