John and Rebecca Jackson Starting Shroud of Turin School

imageWe failed to mention in the last posting about Channel One Russia filming a documentary that according to Mike Barna, John and Rebecca

[ John and Rebecca Jackson ] told me they plan to start a shroud school called “School for Shroud Studies” in January. They will have beginner, intermediate and advanced classes. Those in advanced classes will perform actual shroud research, John Jackson said. No cost structure has been  set up yet.

Learn more about the classes and the Turin Shroud Center of Colorado Springs at

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One thought on “John and Rebecca Jackson Starting Shroud of Turin School”

  1. Dan,

    Kind of an off topic that relates to John Jackson. In 2008 he published a paper, “A New Radiocarbon Hypothesis” where he claims that the re-weaving hypothesis is discredited because of “evident bandings in the 1978 radiographs and transmitted light images of STURP”. The whole article can be found at in their scientific articles section.

    My question is: is there any validity to what he is saying, or was he mistaken (this paper is 2 years old after all and he may have misunderstood the various techniques used to confirm the re-weave hypothesis).

    Hope to hear from you, and thanks. Great site by the way, good to see objective reporting on the Shroud.

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