When you start quoting Einstein and Francis Bacon as defense of a personal philosophy of science and you write about Alchemical Palingenesis, the resuscitating spectral images of plants and flowers from their ashes, I get dubious fast. I get super dubious even faster when you then write:

. . . there is a fear in a corner of my heart that my propositions in this book could easily be thrown out in no time by a group of people who arrogate themselves as the sole representatives of the official science, and who would be pleased to regard what others speak of as ‘unscientific’, or simply label it as ‘pseudo-science’. Yet, the strength of my belief goads me to think that science has a real surprise for the skeptics!

In advance of his new book, "The Shroud of Turin: An Imprint of the Soul, Apparition, or Quantum Bio-Hologram," Chidambaram Ramesh, a freelance researcher, writer, and social activist, is publishing articles on the Intenet.

Okay, please surprise me. Send me the book for review.

Here is an outline from the author:

The chapters of this book can be broadly grouped under four main parts. The first part makes a brief survey of the documented history of the Turin Shroud, how the Shroud got its scientific lure, major tests conducted on it and results thereof, and finally the astonishing characteristics of the Shroud image revealed to the world thanks to major scientific studies and researches.

Part two takes the readers to an entirely different field of knowledge – the forgotten science of resuscitating spectral plants from their ashes (palingenesis) and natural magic. They are full of amazing ‘hard-to-find’ information relating to visual manifestation of 3D images of plants and animals from their decomposed phlegm.

Part three serves to explain how the various discoveries of science, especially those in the quantum realm, are pointing more and more to a ‘holographic field’ where matter is guided by commonly invisible energy templates. It also offers to explain in a simple way what a hologram is, its optical characteristics etc., as per classical science.

Finally, in Part four, attempts have been made to make a proper synthesis of all the three, viz., Shroud image, 3D images forming out of decomposed parts of plants and animals and the idea of quantum holographic field patterns. The theory is simple: the spectral 3D images manifest from the decomposed phlegm of animals and plants are nothing but their ‘quantum holograms’ and similar quantum holographic manifestation of physical body was responsible for the imprint of the mysterious image on the Shroud of Turin. A detailed comparison between the characteristics of Shroud of Turin and those of holograms is made out in chapter 16.

Quantum Science Reveals Shroud Mystery