Real Face of Jesus Is Getting More and More Popular

This show is now available in its entirety on at least 3 warez sites. That’s not a surprise. But why? You can download a perfectly acceptable legal copy of the full show for $3.95 at iTunes.  And if you must have a DVD, is 24.95 (less at Amazon) too much for such an outstanding show.

If you have an Amazon Video account, which is free, and a TIVO or Google TV setup (or for that matter any computer on a broadband connections) you can watch the entire show without commercial interruption for $1.95. Is that too much to pay to not cheat with a warez download.

You can watch it this Wednesday on History International. Check local listings. On the East Coast it will be shown at 10:00 pm. If you need a free copy, record it on your DVR.

2 thoughts on “Real Face of Jesus Is Getting More and More Popular”

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