imageA “godless liberal living somewhere in Central Texas” who doesn’t have much to say about himself (but is a fan of PZ Myers, which says a lot) in his blog, Surly Edition: The Braying Equus Asinus of the Reality Based Community, wonders:

Would I be total dick if I responded to Xmas letter by pointing out Shroud of Turin is FAKE? It’s Fake!! Hmm. Yes, yes I would.

Why do you think so? What does the Shroud of Turin have to do with Christmas (or Xmas if you prefer)?  How do you know it is a fake? You may “believe” it, which is perfectly fine, but it is not a proven fact. Have you read Richard Dawkins’ latest? Did you catch what he said about the Shroud during a discussion of carbon dating? It is not a proven fact.

What is a fact is that a lot of Christians don’t believe it is real. In fact, as I glance at your blog, I notice that you have considerable disdain for particularly fundamentalist Christians who are often inclined to believe, as you do, that the Shroud is a fake.

I also sense that you don’t understand very much about Christianity. I think your response to a Christmas letter, no matter what you write, would be appreciated at some level. Really. Try it.

Merry Christmas, Godless Liberal in Central Texas. Merry Christmas!

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