La La Land: There are times when I want to deny that I have ever heard of the Shroud of Turin.

imageAliens are not our friends or so says this week’s guest Nigel Kerner who is joined by his colleague Dr. Andrew Silverman on what may be the most provocative Paranormal Podcast ever.

If you think the aliens are here “to serve man”, think again — they are here to get one thing…listen to the show to find out what plus learn how the Shroud Of Turin plays a fascinating role in this hypothesis.

La La Land: Crop circles, the Urantia Book crowd, Alchemy Palingenesis (spectral resuscitation of plants out of their ashes), natural magic, morphogenetic fields and now the little grey guy with big eyes from Roswell. Look around to make sure no one is watching. Tie yourself to your chair. Then if you dare, click Grey Aliens and The Harvesting Of Souls with Nigel Kerner – Paranormal Podcast 169 : PARANORMAL PODCAST NETWORK –