image Interesting article by Martha Fitzgerald. It isn’t exactly new, dating to 2006, but it is being re-circulated on the web:

In the 1950s, Dr. Barbet proposed asphyxia as the reason Christ died. Weak from blood loss, beating and dehydration, He could no longer push himself up on His feet, nailed to the cross, to breathe. Forensic pathologist and author Dr. Frederick Zugibe has conducted detailed laboratory experiments to disprove this long-held theory. In a recent book he proposes another explanation: Jesus died from trauma and hypovolemic shock (thick blood from the sweating and severe beatings). What evidence do we find in the Scriptures of either theory? Massive blood loss, for example, would have soaked the garments of Jesus, but no gospel writer mentions this.

Her argument is that Jesus Died When He Wished to Die | Fashion in US

Pictured: Salvador Dali’s painting of the Crucifixion