Several readers has sent photographs or the 1988 samples or provided links. One of the most interesting is the Zurich sample divided (I received several copies plus links, this one from the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology – Zurich:



 Reader domenico comments:

The image from Zurich sample is very interesting: it shows the differences between the two sides of the Shroud (Z1.1.1 is from the top, the others photos seems from the backside).
The photo shows also a reweaving.

Halfsample Z1.1 (25.9 mg.) was divided in three subsamples (4.8+7.2+11.2): is there something wrong? are 2.7 mg  missing?

Adding a few minutes later:

We know that Zurich laboratory made 5 datations; in the photo we see three subsamples; where are from the other two subsamples dated? Have they divided Z1.2 in two? but a ca. 13 mg. sample is a waste of material if they have dated a 4.8 mg sample.

So it’s very likely that also Zurich laboratory retained a Shroud sample.

It is getting more interesting by the minute. More to come, so stay tuned.