imageHere are three options. Or you can watch the documentary on History, Christmas Day at 10:00pm ET. (9CT, 8MT, 10PT, but check local schedules).

  1. History Channel has it in stock and is offering it for $24.95 plus $2.95 for shipping (free shipping if you order it today or tomorrow).
  2. Amazon (U.S.) is selling it for $22.49. Shipping costs are about the same.  If you have Amazon Prime, shipping is free for two day delivery.
  3. You can also buy and download the full 1 hour and 28 minute video from Apple iTunes for $3.99. If you have the right cables you can hook up your iPod, iPhone or iPad to a full-size television. You do not need to own a mobile device to download the iTunes software and then watch the iTunes version of the Real Face of Jesus on your computer. iTunes gives "The Real Face of Jesus?" a popularity rating of 10 out 10.

For someone who wants to own this amazing documentary, the iTunes option is the lowest price.