CNN is doing a story on it right now. (I guess they ran out of news). Is this fuzzy shape (see CNN) the first person ever photographed? What will this story do to the conspiracy theory of Picknett and Prince? They, as we know, think it was Leonardo da Vinci, whose face appears on the Shroud of Turin. Solution: Since we know that Leonardo accomplished this neat trick that by travelling back a century in time to pose for and photograph the shroud, maybe he also travelled forward a few centuries to pose for and actually take this Daguerreotype.


According to Wikipedia:

Boulevard du Temple, Paris, IIIe arrondissement, Daguerreotype. The purportedly first picture of a living person. The image shows a busy street, but due to exposure time of more than ten minutes, the traffic was moving too much to appear. The exception is the man at the bottom left, who stood still getting his boots polished long enough to show. Look closely and you will also see another man sitting on a bench to the right reading a newspaper. Also in the upper left hand side you can also see another man standing under the awning of the 3rd building from the left. What looks to be a woman standing under the street lantern at 10 o’clock from the man getting his shoes shined and another one in the big white building,1st row 3rd window down. Notice the child in the top floor window of the white building in front. Note that the image is a mirror image.

Here is a CNN link: