Jabba wrote:

image– First off, I’m not sure how this blogging thing works, but I can use some help from people who know a lot about the Shroud of Turin — and, from what I’ve read so far, you guys know a lot.  I have some questions.
– I read somewhere that the proper Jewish shroud in the first century would have been wrapped around the body like the wrapping of a mummy.  Somewhere else, I read that the wrapping displayed by the Shroud of Turin was the proper way.  But, I can’t remember where I read either one…  I’m getting pretty old.
– Which is it?  And, where can I find a good citation.
– Thanks.

I recommend starting with an excellent paper by Diana Fulbright: “A Clean Cloth: What Greek Word Usage Tells Us about the Burial Wrappings of Jesus” I think you will find the answers you seek in this paper – from which the above graphic was taken. I will ask others and hopefully we may have some additional suggestions for you.